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  • What type of campaigns are you running?

    I would like to know what type of campaigns people are running? Free form, linear, sandbox? Right now i am running a sandbox campaign in the 100 kingdoms. So the players got an area roughly 180 miles across to move around with about 16-17 different countries on it. And how much planning goes into your sessions.

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    I'm running a campaign set in the Dreaming Sea region, where the PCs are being slowly pulled into conflict with Rakan Thulio's conspiracy to destroy Heaven. We've had about 20 sessions so far, and it's been a hell of a lot of fun. Of course, I'm running my game using Cortex Plus and my Blood & Fire hack instead of EX3, so YMMV.

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      I've finished the story in my seafaring game; I've been considering working up a journal in which I detail the many adventures of the intrepid crews, except that various instances of player awkwardness might interfere with it.


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        I've finished it now (I'm running Rogue Trader instead) but for about 2 years I ran a 3rd ed Exalted game. This was kind of a continuation (after a long hiatus) of a 2nd ed game.

        I started the PCs out with a quest to get them to meet each other, work together, and introduce the local area. Their friend (the ghost-King of the Djala, a former PC) was kidnapped by mysterious necromancers, and they had to follow clues to track him down and rescue him. This showed them some of the local area, introduced hints of various groups, and successfully got... most... of the PCs to work together.
        Then they returned with him to the Djala jungle, and after that it was sandbox I guess. There were various countries and regions nearby, with various problems, and also internal problems with the Djala, and hints as two main antagonist groups (one of whom they investigated, the other they didn't really bother with). After that, the players essentially generated plenty of plot by interacting with local power groups (specifically, getting into a fight with a rival Solar circle, whose barbarian horde then invaded the region), or just by being publically Anathema.

        I got bored running a 350xp game of Celestials (350xp is too much, espeically without any antagonist books) with the same characters as I'd had for years and years, but a couple of players have suggested that one of them could run the game in the future. Both want to continue the sandbox nature, though I think with different focuses.

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          My current campaign is a sandbox taking place on the western coast of the Dreaming Sea, somewhere between Prasad and Ysir.

          It's a sandbox campaign, in an area roughly the size of Texas (with two city states, a proto-kingdom composed of twelve territories, and a bunch of wilderness.) So far my players have choosen a pretty light approach to their problems, and faced civil and religious unrest, been pawns and actors in economic and political machinations, went treasure-hunting, and grappled with the looming threat of war (either with an undersea empire or civil)

          Planning between sessions is widely inconsistent. I keep an "idea journal" so i can jot down a rough outline in about 20 minutes for a 5 hours sessions, but if I feel the need to work on my descriptions, trawl for background music or make props, I can easily end up sinking 3 to 4 hours into prep. (Lately I've been rewriting a song from a disney movie to introduce my next antagonist, a Fair Folk with a taste for art)

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            Currently I'm running a "running around the Scavenger Lands" game, with Dojo-hunting and sorcerous plotting, to get newbie players used to Exalted ( we're 12 ish games in)

            It's actually planned as a sandbox but they're treating it as linear. Gotta get them used to breaking out of the linear narrative mold.

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              Its pretty much a sand box. I mean if they don't do something about the Silver Prince, bad stuff is going to happen, but if they want to ignore him and move to the south it'll be a while before they have to deal with him again. Right now their based in Wu-Jian and I'm still trying to wrap my head around how the city works.

              Heres their abyssal rivals:
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                At present I'm running a game set in the Near South, with lots of custom locations and different directions it could go in. Like Fata-Ku I planned it as a sandbox (and made it abundantly clear that was the game structure from the beginning) but the players are still treating it as linear. It's proving frustratingly difficult to get them to do anything but follow breadcrumbs.

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                  Right now I'm running a D&D5 Planescape campaign. I'm using a combination of modules and my own stuff; right now I have Doors to the Unknown and The Great Modron March as overarching plots. If it lasts long enough, I'd like to bring in Dead Gods as well.

                  Originally posted by LeTipex View Post
                  (Lately I've been rewriting a song from a disney movie to introduce my next antagonist, a Fair Folk with a taste for art)
                  I once used a variation on "I"ll Make a Man Out of You" (and Easily Accepted Proposition Stance) to train some troops. Once the GM stopped laughing, I actually got double effect out of it. Now granted we're talking "double whatever the GM's whim is," but still...

                  And my last character never got a chance to explain the Daystar to the other PCs, but if it had come up, she probably would have told them something like "The Sun has a mass of incandescent gas which fuels its gigantic nuclear furnace. It's where hydrogen is built into helium at temperatures of millions of degrees." I actually had the first two verses prepared, and would have continued until I either got through it all or had something thrown at me.

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                    I have a bunch of campaigns on hold because my gaming group of newbies loves to get into new things and there are so many games I want to show them. Highlights include a 5E game of seafaring weirdness that could be reasonably accurately described as a cross between Pirates of the Caribbean, One Piece and Sunless Sea; another 5E game about Viking Plane-hopping Police; a Dark Heresy game I'm running pretty much like a DCC funnel, and my actual Exalted game. Said game is set in Nechara, and is currently on hiatus after a mortal prologue that took seven sessions to play through (we stopped after the Exaltation because one of my players had Real Life interfere with his schedule).

