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How big is the exalted playerbase these days?

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    I am involved with two games, one with 5 old time rpg friends and one with 3-5 family members (my wife, 2 brothers, 1 sister-in-law, and a cousin).

    The old timers are part of a 17-22 year old group we had since the time of AD&D, GURPS, and V:tM1e. And while my brothers and cousin were exposed to RPGs, through me, they were 7-12 years younger than me, so we hadn't played together. The wives had never played, and my sister-in-law hadn't even heard of RPGs in general.

    None of us had any contact with Exalted before 3e. So that is 11 people who play Exalted that didn't before, out of which 8 are regulars and 3 semi-regular. I am the only one that supported the Kickstarter, and only the GM of the old timers group also bought the PDF.
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      Originally posted by Tytalus View Post
      According to google trends the interest in Exalted has stayed fairly consistent for the last several years. Anyone who has other interesting ideas to plug into google trends let me know.,
      Exalted 3rd seems like a good add it seems to be fairly solid over the last few years.


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        I'd say my experiences largely mirror others. The only people I know who actively play Exalted are the people I play with. Of those, three were completely new to RPGs, and the other two are members of my group from way back.

        The events of the last few years, including the content lull, hit us kinda hard. Honestly, if we didn't already have a game in mind that was Exalted, I doubt we would be playing it now.


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          It was a foregone conclusion that I'd be running Ex3. Two veterans from my 8 year long 1st/2nd Ed game wanted to get back into it, and two members of our rpg circle were both very interested in learning to play. The game is going wonderfully, learning curve and all. At some point I acquired a large accountant's ledger that tracks initiative very well and doubles as a battle grid. I have another two players from a 2nd Ed game who may want to dive back in, but we're still enjoying OWoD Mage, so it may be awhile.

          The lack of releases sucks, but I've made liberal use of fan splats (thank you, Crumplepunch!), and the nature of my game over its first 6 months hasn't required a lot of content beyond what I'm providing myself (isolated setting with a very unusual set of problems). I'd like to be a player, even online (I'm primarily the ST for my groups), though I'm not sure I have the time for it.


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            Originally posted by Darksider View Post

            ‚ÄčIt would have been great if the lesson that "the forums have rules of conduct that you agreed to abide by when you signed up" had been the lesson learned when warnings were issued. Unfortunately certain people felt they were above those rules or that the rules didn't apply to them. We made it very clear that the behavior seen near the end of the old WW forums was not going to be allowed here because it absolutely drove people away from participating on those forums. I would know because I read all the reports from users who were sick of being attacked for daring to disagree with some forum superstar. Stating the moderation caused problems rather than people who couldn't engage others within the rules of conduct is absolutely bullshit.
            In for an obol in for a talent.

            So the old WW forums had toxic users who drove people away. Not the conduct of the mods, it was the conduct of the rule breakers.

            These forums are strictly moderated and the toxic users who were solely responsible for driving people away aren't allowed.

            Crazed conspiracy theorists make the "bullshit" claim that over moderation causes problems.

            So... the claim is that these forums are more active than the old WW forums? What with it being better moderated and not having toxic users driving people away? 'Cause that's a pretty bold claim when stacked against Piff's "bullshit".


            But to the actual point, with The Realm out, I'd like to run a game. Does anyone have any thoughts on estimating the current size of the playerbase? Or ideas on how to boost the playerbase? Or tactics for running a PbP game?

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              I'm locking this. Darksider can respond to you arging with something he said two years ago if he wants.

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