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Prayers to the Unconqered Sun?

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  • Prayers to the Unconqered Sun?

    I remember from a while back that there was some dilemma in regards to prayers to the Sun not reaching Sol Invictus because he left some beurocracy in charge of them. Could someone give me a little background on this?

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    Back in 2e, that was part of the text of Glories of the Most High. A committee of lesser spirits handled the prayers directed to the Highest of Holies so he could spend his time at the Games.

    It was not part of 1e, mind, because answering prayers was and is not the gods' jobs; likewise, I doubt it'll be covered in Ex3, seeing how they're taking a less hands-on approach to the Incarnae, so that the mightiest spirits of Heaven can serve the purposes of individual games.
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