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What do smart people do?! (Advice for playing a Lore Supernal character)

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  • What do smart people do?! (Advice for playing a Lore Supernal character)

    So, I love, love, love the Lore system for introducing facts and the like. So much, in fact, that I want to play a character that has Lore Supernal and most, if not all of the Lore Charms related to introducing facts (for the sake of the discussion, assume the character has all of them).
    However, I find myself a little troubled with imagining the day-to-day life of such a character.
    I can image that this Twilight has the end-goal of making the world a better place by reducing famine and disease, but how would she go about earning enough money to stay alive?
    And, while I have your attention: do you have any clever/cool/interesting Lore specialties other then the standard "math" "history" "literature" and so forth?

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    Well I don't play a lore supernal character though they have lore at 5 and one of the things the character does to justify their revenue is run a school, this could be espeacially helpful if you want to make the world a better place because you can use a combination of lore charms to supplement the lore charm that allows you to turn your teachings into basically an npc that you can use to perform projects of spreading your ideals across creation.

    As for interesting lore speqcialties, my character is supernal craft and wanted to ingratiate himself to the trikhan in order to get the ball rolling on his university expansion, so he used his lore speacialty in local gossip in order to introduce the fact that the trikhan is rumored to purchase ornate pottery through his retainers, I then used the lore speacialty local customs to introduce the fact that when calling on someone it is customary to bring a gift.

    So the next time that I call on the trikhan I will bring along with me a masterwork tea set produced by the crafting journeyman at my university, and use it as a way of bringing up the topic of expansion.

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      One easy way to have your character earn money (and to explain why he or she is travelling) is to make your character something of an architect. Your character travels to different communities building waterwheels, or windmills, or helping to set up new methods for irrigation, or designing roads or aqueducts, or helping with city planning, etc. You can design it so your character is moderately well known in a region and many communities seek your character out to come help design things to improve the quality of life in those places. These communities may not pay overwell but they'll do what they can, give you room and board, etc. Another idea is always being a travelling teacher who goes from one community to another, spending a season or so teaching children and young adults how to read or whatever before moving on somewhere else. I find in Exalted that having a profession that works well with being an itinerant traveller is often beneficial, as many games involve the players travelling around quite a bit.

      As for Lore Specialties, especially with the consideration of Introduce Fact, I've found that Lore (Geography) is very powerful. You can use it to reshape a given area - "The watertable is very high in this region which has created a lot of quicksand and sinkholes that can cause problems for people travelling in large groups." Another fact like, "There are old abandoned silver mines running throughout the hills in this area," can be used to introduce your characters being able to find wealth or an escape route or whatever.


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        Thank you both for replying.

        While setting up her own school isn't something I see this character doing, being a private tutor is something I could see. As well as an advisor, now that I think about it.
        Seems like I might need to re-evaluate my decision to not take Craft, maybe, since I'm pretty sure Architecture requires at least some measure of Craft.

        Lore (Geology/Geography) seems good, yes.


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          Generalized lore specialties are nice, but focused and specialized specialties give you some freedom to push your lore a little farther in that area while also adding more flavor to the character.

          The Realm
          The Immaculate Order
          Immaculate Temples

          All of these are more specialized than the last and each have more to say about the character. Further each specialty brings in outside disciplines to broaden the scope of what the specialty can do.


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            I've found Lore characters to be excellent long term problem solvers. A lot of the issues that characters seem to run into, esp. in Exalted, are issues of scale, strategy and logistics. Do the characters need an escape, a certain supply (material, skill, anything accessible within a community setting) or a qick judgment about l9cal culture?

            A high lore character is great for "(pardon the cliche) out of the box thinking. As a lore supernal character you have substantial influence over all the undefined portions of the setting, which depending on how willing your ST is to work with you can be very rewarding both in terms of story potential and character utility.

            That being said, different ST's will make different rulings about just how applicable introducing a fact will be to their game/where they draw the line regarding its use a tool.
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              I had a Lore Supernal Twilight. But she was a one of those smart people who hyperfocused on particular avenues rather than being a general all-around knowledge type. Her passion was food.

              Yeah, I wanted to make a Solar Chef, and realized that 99% of Solar Craft Charms don't actually facilitate a chef, given that cooking doesn't go further than Major projects. So I decided that she was a Lore Supernal, focused on foodstuff, recipes, and regional dishes. She was a very ACTIVE learner, traveling the world to try and study all she could about her craft.

