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Solar Socialize Charm for maintaining a facade with minimum effort

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  • Solar Socialize Charm for maintaining a facade with minimum effort

    In RWBY, there's this theory going around that Yang Xiao Long deliberately plays up her image as a stereotypical blonde bombshell party-girl, even though she doesn't walk the talk. She claims that she's going to turn heads at the school dance, but wears the simplest dress, serves as the greeter to guests as they arrive, and is only seen to dance with one person -- her partner. But, the theory goes, because Yang implied she was going to act a certain way, her team and peers perceived her to act that way without critically examining her actions to see the contradiction.

    Whether that theory is true or not, it sounds like an excellent Solar Socialize Charm. It would certainly help Batman convince people that Bruce Wayne is a boozing, womanizing party-hound despite making only a token appearance at a party before disappearing to don his pajamas.

    Simple-type, representing a special Instill action, rolled with Manipulation + Socialize, to create an enchanted Intimacy representing an idea. The Solar convinces someone that she has an Intimacy, character trait, or skill, or that she is going to perform an action or series of actions. From then on, whenever that character perceives the Solar to do anything which upholds that image in a scene, the character will find it much more difficult to succeed at a Read Motivation or Profile Character action which would reveal information about the Solar contradictory to that idea. They will also find it harder to notice or remember any action that she takes which would contradict that idea.

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