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  • Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post
    Which character are we assuming is a Hearteater and which is an Umbral in that piece?
    Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
    The woman with the aurora-like anima banner is a Hearteater.

    The tormented-look guy with a shadow looming over him is one of the Umbral Exalted.

    The brawny guy in a toga is one of the Dream-Souled.
    ten characters



    • Sadly, my favorite new exalt is 1) Extinct, 2) farther off, 3)my favorite. I do now look forward to the Exigent book even more now. I already intended to use it for fleshing out not-yet-printed exalts, as well as strange things in creation, so having them bundled together perks my interest.

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      • EDIT: Nothing to see here.

        Scion 2E: What We Know - A wiki compiling info on second edition Scion.


        • So based on Robert's recent posts in Ask the Devs and putting a few things together along with a fairly large leap of logic:

          I think the Dream-Souled were created during or shortly after the Balorian crusade. Vance has said for sure that what distinguishes an exalt is that they were chosen by a 'numinous higher being' some of which may be on par with the incarnae for the the three new exalts. My speculation is that the Dream-Souled came about in one of three ways:

          1. The were actual exalts that were corrupted by the wyld. Possibly they were fighting against the crusade and essentially absorbed some of the power they were fighting against.

          2. They were created as a response to the Balorian crusade to try and prevent the Great contagion from ever being a viable strategy against creation again (assuming that the 2E origin story of the GC being a plague linked to the void itself and the Balorian crusade added enough wyld energy to break the power of the disease and accidentally save creation)

          3. Their patron once had a purview of a large area that was consumed (or partially consumed) by the Crusade. This god would then take the wyld itself as part of his portfolio and as such gain in stature, but also craziness. He then created his own chosen to work his will on the world.

          The first is possibly the weakest guess since it plays fast and loose with the definition of when they were 'created' and we know that the Heart Eaters are already playing the corrupted exaltation angle. My money is one the third option, or possibly a combination of the second and third options. The third option would also fit why they were supposed to be foils of the Sidereals and not the lunars. If their patron is essentially a wyld-touched god then he and his chosen could be a big potential threat to the Sids status quo. Though if they were created by the god of dreams, their patron might already have some significant ties to the wyld and the second guess could be more on the money.

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          • The Umbral sound like they'd have a lot to do with Limit. I mean, that'd make for a new and interesting playstyle, if the players are actively seeking to gain and spend limit points, and sometimes actively saving up in order to limit break. I could see their Limit break being a combination of exalted limit break and final fantasy limit break ( a character's ultimate ability). While this is going on OOC, IC they're could be an almost Jekyl and Hyde thing going on, the character's sanity dwindling away painfully, even as he submits to the darkness and madness for the power it grants him and his desire to get things done.


            • I'm wondering about whether the need to make them canon optional would preclude them from having big, important purposes. I acknowledge that that's begging the question of whether an intended function pointed at the Wyld during its major invasion necessarily constitutes an important purpose.

              ​Mind, we've also got the more canon Liminals and Getimians, so the established principle that their patrons would need to be beings of similar scope to the Incarnae might need to be considered against what can be known or assumed about the Dark Mother. It may just be that being on an Incarnae level doesn't necessarily mean you've got an obvious and universal purview, and can exist in a place where you're largely unknown to history.

              ​I imagine the Spoken have a convenient excuse with this when their patron gets to be situated at the very deepest point of the ocean, and possibly doesn't exist.

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              • The Lunar foils interest me long-term because I know people have spoken out about their reservations towards the Ex3 Silver Pact and at least one of their new foils seems to draw their narrative back to the edge of the world in a manner more in line with the better aspects of 2e Stewardship.

                Which could be seen as an indication of why they've ended up optional. It suggests an alternative approach to making Lunars cool (though not exactly relevant) where they have their own stories and enemies rather than fucking goats and conducting random social experiments while waiting for the Realm to fall over of it's own accord.

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                • Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
                  My understanding of the point of the "Foil Exalted" was that they would point up part of the play experience of one or another type of existing Exalted, helping to define things by their differences.

                  I had been assuming that one of the Lunar Foils would be a shapeshifter type who could maybe do some of the "body horror" type shapeshifting, to help differentiate types of shapeshfting, make Lunars not the only shapeshifters in the game anymore, and to give an outlet for people who really liked playing a Wyld Warped Lunar in 2e. I figured the other would help define the Lunar relationship with the Wyld and open up the Wyld play area a bit more, that sort of thing.

                  Of course, as the Dream-Souled, who are of Creation and the Wyld, were supposed to be Sid Foils, my theory doesn't really hold up, but we can examine the info in light of it and see what we get.
                  I think "body-horror shapeshifting" is more of what the Liminal Exalted are doing, particularly with their Flesh Charms, and possibly also Marrow.

                  Liminals can bend and stretch like Luffy and other rubbermen... but in a way that involves gruesome tearing, ripping, and bleeding. So, more Skull Girls than Dark Stalkers, except for Jedah, that freak. And Lord Raptor, what with how he stabs you with his own ribs.

                  Lunars, it has been said before, can and have become monsters, but it's not a bad thing for them. They're not the ones who wake up in a pile of dead bodies wondering how that happened. No, they know exactly how those bodies got there. In contrast, the Umbral Exalted sound like they're the kind of people for whom being a monster is a big effing problem and who might well wake up in a pile of bodies without knowing what happened. And the Hearteaters sound like they're just straight up monsters all the time. So, it seems like this triptych of Exalts is about examining "What it means to be a Monster."
                  That sounds right.

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