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[CAMPAIGN RECAPS] [Exalted 2nd Ed] Sorrow Resplendent: The City of the Free

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  • [CAMPAIGN RECAPS] [Exalted 2nd Ed] Sorrow Resplendent: The City of the Free

    Hey, everyone! I wanted to start up a game recap thread for our 2nd Edition Exalted game because I really love the story our GM, Brian, has been weaving. I thought you all might enjoy it too! We've been playing for almost two years now, so I'm going to summarize our story up to the point that I started keeping more specific recaps. I'll share the more specific recaps over the course of the next few days till we're caught up to current!

    (Sidenote: For those who enjoyed my Eclipse Caste Kalara's story, The Uncrucified, here's the game that inspired her creation as a character!)


    Check out art inspired by our campaign here!

    Cathak Demiato - THE DAWN CASTE - Played by Jenn

    A former Realm soldier who Exalted when she refused to take immoral orders to slaughter a village, much to the disappointment of the Cathaks, whom she had always had tensions with. Demiato has broken ties with her dynast family in hopes of forging her own destiny and to atone for her past sins as a soldier. She finds herself in the city of Dinas Rhydd seeking no more than a passing night's refuge, eventually finding herself embroiled in the destinies of the people around her and the innocents of the city in need of protection.

    Chaos Divide - THE ZENITH CASTE - Played by Clint

    A kind and gentle giant, Chaos was orphaned at a young age by raids and taken in by the Immaculate Order monk, Ten Winds. He Exalted while facing insurmountable odds against a Fey invasion. Chaos arrives in Dinas Rhydd during his wanderings across the countryside in search of Fey and in search of any who might enjoy his homemade baked goods.

    Darimena Xesa - THE TWILIGHT CASTE - Played by Kelly

    A fortune teller and sorceress who found herself hunted by the Wyld Hunt before she even knew she was meant to be an Exalted. She outsmarted her hunters and escaped to freedom. Xesa also arrives in Dinas Rydd with her impressive wagons full of books seeking the promise of asylum.

    Koh the Silver-Tongued Devil (aka.KalaraVadras) - THE ECLIPSE CASTE - Played by Angela, who is also the Keeper of the Recaps

    Emancipated from slavery in her teens and inducted into the Guild, Kalara tried to bring anti-slavery business practices to the organization alongside her abolitionist father. The Guild didn't take kindly to their reforms, however. She was framed for her father's murder and sentenced to execution by crucifixion. The unearthly awe that surrounded her Exaltation on the cross allowed her to escape to freedom. In disguise as a man named Koh, she arrives in Dinas Rydd leading a caravan of escaped slaves and seeking a place to house the headquarters of her new mercantile organization - The Pristine Guild.

    Night Locust - THE NIGHT CASTE - Played by Kevin

    A teenage assassin who Exalted when he was ordered to shed his humanity and kill his best friend, fellow assassin Arc of Silence. Night Locust killed their master, instead, and the two escaped to pursue their own destinies as free men. Night and Arc arrive in Dinas Rhydd in Koh's caravan seeking asylum and a new start.
    MAIN NPCs:

    Arc of Silence - The younger of the assassin duo of Arc and Night Locust. He and Night serve as bodyguards and captain of security for Koh's Pristine Guild. Despite his young age and prankster nature, he enjoys inspiring the local children with his feats of ninjutsu.

    Bara - An Exalted of Mercury, this Sidereal first greets the Circle as a member of the Bronze Faction. He begrudgingly aids with intel, ever suspicious of these new, powerful Solars.

    Cathak Teraja- Air Aspect and Cousin of Demiato, he came into the city alongside Xesa, leaving behind a life of hedonism in the Realm. He has proven himself to be a capable leader in the fledgling city's government.

    Leshuna of the Silver Pact - This batlike Lunar once terrorized the paths outside of the city until she was confronted by the Circle. Intrigued by their unexpected behavior as Solars, she exists in a curious alliance with them.

    Orpheus - This Pale Dragon came to Dinas Rhydd seeking a place tolerant of his study of necromancy and his Ghost-blooded nature. He aids the Circle with his wisdom and library of sorcerous knowledge from time to time. (Yes, he is inspired by Dr. Orpheus from Venture Bros.)

