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    Howdy y'all. So, I'm doing a thing tomorrow. I'm running my first real combat with a bunch of Exalts vs. my group's circle. I'm using the book antagonists mostly, so I've got an Air stylist and a Fire stylist and a couple other things I've slapped together.

    BUT one of the things I included was a Water Dragon stylist, because I made her an apprentice of Peleps Deled, since I have a player who's character has met the man and hates him. Backstory inclusion!

    However, I have a problem. Normally I run any new mechanics I make past Totentanz, 'cuz he knows his shit better than me. But in this instance, it's Totentanz's opponent! So I'm forced to adapt charms from the 2e core book to 3e, using the three immaculate styles included in the core as a sort of style guide if you will. But I'd really, really like some more eyes on these charms, and hell on the QC in general, to make sure I'm not over or underclocking this lady.

    I'mma put this in spoiler tags. Tot, I've never had to say this before but don't read this one Anyone who replies, I'd ask that you please put mechanical advice in spoiler tags as well. I'm trying to actually surprise the man for once since I never ever do that, give that he's my AST and I tend to talk to him about... uh... all the things.

    Peleps Neriala
    Essence: 2; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 8 dice (+4 for 4m)
    Personal Motes: 13; Peripheral Motes: 31
    Health Levels: -0 | -1x3 | -2x3 | -4 | Incap.

    Feats of Strength: 6 dice (+2 for 2m); Senses: 6 dice (+2 for 2m); Intimidation: 8 dice (+4 for 4m); Read Intentions: 4 dice (+2 for 2m);
    Appearance: 2; Resolve: 5 (+2 for 4m); Guile: 2 (+1 for 2m)

    Attack (Unarmed): 14 dice (+6 for 6m; damage 11)
    Attack (Jade Razor Claws): 14 dice (+6 for 6m; damage 14, minimum 3)
    Attack (Grapple): 10 dice (+4 for 4m; 9 dice to control, +4 for 4m)
    Combat Movement: 9 dice (+4 for 4m)
    Evasion: 5 (+2 for 4m), Parry: 6 (+3 for 6m)
    Soak/Hardness: 15/10 (Black jade reinforced breastplate)

    Offensive Charms
    Water Dragon Form (9m; Simple; One scene): The Immaculate gains +2 Parry and Evasion vs enemies with lower initiative than hers. Additionally, any enemy the Immaculate reduces to below her own initiative must succeed on a Dexterity + Athletics roll (difficulty 2) or be knocked prone. If the Immaculate crashes her opponent the same applies, but the difficulty of the roll increases to 4.

    Rippling Water Strike (3m, Supplemental, Instant, Dual): If an attack supplemented by this charm succeeds in dealing damage or withering Initiative, everyone but the Immaculate within close range suffers a -1 Onslaught penalty, as if they’d been attacked. Friends and foes alike.

    Drowning in Blood Technique (3m; Supplemental; Instant; Stackable, Withering-only): (identical to Breath-Seizing Technique from the Air immaculate on page 542. The Drowning in Blood Technique in the 2e book took dots of stam. And could kill by itself. Since their effects are kinda similar, I decided to just go with that charm in toto)

    Crashing Wave Style (4m, Supplemental, Instant, Dual): On a withering attack, the Immaculate gains recurring 1s. On a decisive attack, the Immaculate doubles up to (Essence) 9s or 10s on a target with lower initiative.

    Defensive Charms
    Flowing Water Defense (5m, Reflexive, Until end of next turn): The Immaculate loses 1 die from her attack rolls, but her opponents take a -3 penalty on attack rolls against her.

    Shrugging Water Dragon Escape (4m, 2i, Reflexive, Instant): Subtract 3 from a roll made to oppose the Immaculate’s disengage attempt, to rush her, or from the control roll of a clinch against her.

    I will now go take a short walk to prevent myself from refreshing the page a billion billion times.
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    What are "recurring 1s?"


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      Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
      What are "recurring 1s?"
      Oh. Right. That's Irked's term. I keep forgetting. You reroll 1s until they aren't 1s anymore.