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    My 3rd ed game is soon going to visit Champoor, which will become a major hub for the campaign from then on. As such I'm looking to create a detailed and vibrant setting which, based on my interpretation of the brief description form the 3rd ed book, is going to be like a city sized version of the bathhouse from Spirited Away. All manner of odd beings and spirits and traders and travellers. Because of the nature of the game I'm running (a little video-game sandbox style) I'm planning to use some of the Heroic Maps Wardenhale locations as set pieces in the city where certain NPCs may be regularly found - and I'll write up descriptors of each location, who is there, purpose for visiting, etc.

    Has anyone used this city as a setting yet? Did you have any interesting ideas to flesh it out? Or even ideas you haven't put into play yet?

    How do you view Champoor?

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    Champoor to me had more this daggers and gaslight vibe to it. I described it aestheitcally as "London as occupied by a Hindu empire". So having this kind of old school European aesthetic with the new and shiny buildings being South Asian and the occupatioanl government being pretty Hindu-looking. This is going on how Champoor was a satrapy of Prasad in the original leak. The spiritual corruption of the city is known, but not blatent. The aristocracy has more or less given up ruling and ceded that to the satrap, who himself barely cares and ceded to his advisor, who more or less plays into the situationi. There's dozens of gangs, socieites and organizations doing their thing about, and there is a lot of trying to get hook-ups wiht the local aristocrats for dock access and when not that, service access in the cities. Mostly for "proper legal reasons" more than any real power. For my games, the dragon only showed-up a few decades ago and so this affects a lot of how the city is seen by the empire and how much it feels things are "broken down".

    "Stability" in the city is maintained historically by a few notable group shwich have been able to mostly stay uncorrupt. The first was the White Hoods, who were a special police force/military unit who were basically cops. But they got purged not longa go for actually well, ending up being tied to some pretty shady spirits and now are acting as a vigilante force and also looking to try and find a way to regain legitimacy. There's the Steam Brotherhood (an idea from one @kongurous) who are a brotherhood of outcaste Dragon-Blooded from the Scavenger Lands originally who act as a "fire department" but otherwise are not interested in local politics or god alliances. And then there's a cel of the Five Shades Association (two DBs, bunch of other beings) who are actively participating in the local spirit court system and acting as big mediators between different factions.

    The description on crime lords and spirits hold. Spirits play into things for the prayer and the fact that the Court of Shadows basically has a bit of a mob-like strucutre where you gotta pay tithes to your boss or you get beat-up, demoted or kicked out. Tenepeshu is the top of this pyramid and she basically is a dragon mobster. And so different spirits will pit different factions against eachother to try and get more prayer, favor, territory or whatever. So to the gangs the gods are protection, to the gods humans are chess pieces.

    The city also has some historical stratification going on. There's three main districts in the city walls. To the far East is where the old fortress is, where the nicer aristocracy buildings are and wher ethe satrap's palace is. The middle part is where a lot of standard city and services are, as well as most of the docks, but untouchables are not allowed here or the fort district unattended (this is broken a lot these days). ANd then there's a small quarter in teh far West where there's a district where untouchables can enter the city and there's a special Funeral Docks where bodies are prepared for funeral barges. There's a Temple of Saturn here and there's also shrines for the local aristocratic houses. It's the only place where untoucahbles, aristocrats and citizens really mingle. No funeral pyres are lit on Fridays (Venus' Day) and so Friday Nights is often where the most clandestine meetings happen. The Funeral Docks are considered basically the safe ground for meetings and it might even be magically warded by now for such. (Funeral docks are inspired a bit by this video I saw a while back.)

    Out West still you get outside the city proper and you start seeing marshland and shoreland. There's a lot of rice patties and general swamp rice, but clustered around the West and Norhtwestern city walls are basically a slum filled with mostly untouchables who work in the city. It's beyond the city limits, so the clouds actuallly clear here and it can get scorching hot in the day. But the spirit court influence goes out to here and basically you have slum priest-kings.

    And since the city is on the edge of Prasad and is a major regional harbor, you'll see folks from other countries of the Dreaming Sea coming and going a lot.

    And stuff.

    And stuff.
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      -Lots of shrines all over the place and people are forced to pray to complete a purchases and enter gates.
      -The vegetation is a cross between moss and fungus that eats away at wood, making the building materials unusual for the location.
      -it is the furthest part of Parasad, so if someone from the Relm needs someone sent as far away as possible they are sent here...