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Boosting a Mortals Essence Rating

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  • Boosting a Mortals Essence Rating

    Say Im a mortal sorcerer could I create an artifact or perform a working to boost my essence rating. I don't mean a to have a pool but just a higher rating so the spells, shaping rituals and merits that are based on such could be more powerful. I was thinking of crafting a staff then performing a working on it maybe also have it also store a few sorcery motes. Its seems reasonable to me but maybe someone has an objection. To be clear this would only boost the essence rating and have no effect on a essence pool maybe have it be also useless to people at higher essence levels. If essence 1 or 2 become essence 3 if at or above 3 nothing kinda thing

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    Ultimately up to your GM of course. I would be very careful and not allow artifacts or such to increase for a specific spell or merit. Alternatively a god or exalt might have a charm (presence charm building on the underling promoting touch) that let you use their essence rating at the cost of WP or something. Also remember that making a Talisman of Ten Thousand Eyes is a ambition 1 celestial circle working, so a staff that stores sorcery motes should be at least that unless it works significantly different from the talismans shaping rituals.


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      I believe that the current logic is "no, because once you start meddling with your own essence, you essentially stop being a mortal."

      I'm personally not crazy about that interpretation, and am uncertain if it survived the transition to the new dev team.


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        It'd probably rate a celestial working of some order, if it's allowed.


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          For comparison, then the only charm I recall that allowed you to enlighten a mortal from 2.5 was an essence 5 solar lore charm, building on the education/training charms.

          I know that scroll of the monk had one too - but... that was horribly broken.

          There was also celestial cocaine - which ran the risk of a very nasty addiction, aside from the enlightenment.

          The thing about enlightening mortals is that it is a VERY powerful thing to do. If you can enlighten people, you can get an army of essence-wielders. If, say, Lookshy got access to that... hoo boy.

          My point is that being able to enlighten mortals like that should be a near end-game achievement, because suddenly you'll be able to field armies with artifact-weapons and artifact-armor. Very few forces in creation can stand up to that.

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            Honestly, I think a couple of bonus dice and a faster flying cloud are minor enough benefits to allow this. It's not even a real increase. You can just say "count your essence as [whatever] higher when calculating the effects of spells".


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              I wouldn't go for it in the form of having a higher Essence rating if its only utility is for some casting pools. I'd lean more into your idea of having a magic staff that needs to be charged up in some manner that provides a bonus to the casting pools. It focuses more on the necessary ways for mortal sorcerers to achieve things, and phrases things in terms more rooted in the characters, and generally a bit more flavourful.

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                Yeah Im trying to keep the sorcerer "mortal" its just frustrated me that there where spells and shaping rituals that are essence based and I couldn't improve them. I dont think its unreasonable for a sorcerer to create a tool that boosts his power but doesn't really make him a higher essence being and if its abused or not guarded well enough you could have it stolen so thats a whole story and fits exalted and most world mythology themes. Make artifact of power, get cocky, get stolen, become humble.

                I hope they make either a book or a large section dedicated to sorcery examples and such I love the freedom but I dont want to bog down play by arguing a thesis every time I want to do a working. That will quickly get on the tables nerves and I dont want to be that guy.
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                  Well ok as long as it's just increasing your EFFECTIVE ESSENCE SCORE, and not actually giving you a mote-pool, then what you're looking at is probably an ambition 1 celestial, maybe ambition 2. So with a lot of means, willpower, and stunting you might be able to pull it off as a mortal, especially if you can grab/craft a relevant two-dot artifact ahead of time.

                  The real problem is scale and finesse. Workings are so open ended on the numbers end that it's hard to figure out how big a bonus they should give, not to mention finesse issues. Since you're pushing yourself on this you don't wanna jack up the finesse rating too much by being specific. So I figure "improve effective essence score" is your best bet...

                  Actually could someone clear something up for me: The way I read the workings rules the more specific you are about what you want the higher the finesse rating even if it would make the ability more limited or weaker. I'm almost certain I've got that wrong but that's what I keep coming away with when I read it. I.e. that "improve strength" would be a lower ambition working than "improve strength for purposes of lifting and carrying things" despite the second one being more limited and overall less powerful.

