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[Quest] Legacy of Sextes Jylis

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    Create a distraction - Using a song involving the retelling of some kind of allegorical, or relevant, events! As a chosen of the storm, you are of the background; Creating fateful ambience to the actions you witness. However, if people pay more attention to the singer than the scene, that is their problem. After all, you are the chosen of music, and a song does demand attention.


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      Save the woman by confronting her attackers, accompanied by a mocking song.


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        The winner is: save the woman by confronting her attackers.

        You consider your options, but as you look again, you note the two knife-wielders are not slowing down.
        Deciding that you aren't going to just sit here and watch someone get murdered, you draw your blade and begin stepping out of your hiding space.
        The gang members don't seem to notice you, too focussed on their prey. You feel your essence surge through your body, ready for a fight.
        "Hey! Step away from her!" You declare your presence to the attackers, and they look up at you.
        There's a moment of hesitation, doubt, in their eyes, before one of them notices your outfit.
        "Isn't that the one the boss was talking 'bout? The one with all the money." His compatriot nods.

        You look at the woman on the ground, who's crawled a few more feet away and clear your throat: "I'm not going to let you hurt her."
        The gangers laugh at that: "Oh, that's cute. Fine, we won't hurt her. We'll just take you instead."
        You smile. Before they can continue talking, you rush forward, closing the distance and striking.

        Your blade hits his with a pure, beautiful note.
        Adjusting your grip, you overwhelm his poor attempt at a parry and shove him back.
        His friend seems to have recovered his wit, striking in your direction.
        You sidestep it, and use the opening to plant your fist into his chest hard.

        Both of them stagger backwards, glancing at each other, then launching a desperate attack.
        You open your mouth, and let out the first note of an ancient battle-song.
        Ducking to avoid the knives, you continue to sing, finding your footing steadied and your mind focussed.
        In one move, you strike aside the next blow, and deliver a cut to the shoulder of one of the thugs.

        His friend tries to finish his own strike, only to find your boot pressed in his side.
        Clearly, these two are only used to robbing people who don't fight back. You don't even need your storm magic to finish these two.
        You continue your song, your voice echoing through the slums, and your blade whirling like a mad conductor would swing his baton.
        The sound of metal on metal complements the song you sing, as you drive the two thugs back further and further.

        Finally having enough of this, you whip your sword around, disarming the first thug.
        The second thug, thinking he sees an opening, charges in, only for you to turn to face him and unleash a mighty shout.
        The kiai hits him with the force of a ox, and he is flung backwards.
        The now-bladeless thug raises his hands in a gesture of surrender.

        This leaves you with a dilemma, do you:
        • Show compassion, and let them get away?
        • Take no chances, and kill them?

        The woman you just saved has regained her footing, and comes closer cautiously.
        Do you:
        • Ask for help avoiding these gangs?
        • Try to get your first worshiper?
        (This means not asking for help. Clearly you are a powerful being that does not need help)
        • Let her figure it out on her own?


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          Let them get away (of course! we don't go out of our way to commit murder, if we can help it. If we can't *shrug* the storm also leaes victims in it's wake. But the importance is what the survivors do after it has passed)

          Let her figure it out on her own (as above: the importance is what the survivors do after the storm has passed.
          It is not or way to guide them, but to sing, and to remember, and to bear witness to the stories found emerging with the sunlight of the passing storm)


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            Show compassion, then try to get your first worshipper.

            Disciples, hurrah!

            On the frontier of the Wild South, there's only one woman with the grit to take on its most dangerous outlaws and bring them Back Alive, or Maybe Dead.

            Avatar by K.S. Brenowitz


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              Execute them with righteous judgement and let her figure it out, we need not seek disciples, the worthy shall rise like flotsam upon still water following a storm.


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                It's probably too late to vote but I'm with semicasual on this compassion andTry to get your first worshiper


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                  Originally posted by Fictional Dynasty View Post
                  It's probably too late to vote but I'm with semicasual on this compassion andTry to get your first worshiper
                  I update this Quest on Sundays, and I check the votes right before I type whatever happens next. So, you aren't too late by a long shot.


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                    Little late, but it's not sunday yet... Let's start with showing compassion, and letting them get away?

                    Hopefully they'll pass the story around, and people will know not to mess with you. Probably not, but one can hope.

                    In any case, let's talk to the woman and try to get your first worshiper? Could be rather useful, depending on where we go from here.


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                      Winners are Show compassion, and let them get away & Try to get your first worshiper.
                      Also, happy Easter to those that celebrate it!

                      Clearly these thugs have learned their lessons. No need for unnecessary bloodshed.
                      "Get out of here. Take your friend with you." You nod to the other thug, who's holding his head in pain.
                      While he doesn't say anything, the thug quickly heads to his compatriot and pulls him up, and the two depart from the scene, not risking your ire.

