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    Anyone familar with the Popul Vuh? I was going over it for class and it sounds like the sort of thing Exalted is all about, with slaying of monsters and conning gods and establishing the cosm...o..s.
    Okay, so I was wondering, I guess, with the way the Hero Twins of the Maya are written, are they Solars or are they too cosmic powered for solars and maybe more like the adventures of a couple Primodial Souls?
    I was wondering because a lot of mythology tends to break down into a sort of three act structure when I read itGreeks because I know them best at the moment)
    1) Cosmic set-up: Gods go on adventures and establish the cosmos as we know it. (Theogny, Titanomachy, Typhon)
    2) Heroic Age: Heroes go around, fight monsters, make world safe for humanity. (Bellephon, Heracles)
    3) 'Late' Heroic or National Age: Out of a lack of other things to do, heroes fight each other in more modern concerns. (Illiad/Oddessey)

    The second two feel definetly Exalted territory, but I'm wondering if maybe the antics of the first are more Nobilis/Godhood territory?

    I did a lot of homebrew over here. PEACH.

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    I've actually placed a homebrewed empire based on the Maya out near Champoor. They contain legends similar to that of the Hero twins that two Solars, and an Abyssal consort are exploiting to rule the country.

    My Exalted Character Creation Tool may be downloaded here. The thread talking about the tool can be found here.
    Exalted: Seats of Power is a homebrewed manse creation system.
    I have a rewrite of the craft system which can be downloaded here.
    I like the Mesoamerican look.