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Got my book! Should I complain about this? *pic*

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  • Got my book! Should I complain about this? *pic*

    Asking because I dont know if this is something I should be sensitive about. It clearly didnt happen in shipping, the shippers wrapped this thing good.

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    I would say "yes, absolutely."


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      Originally posted by The MG View Post
      I would say "yes, absolutely."
      I would agree. I believe the protocol is to contact Rich; I'm certain I saw that they have a supply ready to replace copies that are lost or damaged.

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        You're asking the Internet if you should complain about something?


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          When you pay more for a product for aesthetic value (Deluxe versus a standard PoD copy), pay up front, get it several years late, and when it finally arrives it's damaged, you have a right to complain about the damage, and probably to get an undamaged copy.

          OTOH, the company might claim it was fine when shipped and thus any damage is on you and the carrier. A relevant question might be how the contained the book shipped in looks. If it shipped in a padded envelope, you're on solid grounds (they didn't ship with adequate protection). If it shipped in a box, and the box was partially crushed, they might insist that you either needed to refuse it or record the damage pre-opening. I'm half-convinced that unboxing videos are less about the product and more about protecting oneself from getting stuck with damaged/defective products.

          Hopefully they treat your claim as legitimate.


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            Seems like something worth complaining about, yeah. This book is so damn huge physical copies are mostly a display piece while you use the PDF for convenience if you actually want to read it.

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              That there looks like a damage book to me. I'd ask for a replacement and sell me your damaged one...haha

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                It's something you paid over $100 to get and it arrived over three years late. Yeah, I would feel ok asking for a replacement.


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                  Rich handled this issue directly, and it was pretty much zero headache. Kudos to the team.


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                    Good to hear. In my experience Onyx Path has been very accomadating in situations like this.

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