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    I'm currently running over Skype what I suppose is a linear game currently set up in the North, mainly around the Haslanti League (though they did just take a trip over to Grieve). We're about 35 sessions deep at this point. The PCs have been doing some sandbox-y stuff, building up a home base, but they've been pretty busy tussling with a nasty little Oblivion cult under the Bishop, The Flock of the Blind Shepherd. Said cult has subverted a nearby country, and the PCs are currently on their way to go and save Icehome from being overrun. They've also been spending a fair amount of time learning about Bagrash Kol and exploring his once-flying, now-sunken city, and they intend to go off and search for the Eye of Autochthon once they feel like they can safely depart the area (I suspect it'll be a while).

    Currently there are three of them, all at Essence 3, a Twilight sorceress who carries around her old lover's soul in a pendant, a Night with a cursed First Age soulsteel sword, and an semi-communist brawling Eclipse. Weirdly, and independently, they're all ex-Immaculates or Realmish. They're a pretty fun group, though there's a fair amount of sniping between them. Could always use a fourth, if anyone's free Sunday nights.


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      Running a sandbox game set in the Near South that my players have done an admirable job of building castles in. Best game I ever ran.
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        Seems like sandboxing is quite popular. I forgot to tell everyone how much i prepare for my games. Since i run a sandbox campaign i did a lot of prep before the game started and these days i only do maybe 20 min before each session to prepare.


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          Current game is a linear-ish branching game, where the Solars are fighting a conspiracy lead by a Dragon King and Sidereal to..well, they don't know yet, but gain access to Zen Mu in order to have a stronghold from which they can overthrow the sun. (At the moment, they know the Dragon King was trying to gain access to a manse that powered various other things around the Dreaming Sea, an old alchemical text from one of their past lives, and has started a few riots). It's been fun, but it took a number of sessions for the plot to settle (they kept killing the big bads in infancy....)

          I did a lot of homebrew over here. PEACH.


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            I am running a Dragonblooded game where the PCs are the first dragons of Lesser House Ferem (of Cherak) to exalt in 2 generations. For this reason a lot of the hopes and dreams of the house are tied up in these new exalts. The game is currently set in 755 of Ascending Water.

            They have played through 15 game sessions and have thus far: defeated a set merfolk raiders on the high seas; stolen the mercantile plans of a Guild Prince; created a new self repairing wall for the city via a sorcerous working; tracked down an extortion scheme of a thaumaturgy that planted p'o infested remains in target buildings of the city; battled a sorcerer pirate on the high seas; and are currently solving the murder of a Financier of House Sesus that was assassinated at the hot springs resort they are currently staying at (before it gets pinned on them by the assassin).

            Next I plan to do a total "filler" episode I've titled "And Now for Something Completely Different" where I transport their characters to a possible future of Creation I'm calling, "Essence Punk RY 2017." Every disaster you can think of came after Creation, some were stopped others, only partially so. Much of the world is run by Celestial Tyrants/Elder-Exalts, and Creation has changed... a lot, magitech and minor sorceries are everywhere, and the enforcers of the Celestial Tyrants come in many forms. (This game is designed to scratch a few other genre itches while not requiring actual character creation in an attempt to satisfy 2 of my players.

            After that its back to the usual game, and they get to continue on their personal story-lines.


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              I'm running a narrative/sandbox fusion game with a large PC cast that changes from session to session. Its told over four major regions in Eastern River Province. The details are in in my signature. ^_^.

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                I've just started a chronicle. The premise was stolen right off Keychain of Creation -- pieces of legendary artifacts holding impossible power are about to be assembled together and the PCs must intervene. I've set it up as a globetrotting adventure game, but despite the PCs being entirely new to Exalted, they provided a lot of plot hooks where it could get very sandbox-y. So the overall frame will be "Ok, we are here, now we travel for a month to reach over there, where we might find clues. After that we deal with one of our enemies, and then perhaps find the damn thing. Next we head to the West. Anyone got Sail?".

                Despite the heavy adventure angle, though, all the PCs have personal dramas going on. The Dawn, a Tepet scion, is coming to grasp the idea that the Realm is not an omnibenevolent power; the Zenith, an escaped puppet of a major god, is fighting for freedom and self-determination of everyone despite the fact that she still has problems making decisions of her own; the Twilight, a former vessel of a demon, is trying to change the future that has been revealed to him; and the Eclipse, a ghost-blooded former funerist, is starting to realize that death is not a business and academic matter. So as they travel and adventure, I'm pretty certain they will face many troubles that will transform each of them.


