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    It pretty much never came up in the game I ran. Partially because combat never lasted long enough. Mostly because I forgot entirely.


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      For us, combat rarely lasts past 2 or 3 turns and that's all the combat there is for a session or two, so we've never really had a need for ammo checks.


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        I'm generally in the neither track though it depends on the weapon. Our knife wielding sorceress tracks them individually (only a few knives) and our archer carries enough that it's never been an issue so we don't track it.

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          I allow unlimited shots unless it starts seeming unbelievable, which so far it has not. We have an archer and a sling-wielder in the group. Neither one has a multi-attack charm. Most fights have been short enough that they wouldn't run out if I did bother to count shot-by-shot anyway.

          We also have a master of Craft on the team, so if the team got stuck in the middle of a desert she'd just melt down sand into perfect glass arrows using Craftsman Needs No Tools.

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            Originally posted by Eric Minton View Post
            Hey folks,

            Does your play group use ammunition checks (Exalted, p. 202), or do you count ammunition individually?

            Please only respond if this has actually come up in play, rather than your theoretical preference.


            EDIT: I forgot to add "Neither; we don't track ammunition at all and allow unlimited shots" as a third option.
            After the first few attack I do track ammo, but battles are over in my games before running out of ammo is an issue.

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              Our current ST used to loathe tracking ammunition in DnD and Shadow Run, so we are assumed to have whatever ammo we need, within reason.

              When I was the ST, I treated it much the same way, though in a couple fights against BGs I built tension by telling them they were running out of ammo. This led to them stunting stealing ammo from their dead enemies/allies.

              TL;DR: No ammo checks or ammo tracking in my group.


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                I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this thread! ^_^

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                  Originally posted by Eric Minton View Post
                  I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this thread! ^_^
                  I'd like to thank you and every other person on the Ex3 team for taking time out of their lives to continue to crank out great content for this game that so much of us are so passionate about!

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