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Why I care about whether or not Caste/Aspect Names will be reused

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  • Why I care about whether or not Caste/Aspect Names will be reused

    So I was asked a question in the Ask the Dev's thread. It's a simple answer but I didn't want to clog up that thread with things that weren't questions to the Dev's or their answers to the questions.

    Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post

    That's an odd question. Why would you think there's a risk of that happening?
    I've designed a spreadsheet that does most of the functions Anathama preformed (not necessarily as well but it gets the job done at least and it's easy to apply custom chargen rules and adding a new default splat template mostly just involves updating a few tables). Currently, the way it works for caste/aspect specific trait (like caste/aspect abilitiesis that it just does an hlookup for the name of the caste/aspect. If there was a danger of repetition of the use of caste/aspect names, then I'd need to go back and make a field that concatenated the exalt name with the caste/aspect and search based on that (or something similar). Based on Robert Vance's answer, I'm not going to do that 'cause I'm lazy and don't want to mess with stuff I don't have to.

    My Exalted Character Creation Tool may be downloaded here. The thread talking about the tool can be found here.
    I have a rewrite of the craft system which can be downloaded here.

    I like the Mesoamerican look.