                      Now that you are no longer fighting, the woman finally approaches you, looking somewhat shocked, though also thankful.
                      "T-thank you. I... t-they would've k-killed me."
                      You sheathe your sword, and take in the sight of your would-be acolyte. Now, how to do this...
                      "It's alright, that was no big deal. I'd like to know your name?
                      You focus your effort, and while you've never really understand how it works, your voice sounds musical and captivating.
                      The woman nods: "I am Spring Lily... you can c-call me Lily if you want?"
                      You push your luck and talent a little further: "Alright. Well, Lily... while I'm glad that you are unharmed, I'm in the unfortunate position that I need to request repayment."
                      Lily looks a little confused, and worried too. Clearly she doesn't have much that she can give you.
                      "I don't... h-have money?"

                      You assumed as much. That works fine, since you don't need money, you need an acolyte.
                      "That's fine. If you'd rather repay me through deeds... I can show you how to offer prayer in my name?"
                      This seems to surprise Lily: "P-prayer? I... ummm, I guess I c-can do that?"
                      You look around: "Hmm, do you have a place we could head, where we won't be interrupted?"
                      Lily thinks for a moment, then nods: "Yes, my h-house. Well, my refuge."
                      You nod, and gesture to indicate she can lead the way. You follow Lily to her shed.

                      Lily lives in a shed made of little more then a few wooden planks between two buildings, though she doesn't seem terribly worried by that.
                      You quickly explain the words and small ritual that she can perform to offer you power, though you skip the incense part... you doubt it would come up anyway.
                      Lily looks on, transfixed by your voice. To her credit, she repeats the ritual without faults, and you can already feel a vague hint of power in your body.
                      Lily: "So... a-are you a... Chosen?" Her question shakes you out of your thoughts, and you reply:
                      "Yes... the God of Storms and Music, Lute of the Comet, deemed me worthy of it's power."
                      Lily looks thoughtful for a moment, not sure what to say: "Do... do you have a name?"
                      You reply, a bemused smile on your face: "Yes, I'm Ava." Your answer seems to satisfy Lily, and she nods.

                      Realizing you still need to find your way out of this under-city, you decide to say your goodbyes.
                      Lily looks sad: "I... umm, c-could I come with you?"
                      You really shouldn't. You would move much faster without her, and if there are any more fights, she'll must certainly be in danger.
                      Then again... her loyalty is minimal right now. If you left her, maybe she wouldn't keep worshiping you... assuming she survived at all.

                      Do you:
                      • Take her with you?
                      • Leave her here?


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                        Take her with you.

                        What good are disciples that don't follow you around? Come, follow me, and we shall fish for people!

                        On the frontier of the Wild South, there's only one woman with the grit to take on its most dangerous outlaws and bring them Back Alive, or Maybe Dead.

                        Avatar by K.S. Brenowitz


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                          Might as well take her. Once she's loyal she can go and spread the good word.


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                            I vote to leave her behind, perhaps with a few coins, you can always come back once this business with the gangs has blown over


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                              Hm, sure... Let's take her with us. Probably wouldn't make for a great acolyte if we just left her here.


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                                Winner is Take her with you.

                                Some part of you, a more rational part perhaps, would leave her behind.
                                But after seeing the hovel she calls a home, you can't bring yourself to leave her here.
                                "Fine. You can come with me. But don't do anything dangerous, okay? I can only save you so many times."
                                Lily nods, smiling a little: "Where are we going?"

                                That is... a good question, the answer to which eludes you for a moment.
                                You came here to repair your lute, but that's clearly no longer an option.
                                You could continue your search to the craftsman, but it's probably only going to end in disaster.
                                Deciding you'd rather just try your chances elsewhere, you answer: "To the upper city. I'm going to see if I can get us transport off the island."

                                Lily looks excited: "Ooh, we could visit my cousin, maybe? She's really nice, and I'm sure she could repay you much better then I ever could."
                                While you don't think you should stay on the island for too long, this doesn't sound like a bad idea. Your belly is empty and you are thirsty, after all.
                                You smile back to Lily: "Maybe, I would be happy to, if we have time."
                                With that, you've made up your mind. First to Lily's cousin, and then off the island.

                                The journey to the upper city is remarkably easy, with no thugs bothering you.
                                Lily leads you down paths you'd never have found yourself, and you only have to backtrack once, when Lily mistakes two identical-looking roads.
                                Finally, you find yourself at the gate to the upper city. Your skilled tongue quickly bribes the guard, and you are led in.
                                Your new acolyte leads you to her cousin's house, a surprisingly nice-looking home that you can't help but compare to Lily's shelter.

