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    Preview of a new addition (I got an impulse)
    The Ancient Masters/The Four Pillars Of Hell

    Powerfully built, the ancient masters have been a menace to mortals and righteous rule since the dawn of the Age of the Gods. During the Divine Revolution, who among the enemies of the gods could be counted as more brutal, more terrible, and more ruthless? Few who were not among demon kind. Towering over most mortals, each at least ten feet tall, the Masters are supposedly the remains of a race made to pay homage to the great mountains. They give libations to the Black Boar, to Qaf the Serene, and to The Departed King.
    Only four of the true ancient masters remain, although they have raised a generation of lesser creatures beneath them with sorcerous rites on mortal captives. While they have little love for their children, they have raised in Malfeas four cities to their honor. Demons and mortals alike come to these grand fortresses for many things—knowledge of old sorceries and histories, instruction in damnable martial arts, or even victims of the raids by the Ancient Masters, who thirst for blood.
    The Ancient Masters require an Ambition 2 Celestial Working to call upon, except the Lord of the West, who requires a Ambition 3 working.
    The Ancient Masters are trained in Martial Arts—the Storyteller is free to add those at their pleasure. Ancient Masters do not suffer the Terrestrial Keyword.
    Universal Merit:
    Drink the Blood of Cities: Whenever an Ancient Master kills a mortal in close range, they may opt to “feed”, regaining a health level equal to the targets essence. For battle groups routed, the Masters heal (Size+Essence). A slaughter heals them one health level per success rolled.
    Exalted Healing
    Universal Charm
    Unquestionable Excellence: The Ancient Masters can pay 2m to add 1 die to their rolls, up to +8 dice to any roll for one instant.

    The Ancient Masters
    All Ancient masters have the same general statline, with unique charms to their functions. Some have unique merits or slightly adjusted stats—these are noted in their charm sections.
    Essence:3 Willpower: 9 Join Battle: 10
    Personal Motes: 100
    Health Levels: 0x5/-1x5/-2x5/-4x3/Incap
    Actions: Analyze technique or sorcery 15; Sense 13; Social Influence 10 (12 in Malfeas or Creatures of Darkness); Feats of Strength 18; Read Intentions 12; Stealth 8; Disguise 8; Command Troops 8
    Resolve: 5 Guile: 2 Apperance: 5
    Combat Actions
    Attack(Unarmed) 12 (10)
    Attack(Bite) 8 (15)
    Attack(Grapple) 14 (10 for control)
    Parry: 4 Evasion: 4
    Soak: 10 Hardness: 6
    Combat Movement: 12

    Hurigal Lord of the North
    Hurrigal is one of the younger lords, and is often believed to be devoted to Adjoran more than the traditional patrons of the great masters. His might and speed is unquestionable, and he alone has a tendency towards mercy—for it is Hurrigal’s nature to slay the mighty. And the mightier, the better.
    Hurigal has Evasion 5. Hurigal has 12 in Join battle.
    Offensive charms
    Bladed Breath (5m, 1wp; Reflexive, Instant, Essence 2): Hurigal inhales deeply before releasing a breath as sharp as swords. This attack hits all enemies within close range in a line out. This attack is undodgeable. Hurigal rolls his normal unarmed to hit, and inflicts his full iniative on each target hit. This can be used once per scene, reset by crashing two significant opponents.
    Horn of the Hurricane (8m, 1wp, +1hl; Supplemental, Indefinite, Essence 3; Uniform): Hurrigal forces forth a wind as mighty as huricane from his lips, sending forth vital essence along the waves of force. This attack may target an opponent up to Long Range. Hurrigal rolls his Unarmed Attack pool to hit. If he spent the prior turn aiming at the opponent, he gains +3 to the attack roll.
    Hurrigal can maintain this attack for additional rounds by paying 1hl each turn it remains active. He may also use his horn to preform feats of demolition.
    Defensive Charms
    Eye of the Hurrican Form (8m, 1wp; Simple; One Scene, Form; Essence 2): Hurrigal exhales, and the winds rise to guard him. Lord once he was, the air remembers him. Ranged attacks against those within close range of him, friend or foe, take a -2 penalty. Attacks within close range that target Hurrigal take a -3 penalty, as the winds throw dust and debris to defend him.
    As the Wind Suit (8m; Supplemental; Instant; Essence 3): By warping the wind he exhales, Hurrigal sends light and vision to the winds. Like a mirage, he fades unseen. This allows Hurrigal to gain double 8s on his stealth rolls for 3 turns in combat—out of combat, for 30 minutes. Once per scene, unless reset by restablishing stealth.

