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    Originally posted by Cytherea View Post

    Wow, that's incredible! Thank you very much, that will make my planning so much easier. It even works very well with ideas I had for a race to find a First Age superweapon and a Lintha demonblooded trader who exalts as a Lunar. Did you read my mind? :P

    As for the Vermillion Legion, I'm doing something a little non-canonical with it. Because I have a PC who is a secret Solar advisor to Tepet Ejava, the Vermillion Legion has come entirely under the sway of House Tepet and essentially is functioning as another Great House in this conflict, albeit a smaller and more desperate one.

    Thank you again, I really appreciate your hard work with this!

    Ok - I'll factor those ideas into the final outline. Although the Lintha pirate I had developed was more of a charismatic priest of malfeas, bringing people into the demonic fold with his swashbuckling charm.

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