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how long did the primordial war lasted?

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    Originally posted by mark View Post
    concerning the solar who died of old age. i really doubt he spent any time in immortality manses or whatever since the solars thought themselves immortal. also there was an exalted who was born(as of 3200 or so i think) over 4 thousand years ago. so i think this settles it for whether or not the war lasted centuries
    Considering calendars change I'm not seeing how a specific timeframe for someone's birth, in abscence of other details, proves anything. Particularly considering I'm guessing you're talking about Leviathan. Doesn't really help since most timelines I've seen view year 0 or 1 as the year the Primordials surrendered, so it isn't like Leviathan was born was 3000 years after Creation was made.


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      As the gentleman who brought up the solar's death, I concede it is entirely useless

      I did a lot of homebrew over here. PEACH.