                                Lily all but dances to the door, knocking twice: "Ruby, are you home?"
                                A gentle-looking woman opens the door. She smiles when she sees Lily. "Lily, dear, it's been so long. How have you been?"
                                The two of them hug and make some small talk. You let them talk, and Lily introduces you as a friend.
                                You realize that Lily hasn't mentioned the attack, or thugs in general. Perhaps she doesn't want to let her cousin know how bad life is in the undercity?

                                Ruby, the cousin, welcomes you to her house: "A friend of Lily is a friend of mine. Please, come inside."
                                You follow Lily inside. The interior of the house is nice, though your eye falls on the injured man on the couch.
                                Ruby introdes the man as "David, a sailor that was injured in the recent storm and needed to be helped."
                                David himself seems to be surprised when he sees you walk in, then eyes your bag with musical intruments.

                                The sailor props himself to a sitting position, and asks you: "Say, girl, are you any good with those? I haven't heard good music in ages."
                                Lily speaks before you have a chance to respond: "Yes, she's very skilled, and she can sing too."
                                Rolling your eyes, you grab one of your instruments that isn't damaged, a flute, and begin to play.
                                Both Lily and Ruby pause what they were doing and slowly nod along to the music, but David seems less mesmerised.

                                After allowing you to finish your song, David gives a short applause, before speaking again:
                                "I see... thank you for your wonderful music. If you'll allow me to return the favor with a short tale?"
                                You nod, seeing little harm in it, while Ruby goes to make tea and Lily finds a chair to sit on.
                                David clears his throat and begins to speak:

                                "Long ago, when the servants had not yet slain their masters and the dragons still soared over the land, the world was calm
                                However, one of these dragons, by the name of Sextes Jylis, wished to visit his sister, Daana'd. So, he flew to the west, hoping to find her.
                                However, the West is large, and even the dragon cannot fly forever, and so the tired Sextes Jylis found a place to sleep.
                                There, he slept for seven days and seven nights, regaining his strength.

                                When he awoke, he found that the grass on which he had slept had grown massively, and was filled with flowers both beautiful and deadly.
                                Realizing that this place now carried a bit of his power, Sextes Jylis called for four lesser elementals to guard this spot, and for the Chosen to build a mighty citadel upon it.
                                And while the great wood dragon continued to fly west, searching for his sister, the Chosen build a Manse and assigned the elementals to guard this place until the end of time.
                                This Manse held great power, creating many poisons and antidotes, and only those with the blessing of Sextes Jylis could take them from the citadel."

                                The sailor pauses for a moment, clearly tired. You understand that this isn't simply a tale told to entertain... there is something you must do.
                                David continues: "However, after many betrayals and many deaths, the Legacy of Sextes Jylis has been forgotten by those who once commanded it's power.
                                Instead, those with dark ambitions now seek to steal it's many poisons. Already they have slain one of the four great guardians.
                                I was sent here to stop them, but my ship wrecked, and now I am not strong enough to do it alone."

                                While you are no expert in healing, even you can tell that it's taking him effort to even sit up.
                                If what he's telling is true... you'd need to help, right? That sounds very bad.
                                You speak: "It's a terrifying tale you speak, David. Is there something I could do to help?"
                                David smiles: "If you are willing to stop those that would poison the waters of life, then take my map and key. They will lead you where you need to go."

                                Lily interrupts, pulling you out of your thoughts: "We can have tea first, right?"
                                David smiles: "Of course, child. And eat something too. It's going to be a long journey."
                                Ruby offers you all tea, and you even stay for lunch. After recieving the map and key from David, you head to the docks.
                                David told you there's a ship that can carry you there, the "Azure Scholar".

                                Saying your goodbyes to Ruby and David, you head to the dock with your acolyte.
                                Lily: "This is exciting, a real adventure, right?"
                                You nod in agreement. Yeah, this is more important then getting your lute fixed.
                                However, you do have the sinking feeling you are being manipulated somehow.

                                The Azure Scholar turns out to be a small merchant ship, heading in the right direction and departing in an hour.
                                Making sure you have the right supplies, you pay the captain and board the ship.
                                Lily joins you aboard, looking happy. When you ask her why she's so happy, she replies:
                                "Why wouldn't I be? You'll protect me from bad things, right? There's nothing that could go wrong."

                                Right. Nothing could go wrong. Absolutely nothing.
                                As you ponder what you've gotten yourself involved in now, the ship departs, and you shut out your doubts.
                                This is for the greater good. This is important. And it's going to work out fine.
                                Lily seems to almost shake with excitment: "Big adventure, here we come!"

                                <--- END OF THE PROLOGUE --->

                                No questions this time, my apologies. But this was already long enough as it is.