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Drunken Fist Style (Comments and Criticism Pls)

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  • Drunken Fist Style (Comments and Criticism Pls)

    I wanted to cook up a martial arts style for the party dawn, and he said he wanted something like Jackie Chan in the Drunken Master, so I put together a martial art that's kind of like that. The style's about gambits and improvised weapons early on, but quickly switches over to encouraging big reversals: a few charms in the style cause a lot of initiative loss, and there's a key charm that lets you store any withering damage you gather while crashed and add it to your value when you reset. Overall, the style ended up being about looking like you're losing, until you aren't. I did a bit of testing and it didn't seem like it was out of line of the power of say, Snake Style. But let me know what you think! This will probably get refined as I test it more.

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    Thank you for this style