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Mandatory Charms for Starting Characters

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    A good one for your paranoid (and everyone should be a bit paranoid once they understand their role in the act) Anathema is Surprise Anticipation Method, to basically get a "spider-sense" and with few rolls get all your indefinite Awareness Charms committed for free and recover motes for your active use Awareness Charms.

    It is very, very useful.


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      When I assist people with characters I go for onslaught negation (brawl, melee, dodge what have you), an ox body purchase, and some way to acquire an integrity excellency (purchasing a charm or favoring if they have one to burn).

      In the game I get to play now we avoided artifacts at the start of the game, but including those I'd also get a way to improve your magic with Solar XP efficiently (sorcery, martial arts, or an artifact).

      None of this is what I'd call mandatory for all games, just good goals to reach for in balanced campaigns.


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        Surprise Anticipation Method is one of the best Charms in the game. Reflexive and zero mote cost, and as mentioned can even get you motes back on other Charm activations. Its prerequisite is also pretty good.


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          Talk to your ST.

          No, seriously. Talk to them about the sort of game they're planning and where their comfort zone is. Talk to the other players too. All the combat charm pic advice in the world isn't going to help when you find yourself in a game of social intrigue and skullduggery, where the first one to draw a blade has lost. Alternately, if your ST doesn't know how to handle rapid bargaining, trying to play a Bureaucracy Supernal Merchant is maybe not the best plan.

          So, talk to everyone.



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            Originally posted by Tyzerg View Post
            I figured. I just like using that meme haha
            I'm smiling from ear to ear.

            It hurts like you wouldn't believe.

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              As stated above, let the pitch of the campaign and the character concepts guide you.

              Obviously if you want to be combat-capable useful charms are onslaught negators, ox-bodies and something to boost withering and decisive damage and preferably something to boost initiative (though that is the least necessary component).

              Once you have two of those, the rest can get away with a lot less, especially if someone is going for reflexive 'defend-other' charms but being to contribute at least something in both the social and the martial arena is always advisable.

              However, in my experience it really doesn't take much investment to be able to be effective. Two or three offensive charms and one or two defensive combat charms will make you feel powerful. Less will make you feel like the weakling in the group, but as long as you have something you will actually be fine as you will have the excellency. Double that and you will dominate. So, really, season to taste!

              The social arena is much the same actually, excellencies to boost your guile, resolve and social pool of preference will go a very long way. Just remind the characters that 'read intentions' is important! In general you need to know the intimacies of the person you're trying to influence in order to be effective.


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                If you're setting the story in the west a few sail charms are probably a good idea.

                Not so much otherwise, obviously.


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                  As others have said Ox Body comes close, especially if you don't already have resistance favored. I'd highly recommend taking something that allows you to have an excellency for join battle, so sensory acuity prana, or Blinding battle feint for stealth or something like that. Past that there are a huge number of options many of which are good, however here are the charms I keep coming back to almost every time I make a character:
                  Harmonious Presence Meditation: a generally useful charm even if you only have a couple of dots.
                  Wound-Mending-Care Technique: An intro level charm that is nearly required by at least 1 person in the party.
                  Uncanny Shroud Technique: Now this one is 3 deep in a tree so normally I'd recommend only going after it if you wanted that tree, but having an "I don't die now" button is a tool I personally really like to have, and this is a pretty good one.


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                    I have seen a player start with 14 linguistics charms and the first silver-voiced nightingale style charm (the one that weaponizes your voice) be stupidly hax during the entire game.
                    Of course, he'd not engage much in combat, it was not his intent, but even then his slam poetry worked just fine.


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                      Ox-Body Technique: It saves lives.