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  • Help with a boss fight

    My group is finally getting back together after a longish break, and I need some help making the upcoming boss fight interesting and memorable.

    Long story short, the three Essence 3 Solar PCs will be facing off again Octavian the Living Tower on the back of a giant undead bird. Octavian has been summoned by the group's Abyssal nemesis spefically to kill them.

    What's some interesting stuff that can happen in such a situation? There are undead creatures within the giant bird that will tunnel up from its rotting flesh periodically during the battle. How would I resolve the undead bird crashing to earth with them on board? What tactics might Octavian employ? Throw some ideas at me!

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    Where's the bird's destination? What's it flying over to get there? What's controlling the bird?

    ​Does Octavian have access to Damaskenos? If he starts the battle on the bird, he might have Damaskenos present but dematerialized; if he starts losing, a good tactic might be for him to jump on his wasp and use his staff to destroy one of the bird's wings to try and make it crash with the PCs still on it.

    As for how to represent such a crash, you might treat it as a fall one or two range bands shorter than it actually is, rewarding players who stunt clever ways to reduce the risk to themselves, for instance, taking shelter amidst one of the tunnels the undead parasites had been using.
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      Good suggestions!

      If it matters, the bird is being driven by a multi-armed undead horror created specifically to do so. The bird is in a "holding pattern" over a huge tree at the center of a Lunar's kingdom (the Lunar is out of town during the fight). Mainly the bird was a delivery system for the undead troops ordered to destroy the tree and steal the secrets it hides.


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        So, crashing the bird into the tree might be a viable tactic.



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          Other complications might involve various defenses set up in the tree; for instance, barbarian archers or winged Wyld mutants? For that matter, as the bird starts losing altitude, dodging branches is probably gonna be an important issue.

          How specific were Octavian's orders? Is there a certain way he has to kill them, or is he free to "get creative?"
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            Oh, he's definitely up for creative.