    Peridot - This Alchemical being was discovered in a state of suspended animation inside of one of the city's manses. An unknown preternatural event tore her from the realm of Autochthon, after which she was treated like a lab rat by the ancient Solars. Now, she's found these new Solars to be much more tolerable of her freedom and that the city is full of new interesting foods to try! (Yup, she is inspired by Peridot of Steven Universe!)

    Ten Winds - Once a drunkard and not so shining example for the Immaculate Order, this 400-year-old Air Aspect and mentor of Chaos has relocated to Dinas Rydd, where he teaches a brand new interpretation of the Immaculate Order which does not condemn Solars, outright. (Yes, he is inspired by Ten Winds of the Keychain of Creation).

    Voice of the Orichalcum Forge - Once a renowned master craftsman and Scavenger Lord in Lookshy, Forge was ousted by his competitors and accused of crimes. He has settled in well to Dinas Rhydd taking pleasure in helping to excavate and rebuild the ruins there.

    In a barren stretch of land in the East lies Dinas Rhydd, a city built over the ruins of a previous age of splendor. It sits atop a land scarred by an ancient war, too barren to farm and too weathered by roaming Fey and Barbarians to be viable for any serious development by neighboring countries. Only desperate fugitive slaves chose to make it a home, their city beginning as a gathering of rickety shacks and a flicker of ambition. Hoping for a new future and to expand their city, the founders promised forgiveness of past crimes and asylum to all who dared to settle in their fledgling city.

    This promise of a new start drew many, including the newly awakened golden warriors of the Circle. None of these newly Exalted beings would know upon their first arrival that they were the inheritors of the soul shards of the Solars who had once ruled the ruins slumbering beneath the city. The Solars would find out soon enough, however, as the ruins beneath the town were gradually unearthed, signaling the start of a new era!

    Each Solar faced the trials of the manse that once belonged to the ancient Solars who had come before them. They would learn of the ancient war where weapons of mass destruction were brought to bear against the city’s high-tech defenses, burying the city under death and ash. These destructive forces were led by Desus, once a friend of the ancient Solar Circle who was somehow turned to madness and evil, the mad Solar murdering more than a couple members of the ancient Circle during the battle for the city. Each successive manse the Circle unearthed presented a unique challenge, testing the limits of each fledgling Solar until they could claim their 'inheritance' - ancient weapons wielded by their forebearers. They also discovered and repaired I AM, the central intelligence of the manse who had been fractured into different personalities during the prior invasion of the complex.

    Dinas Rhydd was not free of invasion even in the modern age. The Guild and the Realm sent their own respective forces against the city, only to be repelled by the burgeoning power of the Circle, who only grew more effective as a team the more they were forced to work together. They emerged victorious battle after battle, their presence helping the city to grow stronger and rise up slowly, but surely, from its bleak roots.

    New unusual allies would make themselves known, such as the Jadeborn, lost servants of the original Solars who had made a home beneath the city ruins. The Circle gained their trust and promised to remove the curse of the Unconquered Sun as part of redefining their legacy as Solar Exalted.

    Even a Lunar with territory nearby who had been attacking local caravans formed a respectful alliance with these new Solars, finding their synergy with the town and its people intriguing and positive. The master monk who served as Chaos' childhood mentor also relocated to the town, where he preaches a new, more Solar-tolerant form of the Immaculate Order's teachings, his opinions swayed by the benevolent actions of the Circle.

    All of this comes to the surprise of a Sidereal named Bara, a Chosen of Mercury who had been sent to provide the Circle with assistance, while also spying on them for the Bronze Faction at the same time. Even Bara was eventually won over by their heartfelt, but often naive, hopes for justice and peace. The Circle showed true bravery when they banded together with neighboring nations to fend off a barbarian invasion secretly led by a manipulative Fey lord, an action that gained them trust and allies in their region of the East.

    However, the Circle’s ultimate test came when they awoke one day to find the city under mental attack by a terrifying force under the leadership of Walker in Darkness. I AM had been hacked while the Circle slept, the power of the northern manse use to fill the minds of the city's inhabitants with dark dreams the Circle could barely resist, themselves. The Deathlord had been watching the town and planning his invasion ever since the manses had begun to reactivate. Under the cover of subterranean tunnels, The Deathlord had been converting the northern manse into a shadow realm using soulsteel spires and dark magicks. The Circle made short work of Walker's Death Knights, but the Deathlord, himself, proved to be a far greater foe!

