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The Inauspicious Eclipse : An Alternative to the Jade Prison

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    Necro on my own thread! But after running this game for a while and getting about five years into the timeline, I wanted to share some observations. As I fleshed out the world I ended up adding a few more rules, though I considered each very carefully in terms of how much story/game it would generate.

    H) In the 3rd day of Calibration, the Sun hides his face like sister moon. An hour long eclipse transpires annually at this appointed time (noon).
    I) When an Eclipsed Exaltation finds a healthy host, it takes time to heal. During this time the Solar cannot channel essence as effectively and has a limited understanding of charms.
    J) Killing an unhealed Eclipsed Exaltation leaves the Exaltation trapped within the remains. (!!)
    K) An Eclipsed Exaltation has 0 personal, 0 peripheral essence to begin with, with 0 out of 15 charms - which is effectively mortal. The Exalted is usually unaware they are Exalted at first.
    L) The Exaltation will recover 1 Peripheral per month and 1 Personal per two months. Every two months, the Exaltation also 'heals' a charm.
    M) Owing to this, the Eclipsed Exaltation will heal completely in a little over two years. During this time it is invisible to efforts to track it by astrology.

    So, why do I add these rules?

    Annual Eclipses are good because they make Calibration as frightening to the players as they are to mortals, which has been fun.

    The 'limited understanding of charms' thing was AWESOME as a vehicle for NEW PLAYERS who did not understand the game and didn't want to choose fifteen charms the night we started. This way, we were able to spread out the charm picks over a long time and they were far less painful. Likewise, I felt that the players understood the charms much better because with only one pick every other night or so they were able to really read them and get a good understanding of the interactions.

    The 'Killing an Eclipsed Exaltation is the same as killing one during an Eclipse' is critical for several reasons, but primarily because it creates a 'Betrayer is Betrayed' scenario... so say you're a rich Guild Factor and you just killed a Solar and stole an Exaltation. Odds are, you'll be dead within the year. Why? Because Solar Exaltations drive people insane with avarice and treachery, and anybody can knife YOU in the back and take that Exaltation personally, for the next TWO YEARS. Serious implications there.

    And of course the astrology invisibility is a way of making the medicine pill of the slow roll up a bit easier to swallow, as well. The world is dangerous enough at that stage without the threat of Sidereals stomping you while you have only a handful of essence.

    Although this may sound really strange, I actually highly recommend this set up for new groups! The 'slow roll up' style allowed three new players to get very invested in the game and learn it slowly where as previously they had been pretty baffled by the depth of choices available. If anybody is interested I can post further notes on the campaign as it evolves.
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