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    The Nighted City seems like a very cool addition to the setting. To my mind it seems like a weird mix of Mos Eisley, the Bathhouse from Spirited Away, and Tortuga from Pirates of the Carribean.

    For such an eclectic, unusual place I thought it would be fun to have a thread for everyone to throw in ideas for denizens, locations or other singular elements that might be encountered on a saunter through the city.

    This is that thread.

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    I ran a mortals game there to introduce some acquaintances to the Exalted setting. A Dragon-Blooded named Drah, a prominent scion of Prasad, offered them pretty serious coin for finding a black jade dagger before an Abyssal by name of White Chain could secure it. They ended up finding it at more or less the same time as a band of vaktri, tasked with obtaining the same dagger.

    The dagger was actually Black Depths Foretold, a crude weapon destined to kill the god of the seas.

    The vaktri were sent on behalf of a subterranean god who was on good terms with the Ocean Father; if they got it, they were going to make sure it got "lost" again for the sea-god's safety.

    The Abyssal, surprisingly, wasn't even after the dagger; she was looking for a suit of soulsteel superheavy plate, which would bestow a sort of immortality on the wearer. The PCs proceeded to collapse a tunnel on her and pray that was the end of the matter.

    Drah, on the other hand, had little interest in the dagger itself, but his contacts in the Realm desperately wanted it, since the Ocean Father had thrown in his lot with some Solars bombing around in the Neck. In exchange for his helping to secure this artifact, his contacts in the Realm were prepared to make a number of lucrative offers to benefit his children.

    Naturally, the PCs sided with their Dragon-Blooded employer, who rewarded them richly at the end of the adventure by offering them permanent positions in his staff.
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