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Immortal Phoenix (•••••) - Articulated Plate Artifact - Looking for Feedback

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  • Immortal Phoenix (•••••) - Articulated Plate Artifact - Looking for Feedback

    Immortal Phoenix (•••••) - Articulated Plate Armor Artifact

    Tried to create a powerful artifact armor that emulated some of the powers of the Garda/Phoenix birds, especially rebirth, fire mastery and flight capability

    Google doc link:

    Backstory and Description
    In the deep south of the Summer mountains range lies a massive mountain. From its peak reigns Garuda, First among Gardas. The first Garda to form after the sundering of the Great Garda in the Primordial War. Wise beyond measure and equally proud. She cares not for the plight of mortals nor their societies. Rarely does she give audiences and that is usually only to the rulers of powerful elemental courts.

    An ambitious Solar spent several weeks climbing the mountain before ascending the summit. Aware of their whimsical nature and proudness he bowed before it in silence for several days before she deigned to give him her attention. The solar calmly stated he had come to complete the Garda`s greatest goal in her name. All he asked in return was the Garda`s share its secrets with him.

    The secrets of Gardas was never meant to be grasped by a mortal mind, not even those blessed by the gods. So the Solar inscribed the secrets in sorcerous runes across his armor, allowing it to contain the secrets the First among Gardas had given him a glimpse of.

    This suit of armor consists of dozens exquisitely crafted interlocking plates of Orichalcum overlaid with red jade. Archaic runes containing the secrets of the Gardas are etched into the plates alongside symbols of the enduring sun.

    Attunement Bonus
    A Solar Exalted may pay three extra motes when attuning this armor to gain immunity to natural fire and heat environmental hazards and essence non-Charm dice to resist magical fire hazards and +Essence soak and hardness vs fiery attacks.

    Only a Solar Exalted will be able to awaken evocations from this artifact.

    Coruscating Flash
    Cost:2m; Mins: Essence 1

    Runes across the armor glow intensely before a blinding flash of intense heat explodes outwards, distracting opponents for an instant.

    The solar can use dexterity + athletics for raising from prone instead of dodge. Standing up from prone counts as his reflexive movement action and does not count as a combat action.

    Heart`s Flame
    Cost:3m; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Simple
    Duration:Until next turn
    Prerequisites: Coruscating Flash

    Essence surges through the archaic runes holding the secrets of fire in symphony with the beats of wearer’s heart, igniting him in an intense bonfire throbbing to the beat of his heart.

    The bearer become an environmental hazard equal to the bonfire rules. Anything in contact with the armor is subject to the environmental hazard. Anyone grappling the wearer takes also 2 dice of withering damage.

    Splendor of Fire
    Cost:3m or 3i; Mins: Essence 3
    Duration:Until next turn/Indefinite
    Prerequisites: Heart`s Flame

    The secrets of the Gardas were not only limited to the mastery of fire…

    Eagle wings of fire emerge in an instant allowing the wearer to move as if flying equal to his movement speed. This charm can be used to slow his speed if flying/falling to standstill.

    Outside of combat, the the wearer can commit 5 motes to gain the indefinite usage of the wings.

    In social settings anyone witnessing the usage of this evocation a temporary minor intimacy of awe towards the wearer

    Holocaust Gale
    Cost:(5m, 1wp); Mins: Essence 4
    Type: Permanent
    Prerequisites: Splendor of Fire

    The solar burning intensely fans the fire with his powerful wings. A minor firestorms crash against those that dare stand against him, burning them to cinders.

    If Heart`s Flame was activated last turn the wearer can activate Splendor of Fire to make a decisive attack, rolling intelligence + occult against all enemies in a 180 degree angle in front of the wearer up to short range.

    Divide initiative by two, round up, and use that as the damage for each individual hit

    Conflagration of the Phoenix
    Cost: 3a; Mins: Essence 5
    Type: Reflexive
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisites: Splendor of Fire

    Upon a fatal blow, the runes containing the ancient secrets of immortality on the armor flares and the wearer transforms into a Garda bird. Flying up and above the turmoil before it explodes in a scintillating flash turning night to bright day for an instant for as far the eye can see. Left stands the Solar reborn.

    If the wearer`s incapacitated health level would be filled and the wearer`s anima is at the bonfire level this charm is activated for free and the wearer's injured health levels and crippling damages are healed. The range of the environmental hazard is medium in this scenario. Battle Groups take double damage. Any grapple is automatically ended. All enemies and allies are pushed one range band away by the force of the explosion.

    The wearer`s initiative is reset to base, unless crashed, and for the next two turns won't regain the regular 5 motes per turn.
    This evocation is usable once per season.
    The first time the condition for this evocation is met this evocation is granted for free and it’s activated.

    Looking for all kind of feedback, especially balancing feedback is desirable.

    Ideas for changing some of the effects of the evocations is also fair game. Couldn`t come up with any defensive evocations so if you have some cool ideas fitting with the theme of the artifact please do share.

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    The Unsung Hero was hoping to have you take a peek at this, because I think your pretty good at balancing powers. Regardless if you do or not, thx for your time.