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What can the dragonblooded host do when united?

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    It's worth noting, unless the new Edition decides to change it, that the exact level of contentiousness and division in the Scarlet Dynasty is something that was cultivated by the policies of the Empress; there's a certain artificial scarcity to force competition over resources going on there.

    ​The assumptions that the policy was based off of, that it was necessary to ensure the long-term survival of the Realm and/or herself, lest some other contended become secure enough to make an attempt on her life, is not unreasonable, if obviously somewhat biased. She wouldn't be the first autocrat who responded to an assassination attempt by going a bit overboard and applying some attribution errors. After all, the initial written history of the Realm had it that a lot of, if not most, Dragon Blooded responded to the Great Contagion by actually working together to rebuild the Realm, and given some of the characterisations given, I attribute that to more sophisticated reasons than everybody being afraid that they were going to be blown up next.

    ​It would be difficult to do that with the current Realm, because it is primarily inhabited by people who have been brought up conditioned to accept that environment of division and violence, but there are conceivably ways of getting it to work that don't even require wiping the slate clean. The Realm already does have a unifying mythos, and narratives to impel and structure ideas of duty and morality, you would just need people who would put in the hard work to more strongly emphasize and compel those into people's attitudes, show a willingness to trust them, and not respond to the occasional disaster with "1% chance treated as absolute certainty".

    ​As for the idea of extending authority over the world, I would say that depends a bit on the ideological basis of that goal, or at least the framework provided to get people to do it. For instance, pushing an agenda of entitled militarism can be the sort of thing that can have a lot of the necessary actors seek their own interests to the detriment of their peers.

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      Something else to consider is that, at least by the developers thread, all Exalted who took part in the War was affected by the Great Curse. That would include the Terrestrials. Do we know what those effects are, and what bearing it would have on this discussion?

      It strikes me as... interesting that at least one known manifestation of the Curse in 2nd Edition--the Sidereal Curse--specifically curtailed the ability of the Exalts to coordinate. The Solar Curse was the same, if you believe the Curse tended to megalomania or other antisocial (to say the least) behavior that would impede unity.

      Perhaps the 'big squabbling family' aspect (NPI) of the Terrestrials is the Curse's manifestation for them. It certainly impedes unity and coordination--the very attributes which allowed the Exalts to win the War--and this would hold true for the Shogunate as well as the Empress's Realm. That last assumes that the Shogun/Daimyo nomenclature is deliberately used in Exalted as a call to Sengoku Jidai Japan, which would definitely qualify.


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        The terrestrials got something like a watered down version of the Solars. Apparently it's not a limit break type thing but they get splat-xp if they act in a way commensurate with the curse.

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          Originally posted by armyofwhispers View Post
          The terrestrials got something like a watered down version of the Solars.
          Nah, that's just the Water Aspects.


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            Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
            Nah, that's just the Water Aspects.

            Eh, I feel like this Dragonblooded Great Curse discussion got off to a rocky start. Before things get heated I'd like to think we can all find a greener pasture in discussion once the book is released and we've all had a chance to catch our breathe.

            ....sorry not sorry.
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