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                  I've been trying to run an Ex3 Solar sandbox with a loose narrative for about a year, set in what I can make of the various setting details we have of Vaneha. It's been really stop-start because of player illness (we've had about 6 sessions of play since Ex3 came out), but depending on what they do, they'll probably end up at war with several of the Hundred Kingdoms, Lookshy, the nameless tribes from beyond the Pallisade, or all three at once. Alongside a possible civil war. I think I may have set the powder keg just a bit too well...

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                    I am currently running a third ed game set in the eastern scavenger lands/hundred kingdoms/vaneha region. As boss tweed once famously said "I dont care who does the electing as long as i get to do the nominating". Essentially I created a setting and asked the characters really to just focus on building as 3 dimensional a character as they can. I took time to try and help players craft characters that could be motivated into exploring many different narratives but with the express purpose of asking them what sort of story arc they expected/wanted for their characters and so far have not been disappointed. As far as the campaign style, its a country with factions and such that would operate in a certain way without the pcs and the pcs are given personal choice to sway how the story would go. There are story threads hand crafted to pique the interest of each player/character, but if they aren't interested can go do their own thing. The setting itself is one I built myself very loosely based on the Chinese Revolution

                    The kingdom itself was formed after the great contagion and was at various times a colony of vaneha. A group of terrestrial gods came together basically to shepherd the various mortals and attempt to impose some sort of harmonioius order between gods and humans. This pantheon is loosely based on the 5 chinese celestial guardians. Said pantheon scooped up the remains of an ancient martial order to work as their mortal protectors and servants. It is a very secretive order that isn't very well known and blends well with the guardians of each gods temple and the mortal populace. They have set about making sure that the local terrestrial gods are not impinged in their yearly cycles of running the land in turn said gods do their best to give the mortals the most comfortable land they can provide. At one time this land was ruled by a dynasty of dragon bloods but the last king was found mysteriously dead in his chambers and his favorite consort was missing. With no heir apparent, the land divided under his generals (think beiyang army and the northern warlords who quickly started squabbling over who got to rule china after the fall of the qing) and quickly 10 were able to set up their own mini-fiefdoms through out his country. That was 20 years ago. They have warred with each other and whittled it down to 5 factions led by the generals at the same time some years ago the Sword Prince of Vaneha quietly gave one of his clans the right to colonize this kingdom which has brought a foreign invader (similar to the actions of the empire of japan before wwII and the second sino-japanese war). The game started in a small remote mountain villlage where the PCs lived near a monestary that taught an ancient style of martial arts and was a satellite garrison for the temple to the head of the local pantheons main harvest god. Said monestary also inducted many students into said secretive order, until it was invaded by a general with quiet realm support. In the first game the general sacked their village and the monestary attached to it, chased the pcs to the temple of their patron god, destroyed said temple and used immaculate monks to fight the god who was in charge of spring rains. The characters all fled and survived the battle but suspiciously the yearly crop cycle in their countries main river valley has since been impeded and a year after that event starvation is starting to effect the eastern fiefdoms of the country (in a similar fashion to Jade Empire). From there, I allowed each character a year to explore the country as mortals and to explore causes their character cares about until i gave each of them a solar exaltation. They then returned to civilization to find that circumstances had change somewhat and that in the far west of the country another solar who headed a slave revolt was attempting to establish a nationalist republic (in a similar fashion to what Sun Yat Sen had hoped for). As all of this is going down, a group of forbidden gods have seized a number of exigent exaltations and are building an army to flood the land and return themselves quietly to power.

                    I have the fallen heir of a vassel family who was to essentially become the yojimbo of some great lord. His dragon blooded brother's early exaltation and mastery of kung fu has usurped his family birth right and duty as the yojimbo to a great family. He was essentially sent the monestary originally to train him for his family birth right but after his brother surpassed him his family has been happy to keep him there to hide the family embarrassment. He was inducted into the brotherhood of the golden lion (the order serving the local pantheon), led the local opposition to the invasion, watched his sifu die, wandered the other temples, escorted a secret heir to the king now coming of age into the world, before finding out one of the gods was actually a lunar and after not dying in a fight against said lunar was exalted as a solar dawn caste. He has since dueled his brother, killed what evil remnants exist of a local clan of kung fu badass thieves (I may have totally run a game based off of the classic kung fu movie, the five venoms) and has been revealed as a solar exalt and is being hunted by those factions more aligned in immaculate thinking (they exist but are forced to operate quietly).

