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  • The Character Behind the Portrait (Forum Game)

    The rules are simple:

    Step 1: I post a picture.

    Step 2: The next poster writes a short description of the character as if the character lived in Creation. Then the poster posts a new picture.

    Step 3: Step 3 is Step 2.

    Example: If I posted this:

    The next poster might write:

    Ragara Bujustsu used to be a Winglord in the 14th Imperial Legion. Six years ago he was called before the Scarlet Empress who stripped him of his title and instated him as an Imperial Magistrate without giving any reason. He was given the hearthstone to a manse, the Effete Orchard, in a distant tributary state called the Nubilous Valley, where he was supposed to go and wait for further orders. Six years has passed, and the Water Aspect has begun to seriously doubt that the Scarlet Empress is going to send him any further orders. It must be a test, he reasons, and hopefully not just of his patience. Why has the Scarlet Empress sent him, a warrior, to this peaceful place? He is determined to find out.

    Anyway, to get us started I give you this:

    Who is it?

    Loch Ness monsters. On vacation. On a pillow.

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    Gilded Thorn was a Chayan 'harvester'- she travelled through the forest collecting food and useful herbs, then brought them back to her city to trade. On one of these expeditions, Thorn discovered a Dragon King ruin, and- not being a very cautious person- she decided to explore it. Upon entering it, she was attacked by mechanical guards, and managed against all odds to fight them off. For this determination, she was Exalted by the Unconquered Sun.

    By the way, could you please attribute the art you used?


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      You have to post a new picture, Argonometra.


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        To keep things moving...

        Come and rock me Amadeus.


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          Originally posted by hippokrene View Post
          To keep things moving...

          This is the heroic Shaman, Kneklek Scrabe. Many years ago, his eastern tribe, the Rev-quit, witness the feats of one of the so called 'Anathema', glowing with mystical tattoos as they shifted form to the guise of animals. Since, they have branded their greatest warriors and tribesmen with tattoos of merit, and the art has been tasked to each successive Shaman. He is a reflective man, and has recently been visited on several occasions by what he believes is the spirit of their tribe, a great raven.

          (edit* bonus points if he's not an Abyssal)


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            Originally posted by Arteliex View Post

            (edit* bonus points if he's not an Abyssal)

            The Chosen of Endings, Onyx Sage, is a preternaturally skilled infiltrator. Often posing as a dandyish fop or a savvy socialite, the Sage maneuvers through the upper rungs of society throughout all of Creation. Playing any part from the long-lost best friend to the villainous rogue, confidante to rival, he directs members of the upper class to the Endings Saturn desires. As it would be expected from one of his Auspice, his skill as a socialite is matched only with his skill with a blade. Indeed, the Sage is considered one of the foremost masters of Saturn's hand-crafted fighting Style.



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              A Noble Scribe of Her Majesty's Most Eternal and Sovereign Court of Winter, the Serene Professor has a dark secret - he has been plagiarizing the works of other professors! A piece here, a piece there, but when they discover his base perfidy there are assured to be at least three peer review panels and a long inquest dedicated to finding out which of his books are no longer required reading for the aspiring academician.

              He will be disgraced, his name slandered, his works cast down and he will be consigned to that lowest of positions: the one where he has to teach students (Raksha are notoriously disruptive of lectures).

              He has it all planned with the people he's plagiarizing, as well as the student he's going to (quite scandalously) romance in defiance of the Court's laws. It's going to be great.

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                Gentle Foam was born in the distant West, the daughter of banana farmers. Born with incredibly pale skin and white hair, she could not go outside in the Western sun without being badly burned, and so she spent her life in the shade of her parents' hut, hidden from the world. As she left childhood, word of her beauty spread along with work of her inability to go outside, the her family began to receive suitors and gifts of umbrellas. No doubt she would have been married to an island chieftain, but Fate had other plans. Her island was ransacked by pirates, and Gentle Foam captured in a slave taking raid. She was sold several times, and she experienced much cruelty. On the auction block in Coral, she was sold as a concubine to a wealthy merchant prince in the city on business. He took her away to the North, and he had her trained in the courtly arts, and in the alchemical arts, and in speaking poetry to flatter in a dozen languages, and in the arts of makeup and fashion and deportment. He gave her back her freedom, once he had won her trust, and the mansion in which he lived (he had other business in the South) and they still correspond regularly through a hired and well-paid young sorcerer who is utterly infatuated with Foam.

                Gentle Foam's name and age and appearance varies a bit these days, but she is always dressed in finery. She enjoys Gateway and fine wines, and she takes a cold and quiet satisfaction in the suffering of the rich and mighty or in helping the poor and weak. She wears a veil on sunny days, and it gleams white.

                She is definitely not responsible for the assassinations of dozens of Dynasts and wealthy merchants and landowners throughout the Northwestern lands of Creation. She is definitely not a master of martial arts, and she certainly doesn't keep needles in those sleeves of hers. Kissing her definitely won't leave you unconscious, and smelling the flowers she gives you won't leave you coughing up blood several days later.

                EDIT: Oh, yeah. Need an image. DeviantArt browsing, GO!

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                So I'm making God-Kicking Boot, an Exalted webcomic, now. Updates on Sundays. Full-color, mediocre but slowly improving art. It's a thing.

                The absence of a monument can, in its own way, be something of a monument also.
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                  Blish Jhem is a mortal, and not all mortals are Heroic...

                  Blish was born and grew up in a small village in a part of the Threshold where nothing much ever happens. He took up his father's trade and has never traveled more than a few miles from his home. He married at the proper age for it, and had half a dozen children. He considers himself a decent husband and father, reasonably faithful to his wife, although he has given in to temptation a couple of times. He is pretty sure she trysts with that strapping young fisherman who's always around, but at this point in his life, he can't really muster the energy to even care.