    Nikudaleph, Lord of the South
    The second oldest lord, Nikudaleph is known for his inpsireing bravado, his resolve to see the tribe of the Anceint Masters Prosper, and his rage in battle. And his quiet literal flaming blood, which makes up a good deal of his techniques—Nikudaleph, according to legend, learned these techniques by devouring the heart of a lesser fire dragon.
    Nikudaleph has Resolve of 6. Esidi’s command troops dice pool is 14, with double 9s.
    Nikudaleph has Attack(Boiling Blood) 15 at short range (12 base damage).

    Offensive Charms
    Erratic Blaze King Form(8m, 1wp, 1hl; Simple; One Scene; Form): Nikudaleph superheats his blood with his essence, causing his vessels to leap out of his skin. His unarmed attacks are now flexible and inflict lethal damage.
    As long as this form is active, Nikualeph’s wound penalties become bonuses to attacks and defense.

    Wheel of Agni’s Plight (6m, 1 wp, 1hl; Simple, Instant, Decisive-only): This charm requires Erratic Blaze King Form to be active. Nikudaleph’s vessels swell with blood and essence, swirling and spearing out, attacking all targets in close range. Nikudaleph rolls 14 dice for the attack. Damage dice are divded evenly among targets hit. Nikudaleph benefits from double 10s on the damage roll.
    Once per scene, unless reset by reaching a new health penalty level.

    Theft of the Mortal Form (10m, 5hl; Simple; Instant; Decisive Only): Expelling most of his mortal body, Nikudaleph suffuses his being into his blood and sends his soul into his victim. Nikudaleph must make a successful unarmed attack to use this charm. Afterwards, Nikudaleph rolls his Social Influence pool against the target’s resolve—the target can modify their resolve with appropriate intimacies. Should Nikudaleph succeed, his soul suffuses the victim. If the victim’s base resolve is 3 or less, the victim’s personality is consumed and their soul departs immediately.
    Otherwise, the victim can resist Nikudaleph’s influence for 1 willpower a day. They may opt to not pay this willpower and allow Nikudaleph to use their body—however, reasserting control requires a social check (Typically Presence+Charisma, but up to the storyteller). If Nikudaleph retains control for (victims resolve) days, the victim suffers the fate above.
    Expelling Nikudaleph can be done with charms or the exorcism thautmurgy. Successfully expelling him creates a spider like entity (really, Nikudaleph’s capillary system) nearby, with only his -4 health levels, and no abillity to access Nikudaleph’s charms. Nikudaleph rebuilds his body through the normal healing methods.

    Ra’ashanti, Roaring Lord of the East
    The youngest lord, Ra’ashanti is a lord of the greatest appetities. He too has fallen from the old orders, and now pays homage to Metagogos as patron. While lacking the experience of his fellow lords in some matters, and being more tempermental, he is far from bestial. Ra’ashanti has honed his senses both in the Blossom and in the Forest, and is a hunter without compare among the lords.
    Rashanti has willpower 8, Guile 1. Rashanti has Keen senses (Double 9s on all sense rolls). His tracking pool is 12.
    Offensive Charms
    Rib Hooked Mouth (5m, Supplemental, Instant, Decisive Only, Essence 2): Ra’ashanti’s chest opens to reveal a maw of sharp spear-like ribs. When savaging a grappled opponent, Ra’shanti rolls double 9s for damage.
    Leaching Feastering Form (4m 1wp, Supplemental, Instant, Decisive Only, Essence 2): Ra’ashantistrikes his opponent, and allows some of his flesh to be left behind. These become leaches and gradually eat through the opponent. Treat this as a poison, with 3i/per round, and a base duration of 10 rounds. Ra’shanti gains 1 iniative for each turn the poison damages one target.
    Delight in Devouring (5m, Supplemental, Instant, Perlious, Essence 3): Ra’ashanti’s touch is destructive ecatasy. When he makes a grapple attempt against an opponent, he may roll a preformance roll. If he overcomes his opponent’s resolve, the control roll is uncontested. Those who resist this are immune for one day per resistance.
    Defensive Charms

