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  • Puppets

    Ok so this was something that came up from the ask a question get a answer thread that got me & a few others thinking...

    How would crafting & using a puppet like what Kankuro or Sasori or any of the other puppet ninja users from Naruto work in Exalted?

    At first we thought MA style but that seemed a bit complex as the attacks of the puppet seemed easier to explain as evocations.

    Then the thought that there are magical creatures you can summon like elementals & demons so why go for a puppet that would have some
    negative effect toward your defenses & other static values? Maybe a MA style is the way to go?

    Then the thought of it being a automaton came up or some sort of animated artifact which there are a few of in some of the older books from both 1st & 2nd edition but then its no longer a puppet or is it? Now i am thinking primitive alchemical Pinochio.

    Would it be a artifact? What about materials? Kankuro's puppets where standard materials while Sasori had a variety of standard puppets as well as obviously magical & even necro tech-ish puppets.

    Now i am just curious & confused lol

    Thoughts & Ideas?
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    After that exchange earlier I started thinking about a Puppet-themed Exigent with three possible paths, probably with a Physical, Social and Mental split like Lunars.

    The Physical one would be based off of using Charms which would replace the individual's body physical with inanimate objects and turn them into a puppet. These Charms would be a bit like Alchemicals, in which they physically replace body parts with ceramic, metal and wood in order to create unique effects. The second, the Social one, would be more based off the idea of being the "puppet master" and focus a bit more on manipulating, controlling and using other people as your puppets. The last would be the Mental tree and would involve creating and controlling actual puppets in order to attack people or in order to use as tricks or devices for solving other issues.

    Each set (Physical, Social and Mental) would have their own unique attack and defense Charms, and their own options for being used in different ways, so unlike with older Lunars you wouldn't feel "compelled" to pick up the "combat" Ability, you'd automatically get one when you picked your "primary focus."

    I would probably also design the Charm Tree to be a bit more like a web, in that a Charm from one Ability tree could provide a Charm in a different tree with new options or effects. So like, if you have a Dexterity Charm that lets you install a second pair of arms, and you also have a Manipulation Charm that lets you control someone, you might be able to control a second person, or improve control over the first person.

    Just some spit-balling I was doing with the idea while at work today.


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      Curious to know how it runs in game if it ever makes it past theory crafting stages...

      I do not see me using this in game but my character being a crafter would still attempt it. I imagine if he lived long enough he would one day open a storage unit for failed crafting experiments that he would parooze & wonder why he ever thought creating some of this junk was a good idea at all.

      Still i got to thinking more & wondered if it was as simple as converting some existing charms like some of the pet related survival charms & have this puppet be treated as a familiar. You could control the order of attack with it, have it use distract or disarm techniques along with its own unique attacks/traps. Treat it as a extension of your self, as a extension of your arm in particular since you will be losing use of that arm to control this thing but you will be gaining a fully mobile body with extra appendages armed to the teeth with weapons & traps. I see it mostly as a gimmick so nothing game breaking. I see it working well in conjunction with stealth charms while the puppet master remains hidden & the puppet joins the frey... Some might not even know its a puppet.

      mayhaps give the puppet some falling blossom charms so it can be used to defend/shield the character?

      Its been fun just trying to theory craft this... Might say my character attempts to craft this & fails & someone else finds it & perfects it. He would be shocked to see one of his creations as a antagonists play thing.

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        I would use a sorcerer for a puppet master, and fluff all my creations as some kind of puppet or doll. But if its a crafter that doesnt want to be a sorcerer, then it is an artifact. Using survival charms on an automata is the ST call, but if the puppet doesnt goes beyond what an animal or demon(twilight power) can do, i dont think its a problem.