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  • My Playable Exigents

    I've decided to translate all of the Exigents I've NPCed in my games in a way that makes them playable as PCs. I've only translated one of them so far with a fairly large (and growing) set of Charms. Keep in mind that the Charms haven't actually been balance tested yet. I would appreciate any help I can get with balancing the powers.

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    UPDATE: February 7, 2017

    • Angelic Display: Increased the pre-requirements. Slightly increased the main effect. Increased the pre-requirements for the second purchase. Removed the third purchase.
    • Aura: Slightly increased the mote cost.
    • Reverence: Slightly increased the mote cost. Added a mention of how the Charm can help increasing the Cult Merit.
    • Hidden From Snow: Reduced the Charm cost. Removed the restriction against intimidating social influence. Slightly increased the pre-requirements of both the original Charm and the repurchase.
    • Flight of Doves: Slightly reduced the mote cost. Though powerful and cheap for an indefinite effect, it's a vital part of the Exigent's power set and justifies the cheap cost.
    • Letter of Comfort: Reduced from being an Essence 2 Charm to an Essence 1 Charm.
    • Carved in Ice: Increased the mote cost. Clarified that it can be used with all forms of social influence.
    • Cloud Dancing: Slightly increased the mote cost.
    • Wherever the Sun Shines: The cost reduction when flying now only applies when the Charm Cloud Dancing is active. The Charm itself does not need Cloud Dancing as a prerequisite.
    • Loving Embrace: Removed the second purchase.
    • Hunter-Humiliating Dance: Fixed a previous typo with the Charm being marked as Reflexive even though it was obviously a Permanent Charm.
    • Stepping Through Snow: Reduced the prerequirement for the second purchase.
    • Gentle Cold Touch: Buffed the reduced difficulty added to surgery actions on characters in cryo.
    • Judge, Jury and Executioner: Added a powerful second purchase.
    • Trust of the Devoted: Slightly reduced the mote cost.
    • One With Fairy Tales: Elaborated on the example.
    • Cloud's Poem: Elaborated the Charm text.
    • Bird's Eye View: Nerfed the attack range from Extreme to Long.
    • Watchful Crow: Added a clarification about how the Exigent can control the bird.
    • Sticks and Stones: Increased the cost and the prerequirements.
    • Violence From Kindness: Increased the prerequirements.
    • Chilling Unkindness: Increased the prerequirements.
    • Started adding information about this Exigent.
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    Ekorren's Homebrew Hub - Last Update: April 14, 2018