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    Originally posted by The Unsung Hero View Post
    Thanks for the link!


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      Originally posted by SpruceStripedGoose View Post

      I agree, I would get the core splats out first. I know it has been said that you can use Exigents to replicate other splats you are waiting for, but I think is probably BS that they will be any more help in doing that than just making it up yourself. Maybe if Exigents contained complex generic rules for making charms it could do that, but I don't think it is possible to do that considering the granularity of the system, and even if it was I doubt the Devs would go in that direction. Im exspecting Exigents to essentially be a book of homebrew inspiration, and if that is what it is you could just as easily take mechanical inspiration from Solars, DB, or Lunars.

      Bassically I expect the Exigent book to introduce a new type of exalt, not be the ultimate mechanical toolbox.
      Originally posted by Onyx Path schedule blurb for The Exigents
      The Exigents will show the role of the new Exalted throughout history. It will feature a character creation system, a power matrix and a guide for the players to build their own custom Charm sets for whatever Exalted they feel like creating and adding to the setting
      Originally posted by I had this saved but don't remember from where it is. Maybe that podcast interview?
      The Exigent book contains several sample Exigents with their Charmsets, as well as many design essays on how to write and balance an Exalted pantheon, and a "Charm matrix" of rules for as many conceivable supernatural powers as the crunch writers can fit in, divorced from costs or prerequisites. Exigents are not one type of Exalted but many different types, and a given type of Exigent could range in power all the way from the Dragon-Blooded to matching a Solar
      10 characters

      You need a picture altered to fit your Exalted character, or just looking for some visual inspiration? Check out the twice-reborn Exaltification thread. And here is my Deviantart page

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        Originally posted by danelsan View Post

        10 characters
        I know they have said that, but the discussion there has been from the Devs on evocation and exigent charm guidelines has been cagey at best. Im really not sure that what they would consider guidelines is the same thing as what most others would. I sometimes feel like they are so deep in the reeds of the development process that dont realize just how substantial the tools would need to be to bring us into that process in a more structured way than "make it up yourself". If you spend your month making charms you could bery easily start to project that compitency on to others and not go far enough in giving them the tools they need.


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          Infernal-> new stuff. I have working fanmade splats for everything else.


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            Dragon-Blooded - Solars vs. Dragon-Blooded seems to be the driving conflict for the setting, so I definitely agree with everyone calling for the terrestrials to have the next splat. I'm glad that's happening.

            Sidereals - I love the Sidereals, and I plan to use them a lot as mentors of questionable trustworthiness in my game.

            Alchemicals - I'm pleasantly surprised at how many people prioritise Alchemicals! I have some ideas I'd like to run with. I'm not really compelled by the canon Locust Crusade, but I'd really appreciate tools for designing our own stories surrounding Alchemical Exalted coming to Creation. I acknowledge that this is probably going to have to be a pretty late avenue to explore unless I do a lot of custom work myself, though.

            Infernals - I would've lost interest in Exalted several years ago if not for the demons. Exalted has the coolest demons of any fantasy setting I've ever encountered. I mean, there's lots of cool stuff, but nothing makes me gush bizarre and surreal setting information to bemused and occasionally disinterested acquaintances like the denizens of Malfeas.
            I'd like to see Infernals become a bigger part of the setting, but at the same time I'm only really interested if they're a bit more, I dunno, weird. I always thought "make Creation so like Malfeas that the distinction is irrelevant" was a bit dull. A couple of years ago I was toying with the idea of having them try to meet the conditions of some obscure loophole in the terms of surrender that would invalidate the oaths the Yozis swore on their names, but even then, I feel like that's only the potential for a more interesting plot. It needs elaboration.
            (And if we can't get more interesting Infernals, then let's just have a book that introduces dozens of surreal and alien demons. More development for Cytherea and Oramus would be exciting too.)

            Exigents - I was skeptical of the value of Exigents at first, but the more I think about it, the more I think they'll add a lot to the setting. I'm looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

            Raksha - I'm keen to use Fair Folk too. I want to encourage my players to explore the potential of Wyld-Shaping Technique, it'd be good if there were exciting antagonists to encourage them not to.

            Lunars - I think it's important to have more of an understanding of the role that Lunars will play in 3e, but if that can be adequately detailed without them getting a dedicated book, the devs can take as long as they want and I'll be unperturbed.

            Abyssals - Like basically every other poster, I'm happy to just dummy up Abyssal powers based on Solar charms. That said, it will be interesting to explore some of the setting changes, more nuance for the deathlords, the chivalry of the dead, etc. If an Abyssal splat book delivers on that, I'm happy for it to be higher on the list.

            Liminal - Character advancement through sewing body parts onto yourself seems kind of cool, but I'm not that excited by the Liminal Exalted. Their caste divisions seem a bit forced to me, too. I would've preferred castes divided by something more esoteric, like emotional reactions to death. For example, Grief-caste, Shadenfreude-caste, Rage-caste, Duty-caste and Regret-caste. Maybe I can dummy something up with the Exigents, I dunno.

            Getimian - We don't have heaps of info about them so far, so I should probably hold judgement, but so far I haven't seen anything that makes me want to know more. Possibly I'm biased, their origin reminds me of some of the Starcraft 2 plot. (WHICH I HATED.)

            Edit - Come to think of it, the Getimian are vaguely meant to challenge the Sidereals' control of the Loom of Fate, if I understand it correctly. Wouldn't it be cool if invading Alchemical Exalted filled that role in the plot? Autochthon made the Pattern Spiders, iirc, and that's why their equivalent to sorcery works in Creation. Maybe they're trying to quietly lay the foundations for an invasion and they're fighting a shadow war with the Sidereals, where neither side wants anyone to know that it's happening.
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