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    Getting people interested in Exalted 3e means them seeing and experiencing Exalted 3e.

    Unfortunately, a demo/convention time slot is limited in what all you can expose people to in that time.

    So what I'm looking for, both for myself and hopefully to inspire others, are "adventure" ideas for single-session exalted games, character ideas that work well in a tight time frame, and generally any suggestions that people have in this general vein.

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    I ran a one-shot with some good friends that I think would translate well to a convention experience. It was 2e, but the bones are still good.

    I gave them a pre-generated set of Dragon-Blooded to choose from, and limited the non-dice Charm tricks in these pre-generated characters to 1 or 2, completely written out on the back of the sheet.

    Once chosen, I set them on the task of taking down a cell of the Hundred Gods Heresy. My particular scenario involved a minor terrestrial god of smuggling, who gave his blessings to evade the local oppressive taxation authority in return for them gathering at his smugglers cave and enjoying their bounty while praising his name. But, really, it could be any terrestrial god misbehaving and earning the Immaculate's ire.

    They could either use social combat to discredit the smuggler god, or threaten the worshipers with reprisal from the authorities if they don't disavow their worship of him. Convincing a significant portion of either would lower the god's Cult-boosted stats and (3e translation) reduce the size of the battlegroup of zealous believers who would violently react to the reactions of the players.

    Combat ensues, the god is banished, and I told the players in a narrator wrap-up that the surviving citizens would all be taken to religious re-education temples, to be indoctrinated into the Immaculate Philosophy, to provide a little of the dark side of their cause.

    It's a neat place to start because it shows the nature of gods in the Exalted setting in relation to the characters, as well as gives them some less-complicated PCs to run around with than Solars with 15ish distinct Charms to read and understand how to play.

    EDIT: The characters I used were pretty true-to-Aspect Dragon-Blooded:
    Air: An Immaculate Monk with Thrown and Stealth focus
    Earth: A fanglord in the legions who came with his own fang of archers, with War focus to lead them.
    Fire: A student of the sword who for family reasons found himself in the Thousand Scales, but abuses his position's information to ride on any Wyld Hunts in the area to test his swordsmanship
    Water: A socialite with a social combat focus who happens to be a devout Immacualte
    Wood: An Immaculate Monk with Archery and Ox-Body focus
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      I've been trying to plan out a one-shot that attempts to accomplish the one-two punch of introducing players to the system and the setting.

      The quandary I haven't quite worked through is that I feel that the easiest way to be introduced to the system is from Mortal play up. Conversely, I find the easiest way to be introduced to the setting is by playing an Exalted. I'm not terribly adverse to mid-session exaltation with all pre-generated stuff, but doing both while also demoing what makes the Exalted setting special requires a special set of situations.

      I'm just trying to engineer a one shot story, that would allow a mish-mash of multi-skilled, multi-origin heroes to be present, where those people may not be well versed in their surroundings, with situations scaling in difficulty while also exhibiting what makes Exalted unique.

      I was originally leaning towards a caravan through the south, but now I'm thinking Die Hard on a Boat, but the Germans are Demon Cultists.

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        The way I would run a convention game would be pre-generated solar characters (QCs even) set in the middle of a Wyld Hunt attack. Introduce the setting. Introduce one of the the main antagonists. Keep things high octane and under pressure.

        Exalted is an aesthetic.