                    Another character was a young girl who was forced to flee her home village at the age of 5. She was in training to take over her home villages temple to a quiet minor god loosely based off anansi the spider when her village was destroyed. She was able to smuggle some of the last religious objects and spiritual servants (in the form of spiders) from the temple and fled to the mountain village where everyone else lived. She settled there for 15 years where her father became a miner and she was engaged against her will to a local boy she finds utterly revolting. After the invasion she fled to old capital of the kingdom and hobnobbed with the local elite of one general. Her minor god sent her on a mission to the eastern forests to stave off a war with the gods followers and other tribes and in the act of doing so she ingratiated herself to the general's elites and earned an Eclipse Caste solar exaltation for resolving what was to be a large war between two gods and their followers. She has since helped a member of a vaneha clan make ties with said general, helped arrange material support to her fiance who is now a rebel leader in the mountain village region, and has convinced the party they must meet the new solar Sun Yat Sen. They have since done so and are aiding said solar.

                    The last PC was a black smith who was orphaned at a young age. They were then mentored by the village black smith who took bribes to provide the village guards with faulty weapons. The pc revealed this and had their mentor banished from the village. They were involved in arming the village during the invasion and setting up booby traps. After the monestary fell they were chased by the general's scouts and was saved by a wandering vanehan noble and second son to one of the clans leader. They were taken to Vaneha and taught the fundamentals of alchemy in exchange for black smithing techniques famous to the small mountainous area where they grew up. Said noble then asked the blacksmith to head with him to a first age ruin where together they foiled realm and rival clan plans to obtain a first age artifact and they exalted as a twilight caste through clever use of alchemical potions to retrieve the artifact. They have since become a retainer to the vanehan lord and helped him set up a consulate for his clan in the old capital, aided his escape after he was framed for something, fled to an island in the western portion of the country where a local god lived and helped save the gods temple from corruption from their exigent sister.
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                      I myself run a largely"linear"-ish game, inspired by Thunderbolt Fantasy. I've basically lined it up so there's a bunch of clever fascinating PCs, who all have distinctive skills, all getting pulled together by one Sidereal, who is actually one of my players and thus far has been my confederate in doing so. This also gave rise to a number of in jokes, courtesy of his Resplendent Destiny as "Rust-Eyes" the most depressing man on Earth. *In a monotone* "Uhh, coffee... makes me jittery." "You know, life is alot like coffee. It's dark and hot, and then eventually you need to pee." That and I've got a doozy of a villain planned ahead for them, inspired by Pillars of Eternity's Thaos Ix Arkannon.

                      Other than that, I play in a largely sandboxy-like game for one friend, and an unfortunately currently floundering Chronicle for another friend.

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                        My game is sandbox but begins in a geographically isolated region in the 100 Kingdoms. 2 PC's are native to that area, albeit from separate nations with a testy past, while the other two are from the Riverlands (a Nexus sewer rat and a highborn of Varsi) who fled into this remote region while being pursued by the Wyld Hunt.

                        The starting premise is largely taken from Naomi Novik's novel Uprooted. Between three nations is an unnatural forest. It's full of unpleasant critters that occasionally emerge to harm local residents, typically corrupting them into the forest's service. Historically, the twisted are quickly discovered, as they are terribly warped and prone to causing immediate harm if able. However, as part of the prelude, one PC discovers that his father (a very highly placed noble) has been corrupted for months. His father kills his nation's heir to the throne, and the PC killed his father. In the ensuing sessions it becomes clear that Devil-tree (as they term the forest) is very active and far more insidious than ever. Of note, several sessions in the PC's learned that a Dragon-blooded embassy that visited the Vale a century ago then departed never left alive--the full circle are powerful servants of the forest and responsible for much mischief.

                        I put a ton of planning into the game early on, so I usually don't need to prep more than an hour for a given session, if that. Once the PC's defeat the forest and deal with some ancillary issues they'll leave the Vale, and things will become more complicated. I've already prepped the hell out of a nearby region of interest, but I'm not one to force players into a defined route.


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                          Sandbox game in and around the Dreaming Sea. Current events are Prasad and Ysyr locked in a war started by Prasad to gain more of a foothold along the coast. The PCs have worked with Ysyr to topple a splinter city-state of theirs (which was ruled by a mad sorcerer-king that was going to use a Behemoth to unlock the gate in Palanquin). Currently there is general unrest in Palanquin after the attack on it and the place is a powder keg waiting to blow at a point in time when Ysyr is on the back foot and can't afford to lose a major port to rebellion. And all the while a bunch of minor factions are starting to stir now that the Circle has revealed itself.

                          I've been making heavy use of Court generation in Godbound to create interesting and varied political landscapes while also making heavy use of the supplement Sixteen Sorrows to give them a variety of problems to solve around the place. It will be interesting to see what they do going forward. The initial arc was an intro to the region and a bit more plot-led than I expect the rest to be. Now that they have a general idea about the major players in the region, it will be up to them to figure out how they want to change and shape things going forward.