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  • Tomb of Dreams is out to Backers

    Discuss here.


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    F5 F5 F5 F5


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      Originally posted by Stephen Lea Sheppard View Post
      F5 F5 F5 F5
      I had that same reaction an hour ago, until the email finally made it into my box.

      It looks good and I like the premise of the adventure.



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        Are the artefacts in here going to get full write ups in arms of the chosen? I suspect not. If not I'd love to see other people's ideas for them.

        I want to play this as a starting character, I don't even care what game


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          So, I know someone who might end up using this adventure to start an Exalted game, but I suspect they might want to make their own characters. Any advice on things to include or things to avoid?



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            Twilight familiar-binding anima power is nonfunctional within the dream, as spirits trapped within are under durance to the binding and not subject to additional binding.

            And if someone has some sort of Charm that lets them discern an artifact's powers, you'll need to start statting out the loot beyond "Here's a bunch of magic weapons you don't know anything about, and there's nothing nearby that might tell you."


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              Like the guy hugging the lava monster on the cover. I look forward to reading this.

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                So, I've now read through it and it looks pretty cool. Good advice for the new storyteller in there about how the spirits might act and notes about avoiding arguing with yourself and everything. Nice environments to have combat in. I am curious why four of the solars only got ten charms, but the Mirror Flag got 12.



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                  She spent her bonus points differently.

                  (I think I gave each of them 11 bonus points, to account for their notional Merits and the idea that if their Merits were included, they probably would have spent some BP on 'em. This is, in retrospect, not as good a design decision as seemed to me at the time.)


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                    Interesting! Is Teo a young Garda Bird (I thought they sprang forth fully formed when they are killed) or some different kind of Elemental? The charm "Garda Aspirant's Claw" seems to hint at the former.

                    If it is a young Garda bird, its nice that its a new Ess 2 Elemental type that can be bound as a familiar.


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                      It's possible that for elementals in 3e, while Garda Birds are a specific type of elemental, Garda-bird-ness in general is a sort archetypal state that other fire elementals can aspire to or approach asymptotically.

                      I didn't conceive of Teo as any sort of elemental in specific. (Actually, I didn't conceive of Teo as Teo until like the last day of writing. I'm terrible with names, so Teo and Suma got named frantically at the end of the process -- up until then they were just "The river god" and "The firebird".) You could certainly have 'em turn out to be a young Garda Bird, though!
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                        I like the art! I read through it and I like it! Good work Stephen!


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                          Looks good! I'm a little bit sorry not to have much opportunity to use it at the moment. Looks paced well, introduces a number of Creation's themes, and I really like that it doesn't try to dictate a strict linear course of events - "if-this-then-that" is good for Exalted.

                          One of Tomb 2e's biggest problems was that there was waaaaaaaaay too much to do - this looks like a much more appropriate one-shot.

                          Homebrew: Lunar Charms for 3e

                          Solar Charm Rewrite (Complete) (Now with Charm cards!)


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                            I like the calling the elemental dragons that the DBs were empowered from being called the World Dragons. Good term, will probably use or teach that one to my group.


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                              Oh shit! Mirror Flag is one of the 5 characters. You managed to pick my favorite character in the entire setting. Thanks Stephen! My love for you is like that of a girl loudly squealing for Justin Bieber. I might even go to sleep tonight clutching a picture of you to my chest, but don't count on it.

                              Now let me get back to reading.


                              Okay, just finished. So, the rules are the rules. Not much to say about that section. 26 pages, so almost half the book. Exalted is definitely not a Rules-lite system.

                              So the setting and use of emanations really reminds me of Swar. Swar was a powerful Shapeless Raksha that was trapped in Creation. It took the form of a city and had its emanations protecting it. The dreamlike quality of the story and travel between locations made me come away wondering if the Demon was actually a Fair Folk of some sort. Neat, regardless.

                              The inclusion of so many artifacts is pretty cool. It lets you gear up the characters and gives everyone something memorable.

                              I like how you can bypass a fair number of challenges without resorting to combat and also appreciated a few notes on how the adventure might work with a bigger or smaller group (or even as a solo adventure).

                              Teo and Suma both felt very different from one another and it their personalities came through fairly nicely. I was able to get a good idea of how to roleplay them, even though their descriptions were fairly brief. The serpent emanation seemed interesting, though I wish there had been a bit more detail in describing it.

                              Ultimately it's fairly short. The characters meet one another, they fight a wolf, they meet a spirit, they do a couple of things and bam, it's over. Which is great for a short, introductory adventure.

                              The write up for the sample NPCs are nice. You did a good job of getting the character's backstory and personality across in just a few paragraphs. Their choice of Charms seems to give each character a fairly diverse toolset.

                              The quality of the writing was good and straight forward. There really wasn't any point at which I was scratching my head (except where the anger emanation was described as a cephalopod and it took me a second to remember if that would make it look like a whale or an octopus, but that's because I'm an idiot).

                              I'm pretty pleased all around with this. Thank you Stephen and everyone else for your work. I look forward to seeing material of similar quality in the future.
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