              Most of her Lore Establishments are inventing culinary quirks. Such as establishing that in the West, a day's sail from the southernmost island in the Coral Archipelago, there's a tribe that makes a rich variety of dishes made from Armored Terrors, which they hunt similarly to how some tribes hunt whales (that is, harpoons attached to air-filled bladders so that the thing tires itself out trying to dive) or that many Dynasts consider the prepared flesh of a certain (very poisonous) blowfish to be a delicacy.

              My mindset of the character is that if your character has a Lore Specialty and is Lore Supernal, that's going to be their passion in life, most likely. They'll probably just light up when they can discover something new related to their passion.

              Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.


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                Originally posted by Kyman201 View Post
                My mindset of the character is that if your character has a Lore Specialty and is Lore Supernal, that's going to be their passion in life, most likely. They'll probably just light up when they can discover something new related to their passion.
                This really, really resonated with me, thank you. While I can't guarantee that I'll stick with it, I'm going to try building a Lore Supernal in this kind of style (and less the all-knowing kind), and see if that works.


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                  Originally posted by wern212 View Post

                  This really, really resonated with me, thank you. While I can't guarantee that I'll stick with it, I'm going to try building a Lore Supernal in this kind of style (and less the all-knowing kind), and see if that works.
                  It is an important point: to have that much specialized knowledge, you have to really geek out. You have to have the kind of absurd over-enthusiasm you see on Wookiepedia, fantasy football enthusiasts, or medical specialists. You can play it cool all you like, but if the activity patterns of birds, the colors on the horizon at sunrise, or that little shift in the wind don't make you want to grin and giggle a little, you're never going to be as good at anticipating weather as Zhuge Liang.


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                    lore-themed proffesions:

                    At the low end, you can be a scribe - basically writing down what others pay you to

                    At higher end, you'll be a scholar. Great at math, history, geography - you're a Lord's adviser, in charge of teaching his children the basics, and then some.

                    Or maybe you're a guild factor's chief accountant. Combine your lore with a few dots in bureaucracy, and you're suddenly a math-heavy accountant who can fart out ledgers and financial documentation like nobody's business.

                    Since Lore also covers geography, maybe you're a cartographer? A traveling map-maker?

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                      Although it's a bit more Zenith-ish, if you go the route of God-King's Shrike (which is sort of the ultimate intro a fact... OF DOOM!), you can be a wandering astrologer/soothsayer/prophet. Specialities in First Age History, Mythology, Astrology, Heavenly Bureaucracy, etc. can support that.


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                        You can also couple a Lore Supernal with War Charms and be Zhuge Liang really easily. Basically, a mercenary strategist/vizier devising cunning stratagems and directing troop movements for the highest bidder. Then you use Lore to intro facts about the quality of the enemies' armament (made of shitty steel and prone to warping in the desert heat, etc.), local customs that you can exploit for Sun Tzu style psychological warfare (they'll all be at prayer at dawn on the High Holiday), petty jealousies of the enemy commanders, etc. etc.


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                          They're not going to just have Lore, though. What flavour of Lore oriented individual are you playing? Sherlock Holmes? Dumbledore? Sam Tarly? Dr Who? Marco Polo? Sun Tzu?

                          Is your character an academic, a warrior monk, a librarian?

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                            I've had great fun getting rich and world building through fact introduction. I have a Zenith Lore Supernal, with Geology, Architecture, Carpentry, Logging etc...

                            So I introduce lore about ore veins, logging groves, wild harvests, and through Lore, Bureaucracy, Craft and Survival (sometimes spiced with a little Occult) I set up operations that net me followers (through Lore teaching Charms), Resources and Craft Points. Which has been awesome. We've had a few sessions get slingshotted into a side quest on the power of lore introduction. As we actively pursue Story Merits, we like the agency given us by Lore. We were also surprised by how well our ST took to it, as he usually has a more railroady style and doesn't like to be sidetracked.

                            Lore serves a Pirate Captain or Merchant Prince. Knowledge of navigation, weather and trade can lead to great bounty in raid and plunder, trade and barter. Introduce trade routs, markets, goods, surplus and shortage...

                            You can be an explorer, introduce ruins and caches. A mercenary leader, introducing conflict and opportunity. A bandit lord introducing loot and victims to sack and pillage. A sibyl, foreseeing or dooming, or both.

                            There are infinite ways to monetize knowledge.
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                              As for making a living, there are probably a bunch of places where people could use a hand writing things down. Literacy is very much not universal in this fallen age. Being a generalized expert in a bunch of areas (which you'll probably end up as because of Harmonious Academic Methodology) would also let you be a traveling teacher, which should help you pay the bills too.

                              You could also go with a job tangentially related to your lore specialty, like mapmaker for Geography, prospector for Geology, scavenger lord for History, engineer for Mathematics, and so on.