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Storytelling Sidereals: what to do and what not to do?

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    Originally posted by Wise Old Guru View Post
    Go watch a bunch of James Bond movies. Season to taste with other spy flicks.

    Then go watch a bunch of kung fu movies. Throw in Wild Wild West and Men in Black while you're at it.

    Then (particularly if you have any Joybringers in your party) go watch the Bollywood musical Kal Ho Naa Ho. As a servant of the Cerulean Lute myself, I assure you that this is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP.

    You are now prepared to run a game for Sidereals. Enjoy.
    Don't forget The Adjustment Bureau and Person of Interest



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      Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post

      Don't forget The Adjustment Bureau and Person of Interest
      Essentially, intrigue, espionage, gadgets and mission in exotic places to stop over the top characters mixed with kung fu and attempts to improve people lives from the background, all while working for an "infallible" bureacracy that actually is plagued by human faults, various degrees of inefficency and interpersonal conflict? I think I can work with that.

      I'm probably going for a series of small-scale assignments across Creation mixed with the daily life of a bureaucrat spy in Yu-Shan. One of the reasons I like Sidereals if because of bizarre their life is, I'll make sure to embrace that

      As for Paradox, I was thinking about replacing it time/space weirdness in various amounts, more of a Storyteller's tool than anything. The kind of things that happen when you screw up with time in a sci-fi flick. Sounds fine?

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      Hopes to write about monsters, shapeshifters and soulless abominations someday. If you have criticism that can help me improve, I'm always here


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        As I understand it, paradox is supposed to be the spite and petty annoyance of the pattern spiders you overwork. This could cover a lot of weird things, depending on how easy you as a ST decide it is to mess with various aspects of spacetime. I expect that in most cases, the pattern spiders would go for some small vengeance that doesn't cost them too much time - i.e. tacking an "will be crapped on by the nearest passing bird" to your immediate future. Perhaps, given how sidereals usually get a bonus from auspicious events, this could mechanically be done in a way that the player gets "anti-excellences"?
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