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What was your favorite threads from the White Wolf Exalted and Patternspider forums?

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  • What was your favorite threads from the White Wolf Exalted and Patternspider forums?

    Just like the title says

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    I always liked the thread about putting Chejop on trial just because of the massive trainwreck it so quickly turned into.


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      I forget the actual thread. I know it was December 2010. Anyway, ended up with the Ebon Dragon playing the role of Santa flying the Imperial Manse around Creation as his sleigh pulled by cannibalistic infant Sidereals. All of which was completely supported by the rules.

      Obviously, there was a lot more happened, and I'm pretty terrible at communicating it, but the thread was hilarious.


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        I liked the release thread for Masters of Jade. There was a bunch of interesting tidbits and behind-the-scenes information there, as well as some conversations on how Solar uber-bureaucracy alone wouldn't take out the Guild.

        Also, I had this post on how we should make fictional cities, and how you should imagine it as "Sim City, but in the mode of a malicious The Sims player". I can't look it up and I miss it a little.


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          It is ironically one all the way in the way back during the release of the original Dragonblooded book. While never devolving utterly to a moderation necessary level. One of the release day threads turned into a shitstorm of arguing camps of people that were hyper zealous DB fans eating up stuff like the monk CMA's and hyper zealous Solar fans who read the core and got the impression that DB's were often barely above extras. It was glorious.

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