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What is the scale of Primordials?

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    One way that I think of Malfeas is that when stretched to his greatest extent, his form is finite (so there's not room for either incomprehensibly vast numbers of demons or enormous stretches of emptiness), but you can never actually reach his limits. This doesn't quite take the form of him being spatially folded or anything, more like it being axiomatic that he is immeasurable without needing to reference how that makes sense by geometry.

    ​It helps that his form is churning and shedding layers so frequently that it would be futile to try mapping him anyway.

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      For the record, there are mathematical constructs with infinite surface area and finite volume. I haven't done any research as regards things with infinite volumes and finite surface area, because I don't think that works, but curling themselves up into their own set of subdimensions and then remapping the relationship between those subdimensions and everything else is a similar concept that could be mathematically workable, I think.

      Alternately, just watch some Doctor Who and do what he does: call them "dimensionally transcendental" if anyone asks and then change the subject.



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        I would personally avoid references to dimensions, just because it's a bit too science fiction.

        Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
        Alternately, just watch some Doctor Who and do what he does: call them "dimensionally transcendental" if anyone asks and then change the subject.
        Why, that almost makes me want to try watching Doctor Who again.

        Maybe if it was a show consisting entirely of people reacting to the TARDIS...

        I have approximate knowledge of many things.
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          This scene from book one of Paradise Lost seems relevant.

          So thick the aerie crowd
          Swarm'd and were straitn'd; till the Signal giv'n.
          Behold a wonder! they but now who seemd
          In bigness to surpass Earths Giant Sons
          Now less then smallest Dwarfs, in narrow room
          Throng numberless, like that Pigmean Race
          Beyond the Indian Mount, or Faerie Elves,
          Whose midnight Revels, by a Forrest side
          Or Fountain some bleated Peasant sees,
          Or dreams he sees, while over-head the Moon
          Sits Arbitress, and neerer to the Earth
          Wheels her pale course, they on thir mirth and dance
          Intent, with jocond Music charm his ear;
          At once with joy and fear his heart rebounds.
          Thus incorporeal Spirits to smallest forms
          Reduc'dthir shapes immense, and were at large,
          Though without number still amidst the Hall
          Of that infernal Court. But far within
          And in thir own dimensions like themselves
          The great Seraphic Lords and Cherubim
          In close recess and secret conclave sat
          A thousand Demy-Gods on golden seats,
          Frequent and full.


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            I generally assume Primordials in Creation are "bigger on the inside". Cecelyne, for example, could have defined outer boarders that imply a desert a few hundred miles across, but in fact the distance inwards is infinite. Similarly Autochthon can float in the sky as an uneven mechanical polyhedron leaking exhaust that's around 35 cubic miles externally, and from that form break off a mile tall robot body - inside of both of which is all of Autochthonia (the same internal universe within both, much larger than either outer shell).
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              Originally posted by ThePiachu View Post
              I have been wondering about what is the scale of the Primordials / Yozis in relation to Creation.

              As I understand, the Titans created Creation as a place to rest and enjoy themselves. Yu-Shan was their haven and Games of Divinity were their vice. So this would imply they should be able to fit in the Jade Pleasure Dome, unless it was their Fetitch Souls / Third Circle Daevas that were actually playing the games while their bodies existed somewhere else?

              The details on the sizes of the Primordials' actual size is a bit scant - Ebon Dragon can take his draconic shape that is 50 miles long and 2 miles wide, Mardukth was so big he barely could believe in himself, Adrian encircled Creation, etc. Then we have the Primordials that seem to defy sizes - Cecelyne is the endless desert, Kimbery is infinitely deep, Qaf is measured in narrative rather than height, Malfeas and Autochton are both infinitely large yet finitely confined it would appear.

              So how ought those sizes compare to Creation? Did the Titans create some place where their bodies could fit and rest size-wise? or is asking that generally missing the point of Primordials - should they not be bound by space, be able to both small enough to fit in Yu-Shan / Jade Pleasure Dome, and be vast enough to be bigger than Creation at the same time?
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