    Walker in Darkness offered them amnesty as his servants, only to find himself under attack from the fearless Circle before they would hear any more of his poison words. The Solars fought a hard battle, nearly running out of essence as Walker toyed with them and prepared to crucify the city’s heroes using the manse’s projection capabilities. He would show off his victory to the entire town and the surrounding area. Instead, the overconfident Deathlord’s defeat at the hands of the Circle was broadcast across the land! After this fateful battle, Bara would disappear at the behest of Chejop Kejak, as would all memory of the Sidereal after a time. Only Xesa was smart enough to write down a record of him before memory of the Sidereal disappeared from her mind and those of her companions.

    The Circle’s renown grew, placing Dinas Rhydd firmly on the map as a power in the East not to be ignored! The success of the city and the expanding influence of the Pristine Guild headquartered in its market district drew the eye of a trade god, who offered his blessing and influence to the city during a long-awaited auction hosted by Koh's Pristine Guild for Xesa’s fabulously crafted jewelry.

    The auction drew interested parties as far away as the Blessed Isle and Lookshy, creating a political battleground masked by the colorful festivities of the city. Murder, intrigue, and unexpected alliances plagued the auction day, ending in an unlikely alliance between Dinas Rydd and the Black Rose, Tepet Ejava. Before the divinely hewn jewelry could be placed in her ownership, however, a small spider hiding in the jewelry's box morphed into a young Lunar!

    The Lunar led the Circle on a merry, but short chase, the hapless wildling finding himself overwhelmed by the Circle’s staggering might. They took pity on him, however, when they found that he was nothing more than a feral, uneducated young man who had been drawn to the shiny quality of Xesa’s necklace like a magpie. The young Lunar took a shine to Xesa as well and presented the Circle with a problem. What do they do with a no-caste Lunar who could endanger himself and innocent lives?

    Which leads us to the first game recap!
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    Here's the first campaign recap from our Exalted game! Our Circle decides what to do with the Lunar thief. Meanwhile, everyone awaits the arrival of the Lunar delegation from the Silver Pact with equal parts dread and anticipation!
    EPISODE 1 - The Silver Pact Cometh

    After the hullabaloo of the auction, our fair city returns to a state of normalcy (aka. returning to day to day business and waiting for the next disaster or weird thing to show up). Businesses are bustling after the success of the auction and the various temple, housing, and commerce districts have started to regain some of their former glory. Meanwhile, Forge and the Jadeborn continue work on the transit system and city infrastructure.

    That leaves the Circle with just one more challenge to face - bringing the casteless and feral Lunar, Kisk, up to speed on his years of education (and basic hygiene)! Xesa and Koh take him under their wings, taking turns to help him understand the use of clothing and hygiene and of learning about civilization, morality, and literacy. He's eventually convinced of the benefit of clothing by the reasoning that it means wearing new shiny things every day, which Xesa wastes no time in creating him a fabulously crafted wardrobe with embroidered animal motifs.

    While Xesa weaves her wonders, Koh brings Kisk up to speed on the basic tenants of social interaction with others, language training, and literacy with the mystical prowess of a legendary scholar (and the aid of meat pie and pastry bribes to keep his attention). Koh and Xesa try to understand the link between a Lunar and a Solar, but the intricacies of why Kisk implicitly trusts Xesa remained a mystery to everyone, beyond a general thought that Sun and Moon just naturally go together in the grand divine scheme of things...
    Read the rest of this recap here! Miss something? Meet the characters and read the campaign intro here!
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      In which our Solar Circle visits a completely normal and unsuspicious hot springs before their next important business trip. Enjoy the Obligatory Hot Springs Episode (and probably one of my fave games this year so far)!

      EPISODE 2 - Obligatory Hot Springs Episode!

      After much toil by Forge and the Jadeborn, the day arrives that the manse repairs have been fully completed! The walls come to life with a loud hum, after which even the manse’s own essence cannons capable of sheering rocks in half cannot pierce them. The manse’s invulnerability is assured, unless, of course, one has a First Age weapon of mass destruction that might be able to crack it, such as the ones that pierced the wall during the Circle’s previous incarnations.

      With the final repairs complete, the hidden library finally becomes accessible. The Circle reports to their manse thrones to be teleported into it, where they meet Araki
      Denlai, Twilight Caste of the ancient Solar Circle,…or what’s left of her. The AI intelligence of the library was created in Araki Dunlai’s final moments of uploading herself into the machine, an act which caused her body’s final death.

