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  • It's been mentioned more then once that we might see Sublime Danger and Thousand Blades style show up as a stretch goal. However, we've cleared 16 stretch goals and have about 8 days left. So it doesn't look like they'll be a part of Lunars. Is there any chance they'll show up in another supplement down the line?


    • So just a question about Anima flaring and the timing of Charms.

      So when you spend 5 peripheral motes in an instant, you flare your anima by one level. For Simple and Supplemental charms affecting an action, this makes sense when the instant is. Same for Reflexive charms affecting said action.

      But what about Reflexive Charms that are scene long? Let’s say I’ve rolled Join Battle and then afterwards Reflexively activate a couple of scene long charms before making my Attack, are those Reflexive Scene Long charms considered to be activated in the Same Instant for the purpose of anima flaring?
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      • There will be goats in the animals section of Fangs at the Gate? My character is going to be a cashmere goat (because goats are awesome) and wanted to know it.

        If not, there will be some similar animal, which I can refluff as a goat?


        • Is the possible Thousand blades style good against many enemies by any chance?
          I assume so since.... thousand blades and all that...



          • Originally posted by Eric Minton View Post
            The walls aren't in the city, they're around the city. I guess? It's all very occult.

            Sounds like you found a typo. It's in the Northeast, just south of the Fang Lakes.
            Thanks. By the Fang Lakes, do you mean Mela's Fangs?

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            • We've heard that the team is going to release those 3 exalt types as part of exigents, mostly as a guide for homebrewing exalts. Has a decision been made about the Gemetian and Liminal exalted as being their own complete splat or having more of a supporting role?

              Are umbral exalted related to Five Days Darkness?

              Are all these exalted technically 'exalted' (aka with specific power-granting entities ) or are some just mortals that gained access to a source of supernatural powers, like The Eternal Revolutionary?
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              • More of a suggestion, but have you considered changing the Totemic keyword to be something like Totemic (Hive: Charisma)? It would allow you to just have a list of the common totemics and save a lot of repeated word count. If there were different prereqs, those would now just be listed instead of having to say a bunch of extra stuff that could be shorter.

                Wasp-and-Termite Dance would change to have Keywords: Mute, Totemic ( Hive: Charisma) and then the totemic part could be just cut down to Totemic: Hive: Guiding the Flock (p. XX) is this charms prerequisite instead.

                Seems like there could be a significant amount of word count saved with something like this.


                • If a Starfish or Earthworm totem Luna gets cut into pieces what happens? Does only one piece inherit the memories and the others are just normal Starfish or Earthworms? Maybe Moontouched? Or do you need charms or sorcery to do thinks like make pieces of yourself, like clones or daemons.

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                  • Question about the Shrine cities. When we first heard of them I'd assumed their population was like most threshold cities, mostly natives with some realm citizens there to run their thing too. The Lunars are said to have killed, chased away or enslaved everyone in the cities (except for the fire monks), so...were the people in the shrine cities mostly realm citizens or caulborn natives?

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                    • Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
                      No, and you've not given me enough to understand why you do. Knowing that someone is hiding around you doesn't actually negate the considerable mechanical benefits they get for concealment.
                      Does the Lunar successfuly piercing the target's Guile to "reveal his location" mean that, mechanically, his stealth failed in the same sense as if a Perception+Awareness roll had uncovered him? Or is it supposed to mean "reveal his location" as a vague notion like 'he is hiding in front of that wall', but still in concealment, so it at best contributes as, say, a situational modifier on the opposed roll to spot him? It's not wholly clear to me.


                      • I understand Lunars bodies can change to match the gender they identify as when they exalt, but from the description of a few of the NPCs it seems to imply they can also change to match how they view themselves/their ideal as well, beyond just sexual characteristics (Leviathan seems to have got buff in the moment of exaltation, for example), is this meant to be the case?
                        Might a newly exalted Lunar look totally different to their pre-exaltation self as a result, or a once great athlete whose legs have been crushed find themselves able to walk and run once more?


                        • Given the transformative nature of their exaltation (and their charms reliance on them) it might make sense to give lunars their attribute bonuses right there rather than waiting until the end of the story.

                          Do you think that would break anything?


                          • Actually, on the subject of attributes, Changing Phases Transformation can't raise attributes above 5, right? If so, how would you deal with the situation where someone raised their attributes such that the charm no longer granted any benefit? Refund it? Count them as a charm bonus?


                            • Is there any creature currently published (or already slated for publication, if you can reveal that) that represents or is analogous to a therizinosaurus? It's a herbivorous theropod roughly the size of a T-Rex with much longer arms and the largest claws of any known animal. I ask because I feel like being profligate with my savings, and there's this super cool kickstarter on right now...

                              Also, what creature is a Quoll-Lion based on? I assume it's some kind of extinct marsupial, given the pouch and the "quoll" in the name, but I can't quite place it.

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                              • Was the decision to make Lunar social interaction very different in processes from Solar ones an intentional plan to continue differentiate between the splats and where they are strong and where they are weak to promote distinct play patterns?