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    Of course the locomotive also has the massive advantage of speed. We're all well aware that even in 1855 you could reach speeds up to 88 miles per hour.

    If you want to have a kingdom with a rail network I'd say go for it. It'd give them a big advantage over the transport systems of nearby nations but some of those nations have an elite cadre of elemental samurai warrior-nobles or a god-king that looks like he came from the primordial nightmares of every living thing in Creation so it can be balanced out by that. At least to the point of suspension of disbelief.

    For instance canons are pretty great in warfare, right? Well if your opponents general is a panda lunar...

    It doesn't have to be an exalt either, there's tons of cool magic shit out there. Just look at the Dreaming Sea.
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      Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post
      ​Don't forget the very rich.
      I wish I could forget the very rich, even for a day or two. -_-