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Forbidden, rogue, and "lost" Gods.

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    Ravenous Piety : God of Human Sacrifice
    Ravenous Piety is an ancient deity, and once held high status in Yu-Shan. Anywhere in creation, whenever a human life was sacrificed to the gods, Ravenous Piety delivered the essence created by the act to the deity that it was dedicated to. During the height of Dragon King civilization, Ravenous Piety became well acquainted with the Unconquered Sun through the sheer number of human hearts he delivered to the Most High. The two became friends, and Ravenous Piety sided with the Incarna during the primordial war. In the centuries after, however, the practice of human sacrifice became less common across creation, and the near-destruction of the Dragon Kings led to less interaction between Ravenous Piety and the Most High. Dejected, and nearly unemployed, the god began to grow bitter, and soon began fostering secret cults of murderers to increase his purview.

    He reveled in his new cults, becoming addicted to the sacrifices that were, for the first time, conducted in his name alone. He began to neglect his official duties, and worse, to steal the essence of sacrifices meant for other gods. At last, the Unconquered Sun could brook no more, and declared his old friend a Creature of Darkness and banished him from Yu-Shan. Ravenous Piety spent the remainder of the First Age fleeing from Exalted hunters, barely managing to survive. He viewed the Great Contagion and the Balorian Crusade as strokes of great fortune, as he was forgotten in the turmoil. In the present age, he maintains cults throughout the South, and has managed to evade or slay several assassination attempts by the Immaculate Order.

    Ravenous Piety resembles a hairless ape, 15 feet tall, with four spurs of gnarled bone that act as legs. His grey-skinned body is armored with stone tablets that are set into his flesh, and a mane of crimson flames runs down his back.

    Ravenous Piety is an unsubtle opponent, primarily using his great strength and fiery breath in combat. He may may heal himself or temporarily boost his power by ritually sacrificing a helpless foe, and may raise animate stone altars from the ground that grasp with arms of lead. He wields a red jade Reaver Daiklave named Flame-That-Hungers, which fits like a dagger in his massive grip.

    Literally any gender pronoun is fine, don't worry about it in my case.


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      Deima, the Mistress of Truth in Lies

      First, the Canticle of the Lie:

      There are no tales of the Mistress, even in the oldest libraries of Heaven, no stories or scrolls detailing her existence. Even at the height of the First Age, when benevolent god kings ruled with justice and wisdom, no word of her being was spoken aloud, for fear of giving rise once more to the secret whispers that set men's souls against themselves.

      And yet, scraps remain, and if one is truly dedicated, exceedingly canny, and indrescribably foolish, a heroic quest might be undertaken to uncover her tale. Woe be to they who set themselves on such a path, for they are lost. To know the name of the Mistress is to draw her touch, even as she slumbers under the dome of a city so erased from history that it has no name even today. A million souls lived there, once, working and living and loving as mortals do, but no more, their lives one and all snuffed out in a single night to contain the wickedness that had grown within them.

      Deima. By the very name are her victims damned.

      Once was spoken the prophecy, that five lies she would speak to five lovers, a whisper of falsehood within a storm of truth, and those lies would break the world, for the secret of Deima's falsity is that in the speaking, it becomes its own most terrible of truths.

      The first she spoke to a daughter of the moon, who later wrested the first words of death from those that had never been alive. A whisper, that she was born of the second shadow cast of the first light, wandering in the hidden places for all time, watching and whispering in the ears of all living things. All shall hear, in time, says Deima.

      The second, spoken to the first of the unquiet dead before the heroes of the First Age put him down. An echo of the whisper in the thoughts of a hero of the Greatest War. Words the hero never heard urged him to action, and he tore the heart from the Godstorm, rending the soul of one of the Creators. All shall remember, in time, says Deima.

      The third lie, she offered as a gift to man of the stars. A murmur of things to come, and things long forgotten, before a convocation that would change the world. On the eve of the breaking of the world, her lover recalled these words, and saw the future he had wrought, and in despair threw himself from the highest tower in Heaven. All heroes die, in time, says Deima.

      The fourth lie, wrested from her throat by a woman who thought herself the master of the world. A rumor of greatness and glory, and a mystery upon which the fate of the world would hinge. The master left her, and walked into history, but never forgot the truth she had been revealed, and one day long hence, she swore, she would search it out. All realms fade, in time, says Deima.

      The fifth lie has not been spoken, but it shall be soon. Into the ears of a child of the sun itself, she shall speak, and this child shall hear the lie that becomes a truth to shake the world. Bound under the earth and awaiting her time, the Mistress rests, and smiles, for she knows for whom her words are intended. All light dies, in time, says Deima.

      And now, the details:

      Deima is a long lost goddess bound under the earth long ago, in a city that died to keep her locked away forever. The binders are long forgotten, but whatever and whoever they were, they committed awful blasphemy, twisting the very Essence of the land and inverting its flows in ways that even the dead would not condone, in a pattern that Creation itself rejects so thoroughly that the city remains lost to time to this day.

      Deima is a cunning and crafty being, and her domain is the interplay of truth and lie, and how one becomes the other. She has a hatred for the Sun and the Moon, and an obsessive love for the Shadow of All Things, despite her loathing of his weakness that led to his imprisonment. Her vengeance will be terrible, she has sworn, and her inscrutable plan comes slowly and by inches to fruition.

      Creation will not burn, she says. It will not die. It will simply realize the lie of its own existence.

      In case it wasn't clear--and I understand that's likely considering how obtuse the whole plan really is (And how I'm writing this when I haven't slept in almost twenty hours and I'm a little fuzzy)--Deima's thing is that she has, in my game, retroactively added herself to history. She has used her ability to change a lie into a truth (and vice versa) to insert herself into the annals of history at key points, and tainted some of the greatest moments of great heroes. The death of a thing too great to die, the injustice of a being forced to die twice, the lessening of the world, the whisper of an empire that would rise and someday would fall.

      And the fifth lie?

      She hasn't spoken it yet, as of game start, but she intends to, and if she does so, at the right time and in the right place, she may well set in motion events that lead the greatest heroes of the Second Age to slay the champion of virtue itself. For that is, in fact, her plan.

      To manipulate the returning Solars into killing the Sun itself.
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