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Got bored, made Sidereal Firearms Charms for 3e [PEACH]

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  • Got bored, made Sidereal Firearms Charms for 3e [PEACH]

    Well, a player of mine for a game of Exalted we're setting in a more modern (think Gilded Age/pre-World War I) iteration of Creation is using the rather admirable fanbook Sidereals: Where Fate Has Led, and she asked me to make her some Firearms charms, rather than stick with the Archery charms in the book. So, being a Storyteller with a lot of time on his hands, I made some Charms for our game, located here.

    Any advice on balance or how to better word things would be greatly appreciated!

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    What are the tags of a pistol? Same as those of a flamewand?
    I feel like Killing Spirit Stockpile somewhat goes against the theme of Sidereal Firearms (which iirc is something along the lines of "violence happens and doesn't care") but I like it a lot all the same. Also, it's so well-named I had to check my copy of Shards to make sure it wasn't a canon Charm. Delayed Thunder Trick is a very Sidereal Charm.
    Also, Steel and Smoke Mandala doesn't actually say what "applying successes" to an enemy does. Damage pool for decisive attacks?

    But sexually.


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      Pistol is basically a light archery weapon with the same general "Use 4 instead of Strength for raw withering damage" rule that non-bow weapons have, lethal, medium range, and Piercing.

      Sadly I was not cool enough to come up with Killing Spirit Stockpile. I believe that's the name of a Resplendency effect for the Lightning Bolt that I pilfered. But I could change it up a bit, make it either more vengeance themed (as the Lightning Bolt covers revenge fantasies) or more risky (trade Defense for successes on the JB roll).

      I was trying to say for Steel and Smoke Mandala that you use those successes in lieu of an attack roll; so, if you have 10 successes and there's 5 dudes with Defense 2, you can apply 2 of those to each guy and then roll the attack as normal.


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        The Lightning Bolt Resplendent

        I like it

        Holisitic Bullet Methodology

        It's worth mentioning that the attack can still be dodged or parried like normal.
        Also, and this is purely a personal thing, I would likely make this Reflexive with a cost of 1m rather than Permanent with a cost of optional one mote; with the relaxation of the combo rules, there's less pressure on things to be permanent, and that should, IMO, be reserved for always-on changes.

        Lightning Strikes Only Once

        Nitpick; I feel like the 'Only' in the name hurts the flow. But that's the minorist of nits.
        I would clarify the conditions as 'double 10s on a surprise attack, double 9s on an ambush', which (I think) achieves what you're aiming for, and ties into the system a little more directly.
        That said, I really like this effect. Good use of Suitable.

        [b]Wearing Red to a Wedding

        I mean; it pretty much has to be.

        Killing Spirit Stockpile

        Ahh, I see the theme starting to emerge of enhancing Join Battle. Nice.
        I think I'd make the DV-for-success trade a Resplendent effect, but it's not gonna break either way.

        No Sense Crying Over Spilt Blood

        This actually feels a little on the weak side, but I'm not sure what to do to bolster it. I think I'd strike the instill / inspire elements, and make the Persuade into a Psyche effect, increasing the cost to resist if successful by 1 Willpower.
        Should also probably have Mute, since it's a social-primary charm.

        Wearing White to a Massacre

        I've got to say, I'm not actually a fan of this one.
        It feels vaugely athematic, or at least only tangentially related to the Lightning Bolt, and... eh.
        Having a hard time getting words around it right this second.

        Crimson Transience Assurance

        Woooo, hrm.
        I would stare at this charm *very* hard. Things that mess with mote regen are potentially going straight into the heart of the combat system.
        OTOH, it's limited to decisive injury or death.
        I would also change 'being' to 'individual', so as to clarify this is about personal attachment, not 'Oh, I love Halta and the death of every Haltan weighs on my soul with killing power'

        Delayed Thunder Trick

        Point of clarification; the text says 'the sound the weapon makes when fired and the impact of it's ammunition to be delayed' - does that mean that the attack isn't resolved until X turns later?
        If so, how does that interact with onslaught penalties at the like? Can I effectively 'stack' multiple attacks to land simultaneously by walking towards my victim, or potentially make multiple ambush attacks (since they don't become aware of the first attack until I've fired the second shot)

        Really cool idea, and I believe it can work; just need to suss it out a bit.

