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    why are gods(even incarna) incapable of wielding it? especially since solars can, logic dictates that the sun should ,too. also did sorcery really not exist in the early days of the primordial war? it just seems...strange

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    Your logical steps put the solars under the sun, as vessels of his capacity...And that's not exactly what exaltation is. Solars are amplified by the sun, given the capacity to express their greatness to the utmost.
    That is the sun's gift. The Chosen were not made to be limited by their creators, it's quite the opposite.

    Sorcery can be done by any given human, too. No need for a godly gift.

    Now on why the gods themselves can't do it... That remains to be seen. Conjecture starts at their role in Creation. Gods are overseers, secretaries. Theirs is not the right to shape the world to their will.


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      Which Edition are you talking about? Since gods in Ex2 can learn sorcery up to the Celestial circle according to page 17, Roll of Glorious Divinity.

      The only spirits in Ex3 with Sorcery at the moment are Mara (demon) and Ifrit Lords (elemental), gods can probably use sorcery in this Edition too since it would be weird to single them out.

      especially since solars can, logic dictates that the sun should ,too
      That logic is pretty terrible, just because a Solar can do something doesn't mean that Sun can. Solar can learn Necromancy too, do you think the Sun can learn that.
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        Who says the gods can't wield sorcery?


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          Yeah, I'm also pretty sure gods can learn sorcery just fine.


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            Originally posted by mark View Post
            also did sorcery really not exist in the early days of the primordial war? it just seems...strange
            Even within a framework in which Sorcery is something that gods are capable of (however that might play out), I don't think there's anything particularly objectionable about the idea that it was something that the Exalted developed first.

            ​Not even needing a conception of Sorcery that regards it as exceptionally powerful; just as a thing that, for a number of reasons, the Exalted first came up with, whether that's a matter of their inventive genius or having the right kind of mythic archetype for uncovering it.

            ​I would find such an idea to be within the game's wheelhouse of offsetting a number of traditional fantasy staples, in this case the idea that ubiquitous existence of immortals mean that, presumably, everything was already invented thousands of years ago.

            ​That being said, I recall that you specifically gravitate more towards the Second Edition presentation, in which the answer is a lot simpler.

            ​Nobody had Sorcery before Brigid, because the Primordials wouldn't give it to them.

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              Pretty much what Isator said on the Sorcery not being a thing in the Primordial War front. 2nd sorcerery wouldn't be a thing till later on and we don't know the specifics and nothing in 3rd says anything about when sorcery became a thing. (Though fair shot there probably needed to be more inhabitants in Creation than just the Primordials for it to be a thing.)

              As for gods not knowing it I think most just don't have an interest or incentive to know it.


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                Yeah, generally I think their charms cover anything they'd want to do.


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                  I think the very fact that Mara has second circle sorcery puts to rest the idea that spirits can’t have sorcery. Additionally, just because the gods shown in the core book don’t have sorcery in their stat blocks does not imo denote that they couldn’t be theoretically be able to. Additionally I see no textual eclvidence that says it a) wasn’t part of the primordial war or b) that it was not within the purview of the gods not the incarnae.


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                    There hasn't been anything to suggest sorcery to have a singular origin in that fashion in Third Edition.

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                      sorry,meant that gods can't use SOLAR circle sorcery


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                        The clue is in the name.


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                          In prior editions the Adamant circle was, before the existence of the Solars, the domain of the Primordials, and on some level that makes sense. It's basically the keys to reality.

                          The gods can't use it because they were designed to be unable to use it.


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                            Originally posted by mark View Post
                            sorry,meant that gods can't use SOLAR circle sorcery

                            I vaugely recall UCS having a caveat of "doesn't know sorcery, but might as well".
                            ...Ah, there it is. Glories of the Most High, Sol, pg 8:
                            "Like all gods, he cannot
                            master the Adamant Circle, though he can emulate
                            some of its power through his own Charms."

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                              Such just means he has some apocalyptic powers, not enlightened access to the underpinnings of reality.