      The AI seems distressed after learning how badly the deliberative has failed after being connected to the outside manse. The Circle encounters the body of
      Denlai in stasis and plan to ask Ten Winds to give her a proper burial to send off her Po peacefully. Kalara worries in private with Xesa that the AI seems a little…off, but they would wait and see if she showed any other signs of being dangerous.

      Read the rest of this recap here! Miss something? Meet the characters and read the campaign intro here!

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        In which our heroic Circle of Solars endures their first experience in heavy politics…and nobody dies!

        EPISODE 3 - The Meeting of Nations

        The meeting of nations has begun in Marita! The Circle is given their own living quarters where Koh prepares for the events he has planned for tomorrow. He takes the evening to study the major players using Charms to build a profile of the powers at play. The Circle arrives the next day to the assembly hall primed and ready to make their names known!

        Koh has finally dropped his disguise and arrives as the Pristine Guild’s founder, KalaraVadras, decked out in gold finery crafted by
        Xesa’s genius! Koh had been planning a big entrance to reveal his true identity as KalaraVadras at this event, but was disappointed to find no formal caller announcing their entrance into the hall. Most people, in fact, seemed to be treating this political event as a boring duty that never gets anything done.

        This doesn’t stop
        Kalara from making an entrance, regardless! She struts into the assembly, arm and arm with her bodyguard, the Circle’s Night Caste disguised as her male persona Koh in a ruse to confuse her enemies. The two cast such an aura of beauty and charisma, with the help of Teraja’s Air Aspect abilities, that they turn every head in the room, even the attending Fey Lord’s! Teraja and Demiato make their own entrance by announcing themselves loudly as Cathaks, entering Teraja’s nomination for house speaker, much to the chagrin of their enemies in the Realm...

        Read the rest of this recap here! Miss something? Meet the characters and read the campaign intro here!
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          I edited the recaps here to be short preview snippets that link off-site instead of huge text walls. I figured the large amount of scrolling was probably scaring people off and was not easy to read, either. More coming soon! We've reached the point we've caught up on my backlog of recaps, so I better get to writing the ones for our latest adventures!

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            I’ve gotten so behind on recaps, so it’s time to catch up! Enjoy a game session in which our band of Solars learn that ancient murderous rituals are only the beginning of the pesky problems to be dealt with at the meeting of nations!
            EPISODE 4 - Something Wicked This Way Comes

            The first night of the meeting of nations went well! The Circle of Solars impresses everyone they meet, encouraging old allies and meeting new potential ones. The next day, the Circle separates in order to cover more ground with the factions they’re familiar with.

            Chaos is called to a meeting with a group of representatives from neighboring nations to discuss the new branch of the Immaculate faith that has taken root in Dinas Rhydd. Servants and representatives greet him warmly, offering him tea while they wait for the remaining representative to arrive. All seems well, until one of the diplomats starts speaking strangely.

            Seemingly all at once, blood seeps from the mouths of each representative, all of them dying on the spot!
            Chaos tosses away his tea at the realization of poison.

            Panicked, Chaos rushes to find the missing representative and stumbles upon a disturbing scene in the basement...

            Read the rest of this recap here! Miss something? Meet the characters and read the campaign intro here!
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              Our campaign has inspired some cool art out there by other artists than myself! Here's Night Locust and Kalara by Raeliyah on Tumblr.

              Here's another one by Raeliyah on Tumblr. This time, showing Kalara and Night Locust in disguise as her alter-ego, Koh, to throw off her enemies.

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                In which the Circle celebrates a momentary victory that was never meant to last…in style! Sidereals really know how to party!​
                EPISODE 5 - The Bathhouse Between Worlds

                After the mad dash that left a Third Circle demon defeated in one blow, the Circle sets about helping the townsfolk clean up the destruction and chaos left in the demon’s path. Chaos soothes the townsfolk, using his undeniable presence and a bit of visual illusion laced with essence to calm the people and convince them to go home where it’s safe, for the death of the creature had left a dangerous crater of bubbling corrupted essence that consumed anything that got close to it, even curious birds.

                Using his knowledge of spiritual cleansing, Night Locust works with a Water Aspect to cleanse and calm the essence into a stable form. His act of heroism, alongside the helpful presence of the rest of the Circle, has convinced the local law enforcement, even the Dragonblooded among them, that these ‘Anathema’ might truly be there to help.

                Read the rest of this recap here! Miss something? Meet the characters and read the campaign intro here!

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