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    I opened the plastic to look at the book. My book is undamaged and put together properly.

    I just have to say, OMFG, is it pretty on the inside. I thought it was gorgeous on the outside. Games as art? This is a return to book-making as an art.

    I am in different financial situation than I was four years ago, I mean then we were DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids) and now I am the dad of 2 small boys, but if this is the only deluxe edition I ever buy, I will just say this thing is simply gorgeous. The PDF did not do it justice.

    Just thought I would note how utterly blown away I was when I opened it to check it.

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    I am thinking the same thing as well. my financial situation has changed back then as well, when i was single and had not even met my wife yet, but i am so happy seeing the end result of mine and my friends investment from several years ago.

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      I kind of wish I had managed to afford the Orichalcum Edition, but the Deluxe Edition is a bloody beautiful book. It's like a family Bible or something with its patent-leather cover and gilt edges. A buddy of mine commented that you could easily kill a cat if you dropped the book on them accidentally. It's dense, is what I'm saying.

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