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The Saltspire League in 3rd Edition

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  • The Saltspire League in 3rd Edition

    What would you change or redo about the Saltspire League to bring them forward into 3rd Edition? Where would you guys place them in 3rd Edition exactly? And where the heck is the Bull of the North's stuff now?

    I tried to circle where I suspect the Saltspire League would be, but if anybody has a different guess, I'm all ears.

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    That looks about right. I think in 2nd ed they were a bit lower, but Medo's there now, so where you've put them probably fits best.

    It also actually fits for them to be a bit north of Medo; since Medo is a Realm ally, it seems plausible for the Bull to have conquered areas near Realm allies, drawing the Realm into war with him.
    I assume the Bull's area is basically around that section, and to the west of it, but not as far as Whitewall. Since he allied with Halta to fight Linowan, maybe his territory stretches east of the area you've marked red.
    Or... maybe that's way too big and in 3rd ed the Bull will have a much smaller area than he did previously. No writers ever seemed to agree how big his territory was.

    Tbh, I'm not sure they need to be changed much for 3rd ed. The 2nd ed North book was, IMO, the closest in tone to 3rd ed, emphasising a lot of small countries rather than a few mighty-magitech empires and city-states.

    The only thing you might change is to make the ancient desalination manses seem less magitechy. Have the Twilight be less of an engineer and more of a sorcerer, trying to work out the ancient rituals needed to power the magic of the Towers of Purity, or whatever.

    But I don't think they were particularly egrariously magitechy. They weren't like robo-manses with halite-capacitor-conversion-matrixes powered by essence-flux-polarity-generators or something. So it doesn't particularly matter.

    I think Eric Minton wrote Plenilune (IIRC he wrote the second half of the North book), and he also wrote most of the 3rd ed fluff (I'm not sure how much, but definitely the write-ups for different countries), so the tone and outlook is similar.

    If I had to choose one 2nd ed Direction book to not get any kind of updated equivalent for 3rd ed, it'd be the North book, as I think the tone isn't very different.
    (Though bear in mind that I just skimmed the first half of it, as it was basically just Bastions of the North rewritten. But the second half was similar in tone to 3rd ed.)
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      That looks like a huge black rectangle with a bit of rainbow confetti at the top.


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        I kind of have Malice Bay and the River of Tears be both a big reigional and cultural border in the North. So to the West. And in part of this is probably tone-down the reach of the Bull. So instead of Malice Bay being smack dab in the middle of his territory, I have the Saltspire League being the Western extent of the Bull's current expansion. And the region has a lot of threats in all directions as a reuslt. Raiders from the North, the Icewalkers and Tear-Eaters to the East, Shining Path Crusader Cults from the West and Medo to the South. It's got to me this Eastern European "middle of everything" vibe that I'd play up.

        And again, deemphasize the Bull a bit. If only since I think the region is neat in of itsel fand gets a bit played in context of him being important rather than it itself being interesting.

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