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Moonsilver, the boring child of the Magical Materials in 3e?

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    Originally posted by Sunder the Gold View Post

    Nah, Orichalcum can probably do it, too. Orichalcum can compose things like Beloved Adorei, Stormcaller, and a hinted artifact prosthetic limb that shapeshifts to match its owner's true/perfect form.

    It's called "the wish-metal" and can do practically anything.
    Well its not completely because of the Orichalcum. Stormcaller is a bound Primordial Soul. There are more components to an artifact then its main MM.

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      Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
      Think it seems that way because all the other Magical Materials seem more elemental and are associated with some form of force or energy, or has a special diverse effect (like starmetal expanding to be almost as diverse as jade now that they can have constellation associations). While Moonsilver is subtle.
      First, this thread started before Arms of the Chosen released, so the OP has only the corebook to go by. The corebook wasn't very clear about moonsilver's subtler potentials, especially regarding insight and instinct.

      Second, subtlety is also a thing that starmetal does. The others can have subtle effects as well.

      Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
      Well its not completely because of the Orichalcum. Stormcaller is a bound Primordial Soul. There are more components to an artifact then its main MM.
      I somehow doubt that orichalcum is the only material that can be used to contain demons.

      That red jade Heartsong was made from two Fair Folk commoners, the moonsilver Walking Devil Tower contains a Wyld behemoth, the white jade Gorgon contains a monster that resonates with Abyssal Exalted...

      The more important thing is that Stormcaller is an uncontrollable DISASTER, whereas a blue jade sword might have been a better prison for a gentler sort of weather-demon.

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        Wyld Taint is not an inherent part of Lunars in 3E, and that is definitely a setting plus - but I do like part of Luna’s metaphysical role being overseeing the ebb and flow between Creation and the Wyld, and Lunars being peerless among the Exalted at mastery over the Wyld as the Wyld (Solars being peerless at shaping it into defined reality that stops being the Wyld).

        That being the case, it still seems resonant to me that the secret of forging silver into Moonsilver is to take advantage of the amorphous properties of the Wyld at its highest flow under the Full Moon.

        That no more would make Lunars “Wyld Exalted” than the secret of forging Orichalcum makes Solars “Volcano Exalted.”
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          Like other people in this thread I said that Moonsilver and Lunars by extension needed a wait and see. Coming back after Arm's release, I'm feeling pretty confident about both. The moonsilver artifacts in this edition are really expansive and provide a lot of flavorful options for incorporating madness, change, and witchery into, really, any exalt type (thanks, evocations!). If most of these associations also see some representation in the Lunar charm set, we'll be looking at an edition where lunars have a lot more going on than turning into animals and getting bigger dice pools.

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