                  Anyway as a rough guess I'd think you should be able to nab a +2 or +3 bonus to your effective essence score with a Celestial ambition 1, and a +3 or +4 with ambition 2.


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                    No, Finesse represents how much control you the player want when deciding how the effect is going to work.


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                      The only thing I don't like about this is that in your game world, it's consistent to extend that logic to supernatural beings, or you have to explain why not. If so, you mess around with all the whole practice of why those experience total based rules came into the game. So I'm not so happy with the idea that PCs can circumvent the experience based rule (even though that's not a simulationist thing).

                      I'm happy with the idea that a mortal sorcerer can increase his perception of Essence (which is what I believe the trait of Essence to represent!) beyond the norm for mortals / mortal sorcerers, though. Esp. if this is not interacting with a mote pool.


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                        So you don't like the idea of a flat bonus?

                        What if the working instead gave you an EFFECTIVE ESENCE SCORE (NO MOTE POOL), based on an exp chart like the solars'?


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                          Originally posted by A Not Quite Simple Soul View Post

                          Anyway as a rough guess I'd think you should be able to nab a +2 or +3 bonus to your effective essence score with a Celestial ambition 1, and a +3 or +4 with ambition 2.
                          And why couldn´t I do this as my Solar Sorceress, raising her to Essence 5 right at the start of the game, as a Celestial Working is a lot easier to her to do than to a mortal? As she has an Excellency, and such.

                          In my opinion, you can´t directly raise Essence, less so while remaining a mortal human. Explain what you are doing, and what makes you no longer human (did you fuse with a spirit? did you become capable of transpiring Essence in some areas, and so you count as higher Essence while in a Manse? Did you build a Essence Capacitator just in your damn skull, and removing or damaging it would destroy your power, along with some serious brain damage?). And, even if you do that, and it makes you capable of raising Essence, and probably gives you a mote pool, it wouldn´t give you "+2 or +3 bonus". That´s.... That´s a lot of games if you were playing a Solar, that you can skip if you are a mortal, but not if you are the Chosen of the greatest of the gods. You would be able to raise it one at a time, and just like Solars raise it, each certain amount of experience, and experience that you won since the start of the game would maybe help to it.

                          NPCs don´t track experience, but if you have a mortal sorcerer NPC as an ally/enemy of the PCs, I hope he will be more than "Like a mortal sorcerer, but with Essence 4". He will be Shambalazzar, Ysyr Magician Extraordinaire, whose rituals and quests into the Wyld have made him more a Living Legend than a man, or The Mistress of Many Virtues, whose extreme asceticism, occult knowledge and clarity of mind have turned the former nun with maybe a too deep interest in spirits into an Avatar of some deep cosmic principle, or The Multi-Bodied Man of Jokara, a dematerialized man living in a manse, which turns the body of anyone who dares to enter into a hollow shell he can use to walk again upon the world, and has some collection of them, gaining him his moniker. You know, weird, grand things. These are powerful people, weird people, and each one of them knows sorcerous secrets many Exalts would envy. They are Esence 4, or even 5. They are just in the border of Trascendence, or at least, going toward it. They are grand. They are uncanny.

                          There isn´t any reason any of them couldn´t be a player character.


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                            Okay maybe I am not explaining what Im going for here the working isnt to boost essence level with the pool and other assorted effects such as making the sorcerer harder to effect with charms and such its to boost the effective essence level that is used in shaping rituals, spells, and merits. For example the Pact with Ifrit Lord the first shaping ritual is based off of you essence level and the spell cirrus skiff speed is based off essence level. I want those to go up. I don't want a pool or charms or making it harder to effect me ect. I also would be fine with not a +3 to essence but instead if you hold this artifact your essence counts as 3 for above reasons so a Solar could perform such a working but would be better off just increasing their personal essence because as soon as they reached 3 it would be worthless to them.

                            It could also be a sorcerer path merit style instead of a working so it could be a more mortal focused sorcerer path with merits and shaping rituals based off the ideal that its mortals using them instead of exalted or gods ect.