                  He's more concerned with his children. His sons have married, but moved away, and with long distance communication in the state it is, Blish has resigned himself to the idea that he may never heard from them again. The bodies of his youngest son and his wife were found where the bandits left them, not far from the village. Blish had thought they had made it to the big city, and might never have known otherwise. His daughters are in marriages with drunken louts who do not treat them as well as Blish would like, but he can do nothing about that. His youngest daughter, the last true love of his life, was dragged beneath the waves of the nearby sea as the villagers watched, but some watery *thing* that could have been god or fae, no one could be sure...

                  Now, Blish comes to the spot where she was taken, and dreams his days away. He dreams that perhaps she was taken by some lordly prince, who gives her constant parties, jewels and beautiful children in her lovely new home beneath the sea; or he dreams that she has escaped, and makes her way back to her papa. He even dreams that a hero, perhaps one of those Exalts he occasionally hears tall tales about, but which no one he knows has ever actually seen, will rescue her. But he knows that that hero will not be him.

                  Still, Gods and Fate may take much from a man, and will eventually have all, but until then, they cannot take his dreams...



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                    Nightingale Songstress cursed her parents all her life for her weak name, she was born to be so much more than a bird that sits in a gilded cage, which is what her parents had wanted for her. To sit in preen on a rich man's lap, in a cage of gold. She had better things to do, and she would prove it to the world. She walked down a path they never expected, one of blood shed as a sword for hire she was without peer, considered the most deadly mercenary in her company. Her parents, and her childhood friends spoke her name with reverance and when she would return home her clothes caked in blood and mud and her purse swollen with blood money she would buy them lavish gifts to remind them of who their daughter really was.

                    Then, one day, on a job for a Dynastic noble, a magistrate who was watching over this region her company met with calamity as a golden avenger stepped forward and slew her brothers and sisters in arms. Nightingale swore vengeance upon her name, her blood, and the blood of those she slaughtered as she lay, crippled in the mud of the battlefield. A small voice whispered back, "I can give you the power to beat him, and everyone like him, I can make you a princess of untold battlefields, and the rightful leader of your own company. Honor, Glory, vengeance, these shall be yours, for the low, low, price..."
                    "Damn the price! I want my vengeance, for my lovers, my brothers, and my sisters!" She growled in rage. "You want to give me power than give me POWER, and shut up about it."

                    And that is how 5 days later, Nightingale who sings of battlelust, Slayer Caste Exlated was born. Her soul steel armor forged from the souls of her first victims the villagers whom that solar had tried to protect, dipped in vitrol, and her grand daiklave Ravager of Self Righteous Champions forged from Starmetal and red jade with a hilt made from a quill of Issidoros.



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                      Cathak L'Hara Dominic was born into a Dynastic branch family in Greyfalls. Even as a young child, Dominic had an insatiable curiosity with romance and courtly passion, impressing his tutors with recountings of the great trysts of Realm legends and his taste for beauty. But unlike other children of the Dragon-blooded, in whose veins flows the raw essence of vitality, Dominic was more interested in the whys and wherefores of romance. Why does this couple burn with passionate love, only to wilt and turn to hatred most vile? Which portion of a woman's form holds the attentions of her paramour the longest, the eyes or the lips? As he progressed in life, his tutors began to see Dominic's odd fascination as a flaw in his character, an over-yearning which had to be corrected if he was to represent the great House of Cathak as more than just a poppinjay. At times, Dominic's masters could be harsh, even cruel in their admonitions, yet he persisted in his analysis. What Dominic's caretakers did not know was that his odd obsession was not a disadvantage to their lectures, but the stirrings of Fate. In any case, they soon forgot about Dominic's tendencies, as well as Dominic himself, when he Exalted as a Joybringer after successfully weaving all the servants in his mansion into a perfectly symetrical loveweb. Then, at last, the old nanny who had whispered the stories of the Realm's greatest casanovas into Dominic's crib revealed herself as Dominic's chosen mentor in how best to serve Venus and Yu Shan, and wisked them both away.

                      The Lothario in Peacock's Shade, as Cathak L'Hara Dominic is sometimes called as he wanders the streets of the cities of Creation, now practices his strange and precious arts, learning more and more on the mysteries of romance as he goes. Here, a young couple must be brought together long enough for the young lady's fiance to become jealous and challenge the romeo to a fatal duel, and so Dominic must play Cyrano to the young lover, teaching him just enough to draw the lady's affections without forcing the fiance, in rage, to murder him instantly, while yet still needling him. There, in the streets of Great Forks, a pair of men walk into each other, holding letters written in each others' handwriting, that express their true love for each other... without either having written a thing. Somewhere on the edge of the Wyld and shaped Creation, a raksha noble and her concubines have to be woven from ravishing horrors into the elegant and demure queen that, centuries from now, will become the great queen for some Borderlands barbarian king and repel an invasion of formorians with bowstrings of pure passion. The small, tiny moments which bring forth the greatest love poems, the ones that men and women will cite forever, are Dominic's true calling in life. Here, above, he lures a young Dragonblood to his doom, disguised by a Gem of Genderchanging into loving too many Fae-Bloooded at once. As they rip the Dragonblooded limb from limb, not three days from now, for failing to answer which one the goateed fool loves more, Dominic will disappear into the pages of history once more. I wonder, can you tell which young elven maiden Dominic is disguised as?

                      Next pic:

                      I used to know things. Forbidden things.