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Interested in buying an Ex3 Storyteller's Screen

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  • Interested in buying an Ex3 Storyteller's Screen

    Really, the title says it all.

    I was not able to get one from the campaign due to, well, being a dumbass and not double checking my pledge to make sure everything was OK.
    I'm keeping an eye on the Monday Meeting notes to see if/whyen any extra will be up for sale (I remember W20 screens being sold that way), meanwhile does anyone have any spare?

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    They should show up in a couple of months at IPR. That's where I hope to pick one up.


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      Do remember, they're only just now going to the printer.

      Need some Tunes for your Exalted Game?
      Want some help managing your PCs?


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        In the meantime, I have some stuff in my Sig that does duty for it. Requires The World's Greatest Screen (I think it's on the links page somewhere) or some other way of stringing together the sheets into a meaningful hard surface.

        A Not-Quite-Newb's Read-Through of Ex3 - my thoughts, notes and trials and tribulations with the Exalted 3rd edition rules.
        Ex3 Reference Materials - currently includes an ST screen, common actions sheet, weapons reference sheet, character creation summary and mortal QCs reference sheet.