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Increasing the number of Lunar Exalted

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    Originally posted by Synapse View Post
    We can sit with "there's a few hundred" and not delve further into it. Mythic threads need no spreadsheets.

    The one specificity I'd add, if it's not already canon, is that there are exactly as many solars as there are lunars. They're interwoven like that.
    The previous devs had the Solars/Abyssals/Infernals total at around 300, and the Lunars at around 400, drawing on 1e's Storyteller's Companion.

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      Then it's my homebrew instead of canon. Life is good.


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        There's exactly 350 of each. Solars are hard to keep track of and lunar shapeshifting means some of them got counted twice.


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          Your story can be however you like it. If you want more, make more! Its mostly fluff. A question may come up regarding "how was Lunar capable of making more Exaltations than the Sun? Was the Moon more powerful, or did they find a way to break the law and rules (which would be a very lunar thing to do).

          I always went on my assumption that there were:
          300 Solar Souls which have been diluted into:
          <151 Solars
          > 99 Abyssals
          > 50 Infernals
          *: This ivariable totals is due to the set 300 Solar Souls being converted/ Corrupted into Abyssals and Infernal - meaning I suspect there are LESS than 150 Solar Souls active... though maybe with powerful charms the Abyssals and Infernals could be 'changed back' somehow??

          Of these 300, there are 60 of each CASTE TYPE (so the total number of Dawn, Dusk and Slayer Souls combined would add up to 60).

          300 Lunars - due to their "moonsilver tattoos" they could ALL be one Caste, though I like to assume each has around 90-110 per caste - with approximately 10 Lunars of each Caste supervising the wyld of each of the 9 corners of creation, while the remainder roam the center of Creation and do thei thing.

          The 300/ 300 for me implied the Sun and Moon were equals in many ways. Which I personally like.

          100 Sidereals, divided into 20 per Caste. While small in number, each was made by a single God lesser in power than the Sun or Moon. Their role was likely to run interference during the war so the "Creators" wouldn't see it coming until the Exalted were ready to strike.

          The Dragon Bloods have as many as they can produce. The power is in the blood - not the Soul.

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            Solars are a bit stronger than Lunars, so if you want Sol and Luna to be equal it actually makes sense for there to be more lunars. 300 X = 400 Y.

            Of course, you could also have it that in terms of raw power Luna has Conky beat, but that Conky makes up for it thanks to his theme being Perfection. He does more with less.


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              That goes against the whole gravitas that the sun has in mythology.


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                Is there really a need to dig like this into explanations?
                I mean, the canon is clear: there's a few hundreds of each.

                You want more lunars, but not too many? Just add them. Like, really. There's nothing to be felt there. The setting doesn't crumble. It won't be perceived by players. Just put them there.