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    I'm preparing the first persona for my Socialise Supernal .Night caste. She is a dealer of secrets and power broker. Her circle has need of regular and reliable transportation so I'm thinking that a smuggler sea-captain is a good first persona. They are presently based on the Northern shore of the Dreaming Sea.

    Any suggestions for Intimacies and 10 "caste" abilities to take are welcome. I have a short list but don't want any glaring oversights.


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    Primary Suggestions:
    Larceny- Criminal Underworld navigation and disguise charms for persona's are awesome.
    Socialise- Higher Guile for lying or bribing officials and finding out secrets.
    Bureaucracy- Know the value of what you're smuggling.
    Integrity- For dealing with high powered clients and resisting temptations.
    Sail- Sea Captain and all.

    Secondary Suggestions:
    Combat Skill- Melee? or archery.
    Dodge or Resistance, based on fighting style; but personally I would choose dodge. A captain wants to avoid the rocks, not survive crashing into them.
    Survival- Survive harsh environments, and handy if you want a boosted pet Parrot or Undead Monkey Familiar.
    Presence or Performance- to inspire your crew or intimidate your enemies.

    Occult or Lore- for the weird creatures you meet; or to introduce facts regarding your secrets, or sorcery for an additional ability in and out of combat. "When the waves move like that me'boy- it means there be treasure under dem dar waves!" - Introduce Fact, seafaring. "Pink in the Morning, Sailors Warning; Pink at Night- Sailors Delight!"