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  • Hundreds of Heptagram Highschool Hijinks

    I am about to launch a game set on the Heptagram, where the players are mortal students. The experiment I am going to run is basically an open-world, meaning a lot of plot threads will be running around and the players can latch on to whatever they want. To this end, I would like to outsource some plot threads; both for inspiration but also to see how many we can come up with.
    My vision of the given Heptagram in point form:

    A) The heads of the Heptagram are masters and they all pursue their own interests into the arcane besides teaching. These pursuits are achieved through their own research, but often uses the brightest students for assistance. This means certain projects are launched by the school itself, including archaeological digs and similar ventures.
    B) The Heptagram is known for Arcane studies but also teaches more mundane things at a high level. Math, biology, history and so forth can all be used to further common as well as arcane knowledge.
    C) The Heptagram is primarily a school, but so big that a town of sorts has sprung up around it. As such musicians, bakers, inns and all manner of non-arcane people inhabit the island. Having a household of geniuses next door, businesses seek to the Heptagram for goods to help expand the business.
    D) People from all across the world travel to the island for novel needs. Charms, wards and artificery for unique problems. That or exceptional rich people get magic goods for common issue. This business around the school helps the less well-off students get by and allows plot to travel to the Heptagram.

    Essentially, plenty of means for the players to rise through the ranks, both within the school but also in world at large.

    So, here it goes:

    1) Somewhere on the Heptagram there is a portal which leads to the Wyld. This place is comparatively stable and entails little risk of mutation. Masters on occasion go there to study or acquire certain esoteric means for research. If the players hear of this, can they locate it?

    1a) The fae community around the portal has enjoyed the interactions with the masters of the Heptagram. To increase their bond, an exchange student of sorts has been enrolled to the heptagram. Can the players find the fae in student clothing?

    2) People are going missing! So far, no link can be found between the victims of these vanishings. Mild panic looms over the island, and concerns are being dealt around in hushed tones as this still primarily a rumor. What is happening is a particularly fanatic student is kidnapping people and cutting them up while they are still alive, trying to document how their muscle, organs and such work.

    3) With the empress gone, the Immaculate Order is seeking to ensure that it will hold control in the future. One chapter master is thinking of getting political capital by ensuring a moral victory for the order. As such, he is staging fake demonic rituals and similar religious crimes around the Heptagram, hoping to falsely accuse them of Malfean conduct and shutting down the school. Getting rid of sorcerers and promoting the order? Sounds like a stone about to hit two birds.

    4) The archives of the Heptagram are a giant mess. Their vast tombs of lore have gone through several attempts at organizing and though concord exists now about how to do this, there is still plenty books yet to be archived. This means that tombs that should not fall into students hand, could very well lie in the archive unbeknownst to the masters. Forbidden knowledge just waiting to be exploited.

    5) An archaeological expedition launched by the school has recently returned a curious item; a green-glowing stone rod. Unbeknownst to anyone, the last person to touch the item before moonrise will be possessed by a demon once they fall asleep; the demon returning to the rod once the host awakes. Finding itself on the Heptagram, this demon is trying to take over the school and create a Malfean jumping-off point into Creation, close to the heart of the Realm. So far, it is bidding its time, especially since a certain monk is drawing attention towards illegal demon summoning.

    6) The students who can cast sorcery have opened a type of fight club. The rules are that two teams meet in an arena, each with at least one spellcaster. The spellcasters compete to see who can first fire off a spell (which one is determined before the match start); whoever fires their spell of first, wins. The rest of the teammates have the task of defending their own spellcaster, or disrupt the opposing one. This is done in complete secrecy, as the masters would swiftly shut down such practices. Until then, here is a get-rich-quick scheme for ambitious players, whether they want to gamble or participate themselves.

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    I do hope there's an episode of the week where a student's love spell goes wrong and drops everyone into Sudden Dating Sim Magic Mode. Shame Threefold Binding of the Heart is Celestial.
    7) There's a Sidereal among the students, or a Sidereal-to-be, masquerading as a mortal. Why does this chump at the bottom of the class seem so mysterious and alluring? Why do her eyes keep flashing green?

    But sexually.


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      A quick note about canon: The Heptagram is one of the four big secondary schools for Dragon Blooded in the Realm and I'm pretty sure that they don't have a town on the island. Now, you obviously don't have to care about that, but you might end up with some people assuming that all the students are DBs and stuff and I wanted to make sure you understood why.


      8 ) Secret doors and hidden rooms abound at the Heptagram and the professors are aware of almost all of them. Rumors abound constantly of maps, magical or otherwise, that show where to find various lost labs, studies, catacombs, and so on. Many of these rooms are guarded by demons, at least some of whom might be bored enough to attempt to talk when discovered rather than fight, and might well have more useful information than the room they're guarding.

      9) If all the rumors were true, the entire staff of the school would consist of Demons, Anathema, Ghosts, and other, stranger beings. In actual fact, the teaching staff mostly consists of Dragon-Blooded, a few highly skilled mortals, and a couple of more enigmatic beings that have been accused of being ..well, everything, but are probably Gods. The rest of the staff mostly consists of humans, though some bound demons are used for the more unpleasant duties.

      Well, unless some of the rumors are true anyway.



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        8) "The Element of Surprise"

        A minor elemental has recently managed to sneak into the Heptagram. It seeks to learn Sorcery and believes that the Heptagram would be the best place for this. So far it has managed to keep its presence on the Isle a secret. Its goal is to make a deal with a young student, offering its assistance in exchange for books or rare artifacts. Any student who gets caught working with this elemental, especially if they are offering it rare magical tombs or artifacts could face serious consequences. On the other hand, having such a being as an assistant could be immensely valuable for any young student.

        It would be easy to use this elemental as an a potential ally of the PC's, or to set up as a hidden ally to a rival student.

        9) "I ain't afraid of no ghosts!"

        The Heptagram has a number of ghosts magically bound to serve as protectors and advisers. Unfortunately one of the ghosts somehow found itself twisted into a spectre and in the process broke its magical bindings. The spectre has been using its abilities to cause minor chaos of mischief throughout the school, hiding important documents and making terrible messes that will get other people blamed for them. Recently it has begun feeling more self-assured and its actions have begun to grow more violent, including seriously injuring a student (a friend of the PC's) by dropping a vase on her head while she was sleeping. It's only a matter of time before this spectre moves on to trying to kill people.

        Unfortunately many of the teachers are overly confident in their bindings and are more apt to try and blame an outsider for these issues than seriously consider that one of their magically bound servitors is responsible. It's not unheard of, but most find the idea rather far-fetched.


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          10) A bit of an interdepartmental rivalry has developed between the botany department and the relic restoration department due to a dispute over the provenance of a certain metallic bonzai specimen. Students from both sides are engaged in escalating tensions. Was a warstrider workshop wrecked by a sudden infestation of sentient kudzu?