                    As for the game, it's pretty much a city-based sandbox: here are these power groups, these are their goals, feel free to meddle if you disagree with them. It's more player-driven and focused on interpersonal relationships than the sandboxes I GM in D&D, but that's hardly a surprise. As for planning, I usually do a lot of setting things up, but once players start to interact with the pieces I neatly arranged for maximum amount of collapsing spectacularly, it doesn't require much work on a session-to-session basis.
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                      Oh, I forgot to talk about planning.

                      I tend to plan overarching quests, and detail important NPCs, and areas. That's about all that needs to be planned, or rather, can be planned, in Exalted.

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                        I'm currently just starting a campaign in a heavily customized version of the Modern Shard with a heavily customized Ex3 ruleset. One session in, my players have charted a ship from the Blessed Isle to the Threshold, convinced themselves that they were being chased by pirates (they weren't), sailed into a hurricane to "lose them", double-botched, and grounded their ship on the southern edge of the North.

                        The PCs - consisting of a mad scientist, his bodyguard, the ship captain, and a rugged stowaway - then had a hilariously bad series of survival rolls and probably would have starved if not for the intervention of the one PC with decent Survival, who is a 16-year-old girl who joined the party by bribing them with dead rabbits. And also accidentally convinced the (rather sheltered) mad scientist that waterskins grow naturally on fallen logs.

                        So far I'd say it's a success. XD

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                          Currently running a campaign set in creation a few thousand years down the line, the time of tumult is as legendary as the first age is in the normal setting and as unknown. The campaign area so far is a newly unified empire which previously was five kingdoms, heavily inspired by a mythic first emperors time in china. The players have spent a lot of time traveling to nearby regions which in turn are inspired by other myths and strange times such as the Illiad inspired middle sea region. I'd call it a sandbox since the players decide where they go, thought their decisions occationally trigger short raillines. While we are some 20 sessions in they have more or less just hit essence 2, the game started as heroic mortals. The have currently set themselves up as merchant adventurers and include a circle of a Zenith Solar Martial Artist, a Daybreak caste Abyssal Necromancer, a Full Moon Caste Lunar Noble-Merchant, a Wood Caste Dragon-Blood priest-sorcerer and a Endings Caste Sidereal Astrologer who really isn't there most of the time using resplendent destiny to be very helpful. First mixed circle and it is a blast with everyone having radically different powers and abilities which work in very different ways. Still not Ex3 but a total homebrew which has more in common with GURPS or even Ex2 then the current ruleset except for stolen ideas such as evocations.
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                            My current game is set south of the seas in the near Eastern Threshold, in a satrapy of my own creation my Solar PCs have stopped a riot against the reigning leaders of the city they're living in, who are aligned with House Tepet, have begun undermining those selfsame leaders in a more subtle way, have discovered that the local river goddess is pissed that the satrapy let her daughter die (because she was attempting to lead a revolt), and have faced down a mysterious winged woman who supposedly has been abducting children for her Fair Folk masters.

                            I still haven't introduced a number of plots, but that's where we're at at the moment. I tend to improvise a lot - I have like, over a hundred pages of notes on the setting to make it react more coherently when the players interact with it.

                            All that I write but don't cite is simply my perspective, colored by my experiences and beliefs. I extrapolate a lot, too, so don't take it too seriously. :P


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                              Firstly, greetings everyone, nice to be here! I'm a recent Ex3 ST, but I ran Ex1 for a great many years from its launch to around the end of Ex2. Since then I've mostly been running story-ish games like Fate Core and A*W-style stuff, so coming back to Exalted has been a bit of stylistic (and crunchy) change.

                              I'm running two linked games. Both started in Champoor, with one group of PCs (a Zenith martial artist and an Eclipse from what amounts to a First Age Fallout vault) deciding to march along the northern coastline to try and head further inland ("To get to where the good stuff is"). The players are all Ex1 old-hands and are realising their new Essence 1 Solars aren't going to be hacking through any Nameless Jungles for a while, and that all their degree-level First/Second Ed canon knowledge is now supremely useless. I have many plans to exploit their lack of knowledge of new regions, along with the other yummy changes to the setting, to make sure their game doesn't devolve into an exercise in 'insider trading'!

                              The other campaign is a solo-game for my wife, and her character has headed south to explore the South East and 'kill ten thousand rats' until she is ready to return to Palanquin and defeat the conspiracy that robbed her of her birthright and (supposedly) murdered her. She's playing a Night Caste, but would much rather play a Day, as that was her go-to in 1st Ed.

                              We're only a few sessions into each game, but we're looking forward to them stretching out (and weaving together) over the next few years.

                              Really enjoying reading about the games other people are running :-)

                              Edit: And to answer the OP more fully, I make sandboxes with factions and ongoing sub-plots and my players kick around, interfering and ignoring as it suits them. If it's anything like my other Exalted games, it eventually becomes a railroad, but that's because high essence solars start railroading the game, not the other way around!
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