        Steel and Smoke Mandala

        Neat, very nice adaptation of the magical flurry rules.
        I would suggest that the targets have to be chosen before the attack is made, rather than being able to 'perfectly' split the successes. Also, in the fight against Dexterity-as-god-stat, I would consider making this an Intelligence or Wits + Firearms roll instead (being able to instantly calculate the perfect shot, etcetc)

        Storm Clouds and Ravens Prophecy

        Again, nitpick, I would strike the 'and Ravens' part of the name. Nitnitnit! (I mean, I know it's the original name. I still sounds too busy)
        This Charm also feels like it's doing a whole lot all at once.
        Reducing the damage TN is powerful... but also either something to always or never use, based on the expected damage. (I mean, it's only worth spending 2i to gain +10% if 10% = 2 OR you are getting desperate).
        Compelling someone to stay after being hit feels... weird. I mean, compelling someone to stay feels in theme for the Lightning Bolt, but doing so in response to being shot feels wonky.
        I recognize that's, again, the original effect- but, eh. I don't love.

        I actively dislike the 'use while in crash'. It's a complex, memory intensive, exceptional effect for marginal gain, with two 'And if you do this you're bad and should feel bad' warning labels on it. Better just to strike it entirely.

        Wearing Orihalcum to a Wyld Hunt

        Uh, is the Wyld Hunt a thing in Exalted Modern? I dunno, the name doesn't gel.
        There's a sentence I can't parse; 'Those with Major or Defining Principles of pacifism.' - I think this is supposed to be an escape clause for enemies that are driven to homicidal rage.
        I generally veered away from Sidereals getting to fiat Defining intimacies, even illusionary ones, into place; maybe 'treat this roll as being supported by a Major Intimacy of animosity towards her'. That way, you don't need an explicit escape clause for dedicated pacifists.
        I'd also nix the 'bolster your allies' element; the Lightning Bolt falls alone.
        There's a Design Keyword, but the charm only lasts a scene, so that is probably a legacy keyword that should be struck. OTOH, this *really* needs the Psyche keyword.

        Honestly, I really like most of this effect- I'd actually probably reuse the name 'Wearing White to a Massacre' here. It just needs tightning up.
        (Puts me in the mind of the church from the Kingsmen, even though that was externally induced)

        Lastly, does the glow flash out or fade? Can it power anima charms?

        Capricious World Roulette

        (I mean, it's the same as the original, it's just that original was so perfect)

        Mandala of 10,000 Truths

        So, I have a very strong concern or two with this charm.
        A) It *dearly* wants to be Perilious so you can't make decisive attacks from Crash.
        B) It *even more dearly* needs to be usable only once per scene.

        Being able to make potentially lethal killshots every other action with your opponent not being able to do anything? Not awesome.


        Concluding thoughts:

        Overall, this seems pretty solid start. I'm sad to not see Manufacturing the Tapestry of Lives (even if the effect itself seems... odd for the Lightning Bolt), Heroes-and-Villains Foundry, The Perfect Miss, or Bullet Storm Cathedral show up; I was also half-hoping to see the prayer strip as requiring you to sign your target's name on the bullet, but that's much more just me than anything else

        The first few charms feel like they started stronger, really pushing on the theme of sudden violence with the Join Battle enhancers.

        But there's not enough meat after that exploring the themes of the *fallout* of sudden violence.

        I'd love to see charms that let you curse someone such that every attack they make and miss will instead hit an innocent bystander, to cast an illusion over someone that has been in combat before to be forced to relive those memories, to empower someone seeking vengence, to wordlessly compel an individual to take a specific violent action.

        Basically, I'd like to see more references to the Lightning Bolt beyond gunplay; the rogue cop, the traumatized veteran, the pacifist drawn into violence, the vengeful spouse, the hired killer, the suddenly berefit and sensely killed, the beginnings and endings of tyranny.

        A tinkering effort at bringing Raksha into Ex3: Fair Folk: The Beautiful Thieves

        A tinkering effort at bringing fate ninjas into Ex3: Sidereals: Where Fate Has Led - Album of the Charm Trees thereof.