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Storm Mothers are they only a West Thing?

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    Originally posted by Baaldam View Post

    This. Based on their general info it's a good guess the Storm Mothers would have as much of a presence in the White, Inner and Dreaming Seas, not to mention any other less known and more elusive seas that might exists close to the borders of Creation and beyond - like the probably far from insignificant chunk of ocean swallowed by Rakshastan in the Balorian Crusade.

    With their agressive and territorial nature they would be quite suited to playing "border baronesses" lording over mortal populations they bulwark against Wyld & Fae, in a way like Shaloy of the Shining Rod, the current god-king of Iorane, the City of Pinnacles, from pages 36-37 of Scroll of the Monk.

    I don't quite agree. While I think they probably do exist outside of the West, I wouldn't think it would be in significant numbers. And I doubt they would be able to get away with the same sort of behavior that they do out in the West, for a number of reasons.

    One major one being that in the West, water Elementals and Gods are the primary type of spirits, most numerous and generally the most powerful. In the other Directions, there are powerful courts of Gods and Elementals to contend with, and less overall dependence on the sea for the people dwelling there. Not to mention I can't see the Scavenger Lands or Realm tolerating ANY shit in the Inner Sea from some upstart spirit, considering the treat to trade and military movement that it could pose.