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    So the charm Enemies Like Grass from White Reaper Style allows you to make 2 attacks. Then "While White Reaper Form is active, Enemies Like Grass allows the martial artist to make an additional attack—decisive or withering—for every halo she has. However, at the end of the turn, all halos burn away, as with Bleeding Crescent Strike."

    Are these extra attacks in addition to or instead of the normal number? I assume in addition to, since otherwise at 1 or 2 halos it is worse or provides no benefit. For example say I have 2 halos and I use ELG. Do I get 2 attacks since I have 2 halos, or 4 attacks since the base charm give 2 and each halo give another one.

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    They're in addition to the two it normally grants you, yes. If you have two halos you make 4 attacks.

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