    Miscellaneous Charms
    Tracking by Taste (3m, Supplemental, Instant, Essence 3): Ra’ashanti knows blood well—if he has tasted the blood of a target, he can track their general direction for a number of days equal to the success on his tracking roll. Ra’ashanti can trump most supernatural tracking methods this way—tracking those who have employed untracable methods increases the difficulty by 3.

    Camoflauge of The Hungry Lord(5m, 1wp, Supplemental, Instant, Essence 2): Ra’ashanti is an ambush predator, at home in jungles and swamps—however, even mountain heights and deserts suit his purposes. Activating this charm grants double 9s on his stealth roll—double 8s in swamps and jungles. In addition, he may use this charm to hide inspaces that normally could not fit him—cupboards, underbeds, closets, and so forth.

    Messanever, Brilliant Lord of the West
    Messanever was not the first of his kind, but he was the greatest. During the Divine Revolution, it was he that learned and taught the more advanced forms of his kind. It was he that, in Malfeas, devised a way to great the tribe of the mighty. It is he that schemes to forever excel and increase his power, until at last all Creation bows to him as sovereign.
    In his broken brass city, on the shores of Kimbery, Messanever gives instruction to students in esoteric sorceries and tosses those who fail his expectations to the acid below. Alone among his peers, Messanever remains committed to the first principles of their kind before imprisonment, and to seeking an enlightment that was promised by the Boundless ones.
    Messanever alone stands at Essence 4. His personal mote pool is 120 motes. Messanever’s Parry and Evasion are 6, as is his resolve. His guile is 4, his willpower is 10. His read intentions and social influence are 12(14 for Creatures of Malfeas). Alone among his kind, Messanever is initiated into Sorcery of the Celestial circle, and can initiate others without the aid of lost texts.

    Offensive Charms
    Blazing Fist Against Heaven(3m, Instant, Supplemental, Essence 2): Messanever’s blows strike like lighting, flashes accompanying each fist. His opponent’s suffer an onslaught penalty that does not fade until Messanever fails to hit them.

    Glorious Barrage of the Western Lord(8m, 1wp; Instant; Simple; Essence 3): Messanever strikes a dozen times, so swift who can track him? This charm allows Messanever to make up to 4 decisive attacks at once, dividing his iniative among the attacks evenly. Each attack that hits a target that was already hit by this charm gains +1 to raw damage.

    Defensive Charms
    Blinding Counter (3m, Reflexive, Instant, Essence 2): His wrists flashing with blinding light of dying stars of the West, Messanever launches a lethal cross counter. On a successful parry, Messanever may launch a counter attack. If the opponent has lower iniative then him, this counter attack is a surprise attack. On a success, Messanever removes all onslaught penalties.
    Miscellaneous Charms
    Shining Soverign Form(10m, 1wp; Simple; One Scene; Essence 3): The sage king of the old warriors, Messanever has learned to grow mighty in the face of the heavens. This form is the pinnacle of his understanding, and confers the following benefits as he stands tall.
    In this form, Messanever draws on the ambience of creation and the glory of his enemies in Heaven, clothing himself in radiance. Attacks against him suffer a -2 penalty as brilliant light streams out.
    As long as he is in this form, Messanever gains 1 iniative per anima in clsoe range every turn (2 for each Solar, Lunar, or Sideral). If the anima in question is at Bonfire, increase it to Medium range and +1 (+3 for Solar, Lunar, or Sidereal opponents).

    I did a lot of homebrew over here. PEACH.