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  • Ex3 Antagonist question

    I am currently running Ex3 and I want to have my group fight some blood ape demons. I was looking in the core book and their is no rules for excellencies for spirits, elementals, and demons. Do they not have access to excellencies in Ex3, is this an oversight, or done intentionally. I have talked to other players not in this game, they seggest basic excellency with a dice cap of essence. Any thoughts

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    They do not have excellencies and yes it is intentional. Only exceptionally strong demons like Octavian have them, even the other second circles do not.


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      They don't get excellencies, no. I think you'll find Blood Apes scary enough for most groups.

      EDIT: If you want to make sure your Blood Apes are properly terrifying, make sure to make ample use of Principle of Motion. That charm can basically kill a poorly-prepared character in one go, assuming you had enough Initiative before you started (make a Withering Attack, crash them, then immediately make a Decisive Attack).
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        Allowing your antagonists to stunt is a good way to give their dice pools a little boost, if you dont do that already. If your group has a lot of Dex 5 Combat Ability 5 types, then dont be too afraid to up their base pools a bit too.


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          Yeah high Melee/MA+Dexterity means you DV away from taking hits, so multiple Blood apes using principle of motion I guess is the way to go.

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